Tanaka Cargill Group: Scam Or Not? 


Tanaka Cargill Group (The Binary Pot Of Gold) is a brand new binary trading group to reveal itself and to hit the market. It was created by 2 men named James Tanaka and Russell Cargill. These 2 men have come together to form The Tanaka Cargill Group and the corresponding piece of software called The Binary Pot Of Gold that the public can now use to perform automated binary trading with ease. The Tanaka Cargill Group system has been getting a ton of attention from the media and especially from trading forums, with many people saying that it truly is a great piece of binary trading software.
You’re probably going to be seeing a lot of The Tanaka Cargill Group system and The Binary Pot Of Gold on the internet and you might even get some invitations to join. We aren’t saying that this is a scam and we aren’t saying that it’s a completely reliable program either. We’re just here to give you all of the information that you need to make a well informed investment decision before you take any action. Keep reading this Tanaka Cargill Group review!

Official Website: www.TanakaCargillGroup.com

The Brokers

Something which seems pretty trustworthy when it comes to Tanaka Cargill Group app is the fact that they employ some pretty trustworthy brokers. You see most of the online binary trading scams that we see today utilize very shifty brokers. These brokers are usually located on offshore platforms and countries where regulations are very lax. This lets scam artists steal your money from your trading account as soon as you have deposited it. Yet that does not seem to be the case with this binary options service because they only use trusted brokers in North American and Western European countries, all of which are highly regulated and definitely can’t get away with robbing you blind.

How Does Tanaka Cargill Group Work?

To be honest we aren’t too sure how Tanaka Cargill Group app really works. We have seen enough information on it to trust that it is a legitimate program and most likely not a scam. However that being said we don’t really know how it works or what it trades in. Tanaka Cargill Group registrations signup website is full of information and inspirational stories that seem real enough, but we are never really told how the algorithm itself functions. Maybe they just don’t want to confuse or overwhelm us with useless information about the inner workings of their algorithm, or maybe it doesn’t actually do much, either way we just don’t know what Tanaka Cargill Group is all about. What does it trade in? What trading signals does it use? How does the algorithm work? At any rate, we can’t say that this is a scam, but a little bit more information wouldn’t hurt either.

No Fake Promises Of Riches

Something that does seem quite reliable about The Binary Pot Of Gold is that it doesn’t promise us any big piles of riches simply by turning their program on. The people behind The Binary Pot Of Gold don’t tell us that their program doesn’t come with certain risks. They don’t lie about their program having a 100 winning trade rate and they make it clear that binary trading comes with certain risks. Also they don’t tell us that we can become millionaires using The Binary Pot Of Gold. Yes they tell us that we can make a good amount of money, but they don’t give us any delusional speech as to all of the Lamborghinis we’ll be driving within days of making our first trade. The Binary Pot Of Gold seems to be a decent way to make money, but of course not to become extremely rich. This is what creators of this service are stating. 

Tanaka Cargill Group Website

Something else which doesn’t seem too scam-like about Tanaka Cargill Group is the website. Usually the websites for these binary trading scams are very loud, bright, and flashy. These websites are usually meant as a marketing ploy to get people’s attention rather than providing information to people. These bright lights and loud noises distract people from actually looking for important information that could help them on their trading journey.

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We did not find any of that with The Binary Pot Of Gold website. They have a very straight forward website with no special bells and whistles. They provide us with some relevant info and they don’t seem to employ any cheap marketing ploys either. That being said we are told that there are only 15 spots available before the system shuts down. This would seem to be a cheap marketing trick, but it really is too early to tell. 

The Tanaka Cargill Group Trading software

The Tanaka Cargill Group seems to be legitimate and up until now we haven’t found any evidence which would suggest otherwise. The story is that Tanaka and Cargill got together to create this revolutionary binary trading program. It took them a good number of years and a fair amount of money to get it done, but they did it none the less. They used their names to create a trading group which has quite a few members now. Well it is a good sign that we have actually found some info on this group. They have their own website, a registered brand, and they have received a fair amount of media attention as well. We aren’t quite sure if this group is legitimate or not, but there is no evidence to suggest that they aren’t, not as of yet anyway.

Tanaka Cargill Group aka The Binary Pot Of Gold Review CONCLUSION

At this point we aren’t quite sure what to make of The Binary Pot Of Gold because some of the information, or lack of information, that we have gotten is a little bit suspicious. Yet there are also no telltale signs of this Binary Options Autotrader being a scam. The program itself and the people behind it seem legitimate, but we are also running on a lack of customer reviews. 

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