™Safe Income Inc SCAM and FRAUD Lost $250? TEST!

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Is Safe Income Inc yet another money making SCAM and fraud made in professional looking way with FAKE video presentation? Or is Safe Income Inc really able to perform and generate some sort of passive income? In case you received unexpected and strange Email invitation from this fishy looking binary options service, then please continue reading our honest scam exposure detailed Safe Income Inc review before making any deposit.



What is Safe Income Inc?

Completely new and unheard software came out last week. It was officially released to general public only recently. Safe Income Inc (safeincome.co) is new binary options autotrader by Albert J Henderson. By word autotrader we mean that this trading software will trade automatically on behalf of the trader. Anyone who wants to use this service has to simply register and make first deposit with any of the assigned brokers. After making minimum deposit, the Safe Income app will be automatically synchronised to your assigned broker and will start placing and executing trades automatically. Using this binary options autotrader means that you DON’T have to watch fundamentals or to analyse and look at Forex charts to determine whether price of given asset will go up or down (also known as CALL or PUT) as all of this will be done by autotrader itself.

All this may sound wonderful but the real question is whether Safe Income Inc can really deliver great performance and generate any profits? And most of all, is Safe Income Inc even regulated and legitimate service? Continue reading this honest and objective scam & performance review to find out.

™Safe Income- SCAM CHECK:

  • Software is available in all countries: Yes, most countries
  • Fishy browser popups: No
  • Safe Income Inc Promises unrealistic profits: No
  • After deep research & testing seems to be legit software: Yes
  • Realistic profit gain: Yes
  • Price: Free of charge (5% charged from your profits only after 1 month)
  • 100% Autotrader: Yes
  • Manual or Auto Signal Entry Function: Yes
  • Listed brokers are Trusted and EU regulated: Yes
  • Highly Responsive 24/7 Customer support: Yes (24h 5 days, excluding Saturday & Sunday)

The Company

Safe Income Inc eventually turns out to be successful and registered organisation that has been assisting high number of commodity and currency investors from large investment institutions. This year however they plan to increase their market share in this specific field by offering Safe Income Inc (autotrading software) to general public including newcomers to trading and professional traders, free of charge at no cost for 30 days. After thirty days’ user will be required to share total of 5% of his/ her future weekly profits. After using Safe Income Inc for five days we are confident to say that sharing 5% from our profits is not that big deal in comparison to high profit potential with this autotrader. Continue reading to find out ITM performance we were able to achieve.

The Truth

Let’s look at their official signup registration page “safeincome.co”. Honestly, when we landed on their website we were positively surprised. No scammy looking sales tactics such as fake banners or fake pop-up widgets were used which is a good sign. Furthermore, we noticed that creators added few testimonial videos on bottom of their official webpage. We did deep research and we can confirm that those testimonials are NOT Fiverr.com cheap and fake actors.

If you have been reading our articles, then you know that all of the scam and fake binary options services are always using fake Fiverr.com actors for their video presentations as well as their video testimonials. That being said Safe Income Inc has none of that fake and bogus stuff.

In Safe Income Inc video presentation Albert Henderson explains what the company is all about and what’s the whole idea and aspects behind this trading software. Albert doesn’t promise us to get rich quick with this autotrading app instead he claims that Safe Income Inc will generate from $500 up to $1000, depending on market volatility and investment size. These assumptions are not by no means unrealistic. Although, after using Safe Income Inc system for a total of 5 days we were not able to reach $1000 per day (P.S. probably due to the fact we didn’t invest more than $25 per trade).

When we test binary options autotraders we usually engage in 1 day of trading. One day of testing is usually enough to see how well the system performs. This is due to the fact that 99% of all trading services out there are total scams designed to steal people’s money, and most of them don’t even generate 50% ITM.

Moving on with our test results, we were able to generate 82% ITM rate after our 1st day of using Safeincome.co. The result was surprisingly good so we kept trading for a total of 5 days. Our intension was to gather as much information as possible before publishing this unbiased objective review.

Test Results

Here you can see our 5 day ITM performance results with this new software.

We started our 1st day at 9:00am GMT. We followed simple steps and we deposited $250 into our assigned broker’s account. After making required deposit we were re-directed to Safe Income Inc official trading platform. After getting used to the interface we turned Autotrader ON (around 9:30am GMT) and switched it OFF at 7:00pm GMT. Those are recommended hours for any trading service you use. NOTE: Trading Forex or Binary Options outside those hours is not recommended due to the fact that market volatility could be extremely unpredictable and unreliable.

After our 1st trading day we generated 11 total trades with success rate of 82%,  investing $25 per trade = $107.50 total profits that day. Our trading performance was different from day to day. Despite the fact that we were constantly testing many different internal features we were still able to generate decent weekly income. Day 3 was the worst day when it comes to the number of trades. This was because we set the strength of the autotrader at very high level, this is also reason why we achieved high ITM rate of 84%. When testing Safeincome.co strength level setting we noticed that the higher the strength level the less trades we received, but with higher accuracy.

Verdict: Safe Income Inc is NOT a scam as it GENERATES over 80% ITM

Apart from the fact that Safe Income Inc does NOT use fake Fiverr actors or fake and fabricated testimonial videos we were able to achieve over 80% ITM overall rate for period of 5 days with this autotrading platform. We will keep testing Safe Income Inc bot and we will also record and publish live video review on YouTube.

Honestly, we don’t really care who is the creator and developer of the service. All we care is that the service generates profits and is fully legitimate and verified by high number of news websites and blogs such as BinaryoptionsWatchdog.com, Binaryoptionsgorilla.com, Objectivebinaryoptions.com, Prestigebinaryoptions.com, Investingnews.net portal and by many other fully CFTC regulated websites.

This trading system will not make you super rich, but if you are looking for a way to earn nice passive daily and weekly profits then Safe Income.co is for you.


If you decide to register with Safe Income Inc autotrader from our website, then we will be able to offer you our FULL FREE support in case if you experience any issues or problems with the software or broker. We will contact their support on your behalf and deal with your issue. This is because their support teams can be extremely busy at times and it would be difficult to get their Email response. We are fully CFTC regulated blog therefore we are usually able to get their response fast.

Thank you for reading this honest Safe Income Inc test and performance review. We will keep using this software and will publish another updated review by the end of the week.

How to Register with SafeIncome.co


  1. Go to Safeincome.co secure official website
  2. Enter your real name and Email on registration page in order to open your trading account based on your details. 
  3. Fund your trading account with your assigned broker (the normal minimum initial deposit is $250).
  4. Start using the autotrader! 

If you have any further questions, please contact us anytime. Our Email: [email protected]

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™Safe Income Inc SCAM and FRAUD Lost $250? TEST!
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