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This is the second installment of the Omnia App scam review and we cannot stress enough just how dangerous this program is. Sure, binary options and Forex can be very profitable, but not when you use a piece of junk program like Omnia scam software.



This horrible Forex trading platform is advertised as being the best possible solution out there in terms of profitability and legitimacy, yet all of the evidence that we have gathered up until now paints quite a different picture.

Yes, we already did one Omnia app scam review, but since then we have found even more damning evidence about it. Also, we had some people test it for themselves to see if the rumors were true, and surprise, surprise, Omnia scam software is even worse than we made it out to be in our first review.

There is no doubt in our minds that this Forex trading system is hell bent on leaving you broken and penniless. Well, lucky you, we are just as hell bent on saving you from financial ruin and shutting these crooks down once and for all. Apparently our first Omnia scam review was not enough to shut these criminals down, but we’re here today to change that.

Does The Omnia App Actually Work?

One very important point that we absolutely need to hammer home when it comes to this ludicrously bogus trading platform is that it does not work in any way, shape, or form. Yes, there is a presentation video for the Omnia app, one in which we are given a totally horse crap explanation of how it is supposed to work, but the info we are given is totally meaningless.

The only information about Omnia scam software we are ever supplied with has to do with speed. We are told that this system user super speed processers in order to gather financial data from around the world, data which it uses to make successful trades. However, when you really listen to it word for word, you will notice that there is absolutely zero substance to anything that is said.

We don’t know what indicators or analysis tools are used, which market trends are analyzed, which charts are observed, which currencies can be trades, what strategies are in use, or what the overall algorithm does. When any trading program including the Omnia app cannot tell us how it works in clear and concise terms, it is an automatic glowing red flag that screams SCAM! As you will see in the section below, the reason that the scumbags behind Omnia scam software never tell us how it works is because it simply doesn’t.


Omnia Scam Software – Promised Profits Versus Real Results

Perhaps the most ridiculous lie we are told by the clowns lying in secrecy behind Omnia scam software is how much money it can supposedly generate. According to the fraudulent creators of this program, it can work to make up to $1,500 per day for us, and all in pure profits. Moreover, we were also kindly informed that Omnia scam software has an ITM rate of 97% and it makes trades with virtually no losses, ever.

Of course those kinds of profits are impossible and a 97 percent success rate is wholly unachievable. Even the world’s best Forex trading program could not reach those numbers on its best day. We already talked about how ridiculous these promises are in the previews Omnia scam review, but we did not want to just make an unwarranted claim, kind of like these criminals are doing, so we decided to test the program for ourselves.

We had our team of experts here at Binary Options Army test the Omnia app for themselves, and the results were not flattering to say the very least. To be clear, none of our highly dedicated team members were able to make a significant amount of trades before all of their investments had been drained out of their accounts. Now, this was not because of low ITM rates and terrible profit margins, but because the program never actually worked and definitely did not execute any trades.

From what we have gathered, Omnia scam software does not actually make trades, and the action we see happening is all fabricated and takes place on a fictitious account that is not actually connected to any real trading reality. The point we are trying to make painfully clear is that the Omnia app’s only purpose is to make you think that you are making good trades, while in the background your account is emptied of your deposit and put in the hands of the thieves running the show.

Matt Hammersmith & Omnia Investments Still Don’t Exist!

Yet another important fact that we need to drill into your skulls is that the owner and the company behind the Omnia app are totally fabricated. During the presentation video we are greeted by a man who claims to be named Matthew Hammersmith, an ominous name to say the very least.

He claims that he is the owner of an investment firm called Omnia Investments, and that together with his team of experts he created the Omnia app, a revolutionary trading platform. This guy is so cocky with his lies that he even informs us that he has a nickname, “Mr. Midas”, which he got because he made close to $400 million working at various Wall Street investment banks.

We told you once and we will tell you again, Matt Hammersmith is just an invented personality portrayed by a low grade paid actor. Also, the company which Hammerfraud claims to own is as non-existent as he himself. Simply put, there is not a single shred of evidence which confirms that either Omnia Investments or Matt Hammersmith are genuine entities.

Omnia App Updated Scam Review Conclusion

If our second Omnia scam review is still not enough to convince you to stay away from this trash heap, then maybe you should test it and lose your investment for yourself. The unfortunate reality is that there have already been hundreds of people scammed by the Omnia app and we really don’t want that to happen to you, so by all means, please, stay away from it.

On the other hand, if you would like to engage in some good binary options or Forex trading, then you should check out either UTN or Pro Binary Bot, both awesome programs which have been tested by our team of experts. Both UTN and Pro Binary Bot have been shown to provide you with an average of $800 in daily profits as well as an 85% ITM rate.


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