™Nuvo Finance or ™United Trading Network – Which Is Best?

Finding a good binary options or Forex trading platform is a lot easier said than done, something that we here at Binary Options Army know all too well. After all, most of our time is spent chopping scams down to size, and yes, there are way too many binary options scams out there. The vast majority of trading platforms are designed to steal your money, but every so often we come across a legit platform that actually works to generate a profit for you. In this case, we actually have two systems, United Trading Network (or UTN for short) and Nuvo Finance, both of which are legitimate, credible, profitable, and come highly recommended by professional traders from across the world.

Of course you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to making investments, and you really don’t want to waste your time using two programs at once, which is why we are here today. Let’s get to it and find out which program is better for trading in the world of binary options, United Trading Network or Nuvo Finance.


Nuvo Finance vs UTN – Which Platform Is More User Friendly?

One of the most important aspects of any trading program is how easy it is to use. Sure, how profitable a program can be is very important, but the profitability does not matter if the program in question is impossible to use and makes it hard to make successful trades. So, which program is easier to use, UTN or Nuvo Finance?

Nuvo Finance

Nuvo Finance is a relatively user friendly program. There is no doubt about that. Nuvo Finance uses some pretty good trading strategies, indicators, and algorithms which do all of the processing work for you. This program is great at identifying the most successful trades, and when set on fully automated mode, it will make those winning trades for you constantly.

Nuvo Finance does give you the option of setting trade deadlines as well as choosing the assets which you want to trade, but overall this is purely an automated platform. While this does make it easy for beginners to use, for experts it may actually be a little too over simplified.

United Trading Network

Something that we really like about the United Trading Network Platform is that it is just as easy for beginners to use as Nuvo Finance. It does all of the same things including the incorporation of various sound trading strategies, it gives you a whole lot of options, and yes, you can also let it run on fully automated mode to make trades for you, the full automation being excellent for beginners.

However, what really sets UTN apart from Nuvo Finance is that it is also great for experts to use. Since UTN is a social trading platform, the user is provided with a multitude of useful information, stock market advice, indicators, trends, and a lot of other data that experts can use to make trades. UTN can be set to manual mode, something that is great for the expert investor who wants to have more control over the proceedings.

Winner – UTN

The clear winner in our eyes is UTN and it is because it is easy for everyone to use. Sure, Nuvo Finance is great for the beginner trader, but that is about it, while UTN is awesome for both beginners and experts to use.

United Trading Network vs Nuvo Finance – The Strategy

Another important thing to consider when comparing two trading platforms is what strategies they use to make trades. So, which one has a better overall trading strategy, United Trading Network or Nuvo Finance?


Nuvo Finance

Nuvo Finance does without a doubt have a solid trading strategy that leads to some pretty good ITM rates. Just to clarify, Nuvo Finance incorporates a wide variety of individual trading strategies, each of which identifies possible winning trades on its own. Once it has done this, the data from all of the individual strategies is combined into one solid data sheet, and the trades which were identified as the most successful ones to make by the majority of separate strategies will then be executed. This method of compounding info is definitely a good one, but is it as good as for UTN?

United Trading Network

UTN actually uses the same trading method as Nuvo Finance in the sense that multiple strategies work individually to identify good trades, info which is then combined to come up with one solid assessment. However, what really sets UTN apart from Nuvo Finance is the fact that it is a social trading platform. This means that it also receives input from expert traders who have already used UTN to make good trades. This influx of extra data is very valuable when it comes to making good trades.

Winner – United Trading Network

Yet again, the clear winner here is United Trading Network. Simply put, to make successful trades, it can do everything that Nuvo Finance can do, plus a whole lot more.



United Trading Network vs Nuvo Finance – $$$$$$

At the end of the day, the most important thing when it comes to any trading program is its profitability. Of course the only way we could really find out which one is more profitable was by using them both for a few days and see what the results are. So, which one has a better profit margin, United Trading Network or Nuvo Finance?

Nuvo Finance Results

With Nuvo Finance, on a $250 investment, we found it possible to make between $400 to $600 in daily profits. Nuvo Finance had an average ITM rate of 80%. These stats are definitely nothing to complain about.

United Trading Network Results

With United Trading Network, we found it possible to make anywhere between $500 and $800 per day on a $250 investment. Moreover, UTN had an average ITM rate of 83%.

The Winner – United Trading Network

The simple fact of the matter is that United Trading Network provided us with much more consistent results, higher ITM rates, and larger overall profits.

CONCLUSION – United Trading Network Is The Top Dog!

It is without a doubt that UTN is by far the better trading platform when compared to Nuvo Finance. United Trading Network is easier to use for all people, it has a more diverse trading strategy, and the overall profits are higher. You can try using either of the programs because they do both work to generate a profit, but the bottom line is that UTN is the better one. UTN is without a doubt the #1 winner when it comes down to it, but Nuvo Finance does come in at a close #2.




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