5 Minute Binary Options Strategy – HGI V2

This is a very simple 5 minute trading strategy to go with. The HGI V2 strategy was just recently developed, and it has managed to make traders everywhere quite a good amount of money. This version of the HGI strategy is much easier to get the hang of than the first version. This strategy is all about trading in the direction of the current trend and does not really focus on trend reversals. People using this HGI V2 strategy have managed to maintain an average ITM rate between 73% and 81%. For these trades you can choose to invest anywhere from $1 to $50 dollars, and expect a pretty decent return within 5 minutes.

Setting Up

You are going to want to set the expiration dates to either the M1 frame, which is 5 minutes, or you can also set it to the M2 frame, which works well with 10 or 15 minute expiration dates. For the purposes of this article, we are going to focus on 5 minute time frames within the M1.

For this strategy you are going to be using the following indicators, which are all you need to execute this strategy with a fair amount of success;

  • Stochastic Slope
  • Binary Comodo
  • Two Casino_HAS_PIN_v3r

Executing Trades

It is really not hard to execute trades using this strategy. As long as you follow these simple instructions, you should not have any problems.

HGI v2 binary trading strategy


How To Buy A Call Option

All you need to do is to pay attention to the indicators, while remembering to set the timeframe to 5 minutes. When the Comodo green arrow shows up on the previous candle, when the stochastic slop is in the lower part and pointing up, and when the blue/red line on the chart is blue and pointing up, it is time to buy a call option.

How To Buy A Put Option

Simply remember to pay attention to the indicators and set the time frame to 5 minutes once again. When the binary Comodo red arrow shows up on the previous candle, when the Stochastic slope is in the upper part and pointing down, and when the blue/red line on the chart is red and pointing down, it is time to buy a put option.

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