Blazing Speed Trader Review – It Works??


Jordan Strand is the schemer who supposedly created the Blazing Speed Trader app. This guy, who is most likely a totally phony, tells us that his software can generate over $20,000 per day, or $440,000 per month. He says that Blazing Speed Trader app is one of the fastest, most reliable, and highly profitable binary options services on the market today. However, the reality is very far from all of those claims, and none of things can possibly be true here. The Blazing Speed Trader app doesn’t have a single reliable, credible, or trustworthy bone in its whole body.

Heck, we’re even told that this software is totally risk free to the user. Well, we had to do a lot of research about this obviously bogus trading app and all of our findings are very negative. This trash heap that dares to call itself a good BO and Forex trading app is nothing more than a way to steal your cash. We’re here to do a Blazing Speed Trader scam review. We want to warn you about the very real threat presented by this dangerous and malicious trading service.

Is Blazing Speed Trader Software Risk Free?

One of the most ludicrous claims made by Jordan Strand, the alleged CEO and owner, is that using Blazing Speed Trader software is 100% risk free to the user. This would mean that using this app would provide you with totally perfect ITM rates. In other words, the claim here is that the app will never lose a trade thanks to risk free 100% accuracy.

This is totally impossible and unrealistic no matter what dimension or universe you live in. There is not a single trading program in the world that can achieve win-only track record. Risk is an inherent factor and property in all types of trading. No matter what, there is always risk involved and that means that there is always a chance of you losing your investment. You can’t win all the time and that is as true as two plus two.

How Does Blazing Speed Trader Scam Software Work?

The only information we are provided with in terms of the inner workings of this software is that it uses state of the art indicators, graphs, strategies, and algorithms to be the best in the world. These guys try to pull the wool over our eyes by saying that the Blazing Speed Trader app is the fastest BO trading platform in the world, thus making it very accurate and profitable. The point here is that the info we are given is so general and vague that it becomes essentially meaningless.

All binary options systems use charts and indicators, and they all use trading strategies that are programmed into an overlying algorithm. Saying that these things exist is like saying the sky is blue. Yes, it may be true, but it does nothing to further our knowledge. We can’t trust a trading app when we have no idea what it does or how it really works. It is our highest suspicion that the Blazing Speed Trader app never really makes trades at all. After all, the point of this system is to screw you over and drain your trading account before you get the chance to blink.

Can I Make $20,000 Per Day With The Blazing Speed Trader App?

Something else that is completely ridiculous about the Blazing Speed Trader scam app is that it can supposedly generate a whopping $20,000 per day or $440,000 per month without fail. Now, this is obviously a downright lie because even the best trading apps in the world can’t muster those kinds of figures. The very best systems in the world can make up to $1,000 per day, sometimes a little more.

Seriously, why would this program be able to make that kind of income in a single day when the most profitable ones in the world, the legit ones, can only make that much in a month, and that is if you are lucky. Even more ridiculous is saying that the Blazing Speed Trader app can make $20,000 per day on a measly $250 investment. That would be a return on your investment of 80 times. That is just not possible no matter who you are.

Blazing Speed Trader & Jordan Strand

During the presentation video, a man named Jordan Strand say that he is the CEO and owner of Blazing Speed Trader software. When he tells us about his background, he says that he spent several years working at the National Institute of Technology in Zurich Switzerland. Hmm, this is very interesting because we looked him up and we even have the NIT a call. There is no record of a Jordan Strand having ever worked or even studies there. The credentials he gives us are totally fabricated.

Moreover, we did a lot of digging and could not come up with a single reference to this Jordan Strand except for those associated with this lousy cash grabbing scheme. To put it bluntly, he’s a paid actor being compensated a couple of bucks for reading a script that he barely understands. He is a fictitious and totally made up personality meant to fool us and lure the viewer into a sense of complacency.

We don’t know about you, but we could never trust our money with an app when we have no idea who is actually running the show. Even worse is that the only reason to use a paid actor is to hide the true identities of the real crooks in charge. Why hide their identities? Well, it’s simple. These criminals know that their actions are absolutely illegal, so their only option is to try and remain anonymous so nobody can go pointing fingers at them when everything goes south. Trust us when we say that it will all go south very fast.



Blazing Speed Trader Review – Conclusion

The only viable reality to accept here is that you need to stay away from the Blazing Speed Trader scam at all costs. It is nothing more than yet another huge rip off meant to rob you of your deposit and investment. It’s just not worth your time!



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