1K Daily Profit Scam Review Update


1K Daily Profit software has been wreaking havoc on binary options traders for several months now. We had already done a review on it a while back, and even with our best efforts to shut it down, somehow the 1K Daily Profit app managed to stay afloat. Yeah, you can make some really good money in the binary options world. That is however not the case when you use a program that is actively trying to scam you, one like this. There is a whole lot of shady business going on with the 1K Daily Profit trading app.

Absolutely everything you are told by the creators is total nonsense. These crooks are full of lies. The aim of this horrible trading service is to steal your money and nothing else. Their promises of massive profits from just one hour of trading, as well as the program being risk free to the user, are just some of the outrageous lies we are told. We’re here doing a 1K Daily Profit scam review update in the hopes that we can bury this malicious software six feet under once and for all.

1K Daily Profit App – How Much $$$ Can I Make?

Well, obviously the creators of this monumental cash stealing scheme want you to believe that 1K Daily Profit software is highly profitable. They actually have the nerve to tell us that their software can generate one thousand dollars per day off of a small $250 investment. What is even more ridiculous is that we’re told that this can be done in just one hour. So, technically these crooks are trying to tell us that the 1K Daily Profit app could make well over $10,000 in a single day if you traded for more than just one hour.

This claim of massive profits and cash flow is totally ridiculous. The best trading services in the world can generate around $1,000 per day, which is doable. However, it is completely impossible to do this in the time span of a single hour. It just can’t happen, especially not from a measly $250 deposit. There is not a single trading service in the world that can generate $10,000 per day. These criminals are just trying to lure you in with visions of stacks of cash, all in order to steal the money you deposit.


1K Daily Profit Scam Software – Risk Free?

Yet another thing that indicates that this program is a total rip off is that we are told that we can use it to trade risk free. We are so kindly informed that the 1K Daily Profit app has something like a 99.9% accuracy rate. Such a high ITM would mean that it would only lose one out of every thousand trades. Once again, just like with those huge returns, this is totally impossible and unrealistic.

This software would literally have to be able to tell the future in order to do this. Since there is not a single entity or piece of tech in the world that can actually tell the future, we are going to have to call bull crap on this one. How do these guys expect us to believe that they can eliminate all risk from BO trading when risk is an inherent and ever present factor?

1K Daily Profit – How Does It Work?

Yet another big red flag flying in the sky about this crappy software is that we are never told how it works. We want to know what kinds of trading strategies are in place, what indicators and charts are being used, if news is being followed, and what the underlying algorithm actually does. The people running the show totally neglect to give us this info, most likely because the 1K Daily Profit app doesn’t actually execute trades to begin with.

All we’re ever told is more or less this software is really fast and it works to generate astounding profits. Don’t get us wrong, if that were true, we’d be all aboard with this system, but as history shows, what is too good to be true always is too good to be true. Chances are huge that there are no strategies or algorithms. It’s simply an empty shell where you deposit money into an account and the scammers on the other end rob it from you.

1K Daily Profit Scam Software & John Becker

We don’t want to waste much time here, so let’s just say that John Becker is not the man running the show. During the little presentation video there is a man speaking, we’re shown some phony photo, and told both are John Becker. John is apparently some big time trading guru that created 1K Daily Profit software. The reality is that you can never trust a voice narrator because you can’t see him. Moreover, we know for a fact that the picture used to portray John is nothing more than a stolen stock image from Shutterstock. John is a fictitious character, so you clearly can’t trust him, which also means that you can’t trust the 1K Daily Profit app.

1K Daily Profit Software – More Evidence Of A Scam

There are several other clear indications that this is nothing more than a way to get at your bank account and your banking info.

  • There are no reliable brokers involved here. All of the brokers used for this service are unregulated and unlicensed. They are also in countries where there are barely any laws or enforcement mechanisms to keep the brokers in line. This means that they have the power to steal your money and there is nothing you will be able to do about it.



  • People have complained that they keep receiving emails and phone calls from seemingly random people working for 1K Daily Profit. People are being harassed for money, banking info, personal info, and credit card details. Never give out your credit card details over the phone or through email. This is clearly nothing more than a way to try and steal more of your money.


  • People have also noted that withdrawing money from a trading account is simply impossible. The scammers simply keep giving everybody the run around, with not one person having successfully withdrawn money yet. This is big hungry hippo meant to consume your cash!

1K Daily Profit Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only conclusion to come to is that 1K Daily Profit software was a scam when it first came out and it’s still one now. Nothing about it has changed. Everything is fabricated and fraudulent. There is not one single legit, credible, or trustworthy aspect throughout the entirety of this trash heap. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this monumental thievery because you will end up paying dearly if you don’t.



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