GatesWay Software Scam Review – BO SCAM?


The GatesWay trading app is supposed to be one the most accurate and profitable binary options services on the market today. However, we’ve done a lot of research in regards to this total rip-off, and the signs just aren’t good. The GatesWay app exhibits all of the classic telltale signs of a scam. These big red flags simply cannot be ignored as they speak far louder than anything told to us by the scammers in the presentation video. The GatesWay trading app is supposedly the brain child of none other than Bill Gates himself.

Yeah, because the world’s richest man needs to make some low grade BO trading system for the average Joe to use. We seriously doubt anything told to us about this software, especially the whole Bill Gates thing. As you will quickly find out if you keep reading our GatesWay scam review, this is a dangerous piece of computer engineering. It has the express intent of stealing your money and it will do so without fail. Be warned people, this is a malicious trading program meant to screw you over every chance it gets.

GatesWay Scam Software & Bill Gates

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most ridiculous claim made by the GatesWay app is that Bill Gates is the main investor behind it. Apparently the world’s richest man thought it necessary to invest a few thousand bucks in some third-tier binary options trading service. Yeah, this is obviously a total lie. We did our research, we dug around, and we even got into contact with a few people that know Bill. BILL GATES HAS ABSOLUTELY NO ASSOCIATION TO THE GATESWAY TRADING PROGRAM! This is nothing more than a lie meant to fool us and lend this app some legitimacy.

Sure, it would be pretty convincing and trust building if Mr. Gates was actually involved, but the fact that we know that this is a lie serves to do the exact opposite. We could never trust any kind of BO trading service that outright steals someone’s name and uses them to fool people out of money. This is actually something which could land the crooks behind GatesWay software in some serious trouble. Using Bill’s name like that is a legal offense, which is especially dangerous for these con artists seeing as they are messing with the wealthiest man in the world.

Who Is In Charge Of GatesWay Trading Software

Well, now that we know that Bill Gates has nothing to do with this app, who is actually in charge? Well, the reality is that we have no clue. There is some crappy paid actor in the presentation video, but he never provides us with his name. This is a surefire way to tell that a scam is afoot. There is not a single legitimate BO trading service in the world that would not tell us who the man or woman in charge is.

If the program were credible, there would be no reason to remain anonymous. However, these crooks are doing their very best to remain hidden, which is only something that criminals do when they fear legal prosecution. Never trust a trading service that does not honestly tell you who the leader is, especially one that has the nerve to use Bill Gates’ name.

How Does GatesWay Software Work?

Another obvious indication that this is just a big pile of garbage has to do with the explanation we are given in terms of the inner workings of this software. This is the claim made “an algorithm which can predict the movement of stock prices with 77% accuracy, while the best Wall Street brokers hover just slightly above 50%. To keep the stock market from collapsing, this algorithm has been locked to work on Binary trading which only allows to make 200$ trade at a time.”

If you know anything about binary options trading and the stock market in general, you will know that the above statement, straight from the website, is absolutely bogus and nonsensical. It just doesn’t make a single lick of sense. Wall Street brokers can do way better than 50%, plus making only $200 trades will not start a market from collapsing if all goes south. Moreover, the above statement doesn’t actually elaborate on what the software does. It doesn’t tell us what trading strategies are involved or what this algorithm does.

More Evidence Against The GatesWay App

There are various other indications that the GatesWay app is just a money thieving scheme, so let’s go over those points real quick.

  • We are told that the GatesWay trading app will give us free money just for testing it out. Remember people, nothing is free, everything costs money, and people looking to make a quick buck aren’t going to throw money at you.
  • The claim that this system can generate close to $250 per hour is another thing that we are highly sceptical of. The best systems in the world can pull in around $1,000 per day, but this app claims to be able to make more like $3,000 per day. Simply put, on a small $250 investment, making that kind of cash is not possible.


  • All of the GatesWay user testimonials are totally fabricated. They are written by the same people selling us this sinking ship and the pictures of people are nothing more than stolen stock images.
  • There is not a single reliable broker involved here. All of the brokers are neither regulated nor licensed. They have no legal business handling your money. The only reason these brokers are in place is to steal your money!



GatesWay Software Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that GatesWay scam software is just a rip off. It’s a totally bogus scheme that looks like a trash heap and smells even worse. Unless you want to actively murder your bank account and lose every penny you have, there is not a single good reason to even look at this app. The GatesWay app has the intention of robbing you blind, so do yourself a favor and keep away from it!



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