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When it comes to binary options trading, one of the most crucial aspects is to have a reliable broker. The broker is the entity which handles your money, so to speak. They are the guys you have your account with. It’s where all your money sits. The problem with virtually every binary options service out there is that they use scam brokers, and usually end up being scams themselves. Of course, there are rare occasions when good services are released, and just like those good services, there are good brokers too. 24Option is one of those good brokers.

These guys are here to actually help you make money, not to just steal it from you. 24Option has been around for quite some time now and they have always been reputable, trustworthy, and profitable too. However, they have now managed to make some improvements and upgrades to their service. We’re here doing a 24Option review, an updated version. We want to talk about what makes 24Option such a great broker to choose for all of your binary options needs.

What Can I Trade With 24Option?

Well, 24Option used to just be for binary options, which is just fine, but somewhat limited. Their original platform allowed you to high/low binary options, boundary options trading, one touch trading, and short term trading, all related to binary options. However, things have changed a little bit and 24Option has widened their scope to now include all kinds of trading.

24Option is a great broker to go with thanks to the fact that they now allow you to trade Bitcoin and other forms of crypto-currency. Also, something which this broker allows for now is CFD trading, also known as contract for difference trading. Moreover, this broker also lets you engage in Forex, stocks, and commodities trading too. As you can see, one of the reasons why 24Option is so great because it’s like a one stop broker for all of your brokerage needs.

Different 24Option Accounts

There are a variety of account types that you can open with 24Option, each of which is better suited to beginner or advanced traders. You can choose to open a basic account, a silver account, a gold account, a platinum account, and a diamond account too. Each of these options lets you trade and make investments, but the better the account type is, the more money you can deposit, the bigger the trades you can make, and the better your returns will be. If you are a beginner, we would recommend going with a basic account. If you are more advanced and knowledgeable of BO trading and want to trade in high volumes, we’d recommend going with one of the higher up account options.


The 24Option Platform – Some Improvements

One of the things that many people note about the 24Option platform is that it is very user friendly and highly functional. To begin, 24Option uses the Tech Financials platform which is extremely advanced, sophisticated, and allows traders to engage in many different types of trading along with lots of choices in terms of strategies, assets, and other variables. This is much better than most other brokers out there which tend to use low-grade second, second tier, third party trading platforms like Spot Option or Tradalogic.

The fact that this particular broker is so easy to use is a big bonus no doubt. Many beginner traders just don’t know what do when they open their brokerage account. Well, 24Option is so easy to use that you will be able to get started as soon as you open it. It only takes a few minutes to get the hang of, which is important when you are trying to generate money.

Many people also love the fact that 24Option is now totally mobile friendly. This is one of the improvements we were talking about. While the platform has technically been available for Android and iOS use for a while, it did not function all that well. Now, there have been improvements made, both in the coding and the look of the platform, which make it easier than ever to use on your mobile phone.

24Option – Security Updates

Something that everybody should be able to appreciate about 24Option is that it is one of the safest and most secure brokers available today. They were already extremely secure when we reviewed them the first time around. This broker is monitored by CySEC, a regulation board which ensures that they aren’t messing around with your money. They are allowed to operate anywhere in Europe.

Moreover, 24Option uses some of the most advanced and sophisticated security techniques to make sure that nobody ever gets ahold of your personal info, banking info, or your credit card details. They have just recently upgraded their security to be on par with any major banking institution in the world, which is quite impressive if you ask us. We always hear of this and that broker ripping people off or leading to them being ripped off. This is not something that will happen with 24Option as it is probably the most reputable broker out there right now.

Why We Like 24Option

Let’s just recap why exactly we like this broker so much.

  • 24Option has an average ROI of 72%, with it being able to reach as high as 82%. This means that you can potentially make a profit of 82 dollars for every 100 bucks you invest.
  • It is one of the easiest to use platforms in the world. The level of functionality and user friendliness is simply astounding.



  • It is one of the safest and most secure, if not the most secure broker in the world for all of your binary options needs.
  • They have made various improvements, including the fact that you can now trade everything from crypto currencies and CFD to stocks, BO, Forex, commodities, and indices too.



24Option Review Update – Conclusion

If you are new to BO or just haven’t been able to find a good broker yet, we would definitely recommend giving 24Option a try. It is the best broker around in pretty much every way imaginable.



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