Desert Millionaire Review – Is This Legit?


The Desert Millionaire app is yet another terrible binary options scam meant to rip you off. The promise of $70,000 per month guaranteed might sound really good. However, as all things that sound too good to be true, making 70K per month with Desert Millionaire software is definitely not doable. Whoever claims to be in charge of this app is an obvious criminal and their intent is to scheme money right out of your pocket.

This is supposed to be some high powered and super accurate binary options service that can make you filthy rich in no time at all. Yet, the reality is very far from anything claimed by these crooks. We’re here doing a Desert Millionaire scam review, the purpose of which is to warn you about this horribly dangerous and absolutely malicious program. Keep reading because you don’t want to miss anything we have to say.

Who Runs The Desert Millionaire Show?

One of the clearest indications that there is a scam afoot here is how we really have no idea who is in charge. The presentation video starts out by being delightfully confusing. We are told that a man named Chris is the owner and CEO of the Desert Millionaire app. THis Chris character has no last name, we aren’t told anything about him except that his name is Chris, and we never get to meet him or see a picture of him either. We have no way of confirming that this Chris guy is related to this program or that he exists at all.

Moreover, the actual presentation video is given to us by some dude named Omar, who hails from the rich country of Dubai. Omar also has no last name, which once again is extremely suspicious. We assume that he is labeled as being from Dubai because Dubai is very wealthy, so obviously anyone who listens to Omar from Dubai will also become wealthy. This is nothing more than a subtle and low down advertising trick. They are trying to associate rich areas of the world with this Desert Millionaire scam. Oh, and did we mention that we never actually get to see Omar either? He only graces us with his presence through the miracle of narration.

So, what we have here is two men, neither of which show themselves to us, neither of which have last names, and neither of which we are told anything about. The point we are making is that both of these guys are nothing more than fictitious characters. The real people in charge are choosing to stay anonymous. They are staying hidden in the shadows because they know that Desert Millionaire software is totally fraudulent. They would end up in prison if their real faces and names were ever brought to light, so they use scapegoats with made up names to cover their butts.

Use Desert Millionaire App For Free? TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE

Now, another red flag that came to our attention has to do with the claim that only a select few people from different countries around the world will get the privilege to use Desert Millionaire software for free. This is another dirty little marketing tactic meant to pressure you into signing up and depositing money. They want you to think that by waiting too long you might miss your opportunity to make giant piles of cash.

Unfortunately, this tends to work more than people would like to think. We’re told that there are only so many spots available from each country, but those spots seem to never run dry. In other words, there are not actually a limited number of spots. The spots never run out! Either these crooks are really generous, or the whole thing is just a big fat lie meant to lure you in and empty your bank account! Can you guess which one is true?

How Does Desert Millionaire Software Work?

Well, not to be pretentious here, but based on what we have already talked about, it is safe to assume that this software does not work at all. On the website, it states something along these lines, “Desert Millionaire is an awesome program that runs on autopilot so you can make thousands of dollars per day without having to lift a finger”. Ok, so we might have paraphrased that a little bit, but that is essentially what we are told.

If you didn’t already notice, that’s not an explanation of how this software works. It’s a statement of what it is supposed to do, a statement which is clearly worthy of doubt. We want to know what trading strategies are in place, what indicators are being used, and what the algorithm does. This lack of information in terms of the inner workings of the Desert Millionaire app is a clear sign that something is wrong.

It’s fair to assume that this software never makes trades at all. It simply waits for you to deposit money then some slob of a man sitting in his mother’s basement drains your account of all your funds.

Desert Millionaire App – Profits & Brokers



So, do you really think that even the best trading app in the world can generate 70K per month? That would amount to 17.5K every single week. That is more than any reliable and real trading system can generate in a whole month. It simply is not possible for any BO app to achieve those kinds of profits. Moreover, the scam brokers involved here would never let you withdraw any money even on the off chance that the Desert Millionaire app did work to generate money. The brokers are unregulated and unlicensed. Their sole purpose is to rob you blind and take all of your cash from you.


Desert Millionaire Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the bottom line is that the Desert Millionaire app is a total rip off and an absolute scam. It’s a big stinking pile of garbage with the express intent of screwing you over. This trash heap of a binary options program simply is not worth the time or effort it takes to even say its name!


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