Rich Janitor App – FRAUDULENT???


The Rich Janitor App is a new binary options trading platform. We are told that it is a highly effective, accurate, and profitable automated trading system. Apparently, this fully automatic BO trading platform can help us make millions of dollars every single year. Even better is that it can generate money for you without putting your investment at any risk. As an added bonus, the claim is that you get a free $70 just for signing up with Rich Janitor software. Supposedly the point of the Rich Janitor trading app is to turn averages Joes and poor people into wealthy aristocrats.

We’re here doing a Rich Janitor scam review because there is obviously something really fishy and shady going on here. We encountered a lot of criticism of this app, plus based on personal experience and a lot of research, we are very suspicious of the Rich Janitor program. As far as we can tell, from all of the digging and snooping we did, this whole system is full of lies, over-exaggerations, and false promises. You need to hear what we have to say about Rich Janitor trading software. You will be truly shocked as to how much real danger that this horribly malicious piece of computer engineering could put you in.

How Does Rich Janitor Software Work?

When it comes to this particular trading program, the explanation of how it works to generate money for us is perhaps the most nonsensical and idiotic we have ever heard. We are informed that the Rich Janitor app works by finding trading loopholes 24/7.

That is all we are ever told. We’re not informed of any real trading strategies or algorithms, plus there are no indicators mentioned either. This is very suspicious because those are all things which we absolutely need to know if we are to invest our hard earned money with this system.

There is also the fact that finding loopholes in binary options trading is very tough. This is something that even the top dogs have tons of trouble doing. Furthermore, trading loopholes are also very illegal. If this program finds a so called loophole for you, you can rest assured that nothing legal is going on.

Who Is In Charge Of The Rich Janitor App?

Yet another big mystery to us is who exactly is running the show here. Sure, during the presentation video we have the courtesy of being greeted by a man who calls himself Mike Dee. Of course, we never get to see his face. We only have the pleasure of hearing his voice through the not so magical art of voice narration.

Mike Dee gives us some long winded and completely useless sob story about how he had a crappy life, so he decided to make a BO trading tool to make himself and all of the other poor people in the world very rich. This is your classic “please feel bad for me” story, with the only purpose being to make you pity Mike and then sign up for his app. There is also the fact that you should never trust a BO system with voice narration.

Mike never gives us any personal info, work experience, or credentials in terms of his education. We literally have no idea who this guy is. Moreover, the only search results we found about him online were in relation to the Rich Janitor app. As far as we are concerned, this Mike Dee character is totally fictitious and made up. The purpose of this paid voice actor is simply to hide the identities of the real criminals running the show. They want to remain anonymous so that they won’t spend time in prison after stealing your money from you.

Rich Janitor Scam Software & Millions Of Dollars?

Probably the most insane and ridiculous part of this whole thievery is the promise of being able to make several million dollars with no risk to us. There is so much wrong with that claim that we almost don’t know where to start. To begin, what is the timeframe? We are told that the Rich Janitor app can generate millions of dollars, but in what span of time? 2 days or 2 years?

Moreover, what is millions of dollars? Does this mean 1.5 million or 150 million? Either way, whatever the case may be, just take into account that even the very best BO systems out there can’t do more than $1,000 per day, 5 days per week. That equates to roughly $240,000 per year at the very most. What we are trying to say is that the Rich Janitor app will never make you rich like it claims.

In all likelihood, based off of our other research, Rich Janitor software probably does not make any trades at all. It is simply a way for the crooks behind the scenes to rob you of your money. Just as ridiculous as this claim of huge profits is the claim that this system is risk-free. Risk is always inherent in any type of trading and there is nothing that anything or anyone can ever do about that.

Rich Janitor Scam Software – Other Facts

There are a couple of other points worth mentioning here, so let’s do that!

  • There are no reliable brokers used here. They are unregulated, unlicensed, and only in place to scam you out of your money. They will drain your trading account and there is nothing you will be able to do about it.
  • Nobody gives away money for free, even if it is just seventy bucks. Rest assured that nobody from the Rich Janitor app is giving you money.
  • The whole website is full of down low marketing ploys meant to trick you.



Rich Janitor App – Review Conclusion

We really hope that our Rich Janitor scam review is good enough to convince you to stay away from it forever and get away from it as fast as you can. This is a total scam, a rip-off meant to screw you over and empty your bank account!


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