Q Profit System Review – A Legit Scam?

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The Q Profit System app might look like the real deal for anyone who doesn’t have much binary options experience. However, for anyone, like us, who knows how to identify when a BO system is a scam, it could not be more obvious that Q Profit System software is a total rip-off. Yes, the presentation looks good enough and somewhat legit, but there are lots of aspects about it which upon further inspection just don’t seem right.

There is a lot of shady and underhanded stuff going on here, which is why we are doing a Q Profit System scam review. There are a ton of misleading claims and downright lies which the viewer is told. Things like being able to make thousands of dollars on a daily basis by doing nothing at all, claiming to be a legit company, and using paid actors to portray real people are all things which we are going to talk about right now.

Q Profit System Scam Software – Many Lies Discovered

One of the first and most important things that needs to be mentioned is that there is a multitude of fibs we are told about the Q Profit System app. First of all, we are told that this program has been approved by NASA, the world’s leading space exploration unit. Hmm, this is all very suspicious to us because we were not aware that NASA, a business centered around space exploration, has anything to do with trading binary options. We are told that NASA has approved this BO trading system because the system uses quantum mechanics to fuel its algorithm. That would be a great trading strategy, but it just is not true.

We are also told that the Q Profit System uses technology developed, approved, and provided by NASA in order to create one hell of a trading strategy and algorithm. SO, right off the bat, you can rest assured that NASA has nothing to do with this in any way, shape, or form. A space exploration agency has no business and absolutely zero interest in binary options trading. Why they would ever let some rip-off scam artist use their tech for a low-grade and third tier trading app is completely ridiculous. Moreover, saying that this app uses NASA tech to make trades is totally nonsensical anyway! Besides the fact that this is an obvious lie, it still wouldn’t tell us how exactly this system works to make trades for us.

Q Profit System Trading Software – Cheap Marketing Tricks

One of the clearest and most obvious indications that a scam is afoot here has to do with the plethora of cheap marketing tricks used to try and lure us in. We are told that there are only 50 spots left for us to sign up with for free. Yeah, the lure of using this app for free and making a bunch of money at no cost to us is tempting. However, this simply is not true. You will never have to pay to use this service, which is actually kind of the point.

Telling us that there are only 50 spots left to sign up with is just a pressure tactic meant to get us to hand over our money before we consider the consequences. We know that this is just a cheap ploy because whenever you refresh the Q Profit System website, the number of available spots displayed is reset back to 50 every single time. Don’t fall for these classic marketing scams because they never hold any merit at all.

Q Profit System Scam – Scam Creator & Company

Yet another huge red flag that came to our attention has to do with the so-called owner of the company and the Q Profit System app. We are told that a man named Jerry Douglas is the leader of this operation. He tells us that he is a long time trading expert, professor, and financial advisor. He says that he created this program so that he and people around the world could trade binary options with ease. However, nothing he says, not even his name, holds any truth to it. This man is a paid actor, he has nothing to do with this app, and he doesn’t seem to have a clue of what binary options even are.

We were able to find zero evidence of him online except for the references to the Q Profit System scam app. This man does not really exist. He is a scapegoat used by the real people in charge to hide their true identities and keep them out of prison for being fraudulent thieves and stealing your money. The biggest joke here is that Jerry claims he will going for an IPO soon to make his company publically traded. The actual joke is that no such company is or ever has been in existence. Everything seen here is a total lie!

Q Profit System Software – Daily $5,000!

Yet another huge impossibility that we can across with the Q Profit System is that it claims to execute perfect trades all of the time, thus leading to $5,000 daily profits. This is totally ridiculous and 100% unachievable even if you are the best trader with the best program around. Even the best of the best programs out there can only muster ITM rates of around 80% to 90%, with daily profits maxing out at $1,000, or sometimes a little more if you are lucky. Having a 100% risk-free program is just not possible because risk is always inherent in trading. That is just how it is. Moreover, making $5,000 from a small $250 investment would mean having an ROI of 20X, which is also just not doable.


Q Profit System Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that Q Profit System software is nothing more than a fraudulent, dangerous, and malicious thievery meant to rob you of your money. Nothing you see here is true in the slightest. The owner is a phony, the reviews are fake, the company does not exist, the limited spots trick is bogus, and the claims of huge profits are no more real than unicorns. Stay away from Q Profit System scam software because it will take your money!

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