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The Maximus Edge Autobot app is a brand new binary options trading service to become available to the public. There is a whole lot going on here, so hold on to your hats folks because there is ample information to be discussed. You are probably aware that there are countless binary options and Forex scams out there. The sad reality is that there are way more BO scams out there looking to steal your money than there are legit programs looking to actually help you. We’re here to take a really close look at Maximus Edge Autobot software.

We are doing a Maximus Edge Autobot review so you can find out all about it. The really interesting thing here is that there is a lot of evidence which for once points in the right direction. We found a lot of good info and facts in regards to this service. Usually, we would be pretty quick to call most of these services scams, but that is not the case with the Maximus Edge Autobot trading app.

This appears to be one of those very rare times when we’ve come across an actually legitimate and credible BO trading platform. This is a binary options service with real people at the helm, time tested and sophisticated trading strategies, real brokers, and good results. Yes, that is right, the Maximus Edge Autobot app actually provides you the user with great profits, something that cannot be said for most other BO services.

What Is The Maximus Edge Autobot System

To keep things plain and simple, the Maximus Edge Autobot app was created by a man whom we know as Max, or Maximus as he likes to be called. It is apparently one of the most advanced and highly sophisticated binary options trading services to date. Now, something that we like about this service is that it also sticks to some good old time tested methods and strategies which have been proven to work. It’s impressive that Max was able to combine old school methods with new age technology to create this powerhouse of a trading tool.

To be clear, this is a binary options trading service that allows the user to execute trades automatically. In other words, Maximus Edge Autobot software is a fully automated trading system. You can literally turn it on, set the settings you want, and let it make trades for you while you drink coffee and watch your favorite shows. This app is also hailed as being awesome for both advanced users and beginners. Not everybody knows too much about trading binary options, which is exactly why this system is so great. You don’t need to know all that much to use it.

However, if you are a more seasoned trading veteran, you can also use the manual mode, advanced settings, and execute trades on your own. The fact that there is something to suit everybody’s skill level is something that we value and everyone can appreciate. To be even clearer, the Maximus Edge Autobot app can trade binary options, Forex, commodities, stocks, and indices too. We like when a real system can trade BO in a reliable way, but to be able to engage in all these various types of trading is simply stunning.

How Does The Maximus Edge Autobot Program Work?

Another really interesting aspect of the Maximus Edge Autobot system is the way in which it functions to generate an income for you. We all know what indicators are, those graphs and charts which keep track of certain price levels, trends, and so much more. We don’t want to get too into it here, quite frankly because it’s very complicated, and we aren’t here to confuse you. The point is that there are several different indicators used in binary options trading, or to be fair, there are dozens of them.

Well, Maximus Edge Autobot software has taken 6 indicators, 5 of which are time-tested and have been in use for years, in order to decide which trades are the best to make and have the most profit potential. You see, each of these indicators works just fine on its own, each of which can achieve fairly high accuracy rates upwards of 70% when they work alone. However, the trick that many people have now figured out is that using more than one in tandem is the much better way to go. This is the whole two heads are better than one theory, or in this case, 6 heads are better than one.

Since there are many different indicators being used by the Maximus Edge Autobot trading app, they all have to signal the same thing in order for a trade to be placed. Sure, you can select to use only one indicator, which would work just fine, but the secret here is to use all of them in combination to achieve great ITM or accuracy rates.

If you select one indicator, only it has to signal that a trade has high profit potential, in which case this program will execute the trade. However, if you have all 6 indicators selected, they all have to come to the same conclusion for this app to execute the trade.

This is a way of ensuring the best possible ITM rates. When all of the indicators agree with each other, whether to buy or sell, you can rest assured that your chances of making a good profit are very high. This is why the Maximus Edge Autobot app can achieve accurate trading rates of up to 84%, which is simply amazing. This means that 84 out of every 100 trades placed by this platform will be successful and profitable.

Just in case you were wondering, the main and most important indicators being used by this app include the Bollinger Bands indicator, Pivot levels, the Stochastic RSI, MACD, and Fibonacci retracements. When used all at once, you can rest assured that you will have great odds and even better trading results. You can choose how many of these you want to set in motion or pay attention to. You can select one of them, all of them, or any amount in between.

How Profitable Is The Maximus Edge Autobot App?

One of the other reasons why we do like the Maximus Edge Autobot system is because it has shown itself to be fairly profitable. As we mentioned before, this system can achieve ITM rates as high as 84% when you have it on normal settings. We have gotten an exclusive opportunity to test this out for ourselves and we are happy to announce that this claim of an 84% accuracy rate could not be any truer.

Depending on the settings we were able to achieve ITM rates of anywhere between 75% and 89%. Now, 89% did not happen all that often and may have had more to do with luck than anything else, but even the low end of 75% is still quite impressive. Needless to say, this is much better than most other legit and credible BO programs out there, not to mention much better than any scam in existence today.

It’s not like this is a get rich quick scheme, so you won’t be making thousands of dollars per day because there is no trading system in the world that can do that. However, based off of personal experience with the Maximus Edge Autobot app, we can say that we doubled our initial investment of $250 on the first day. In other words, if you invest $250, you can expect a 100% ROI. Sure, to be safe let’s say that the minimum return on your investment in one day is more likely to be around 70% to 80%, but that is still phenomenal. Some people have noted that if you have all of the parameters set the right way, you can actually generate over $900 in a single day, off of that $250 deposit.

Maximus Edge Autobot App & The Brokers

Something else that helped to convince us that this is in fact not a scam, but the real deal, is that there are only reliable brokers involved here. You will be linked up the broker ideal for your area, but you can always start a new account to get a different broker assigned to you. When you have a choice of brokers when using a BO trading service, it is always a really positive sign. Furthermore, we did some extensive research and all of the brokers involved here are fully licensed and regulated. In other words, these brokers are legit business entities that adhere to the law and will not simply steal your money.

Maximus Edge Autobot Software & Different Trading Systems

Something else that seems quite positive and beneficial about the Maximus Edge Autobot app is that you can choose from three different trading systems. You can choose the classic trading system, the Fibonacci trading system, and the Martingale trading system. Each of these systems work in a slightly different way, have different purposes and yield different results, so let’s take a quick look at them so you can understand it better.

Classic – This is the normal way of trading BO which most people are accustomed to. Simply put, no matter what the result was of your last trade, in the classic system, the next trade is always for the same amount of money as the last. In other words, you set how much money you want to invest in each trade, and the Maximus Edge Autobot system will automatically use that specific amount for every trade until you specify otherwise. The classic system has a medium risk level with medium profits for individual trades.

Martingale – The Martingale trading system is quite different from the classic one. The Martingale system, like the classic one, will stick to the same investment amount as long as it wins. However, the key difference is that the Martingale trading system will double your next investment in a currency pair if the previous trade was lost. So, the point of the martingale system is more or less to be safe and make accurate trades, and in the case that money is lost, its aim is to recoup that money with a huge trade being made. There is the obvious risk here that you will end up losing 2 trades in a row, but the Martingale system tends to be so accurate that it usually ends up evening itself out, thus always making a profit for you. In other words, this system is meant to provide you with quick and steady profits. The Martingale system is fairly risky, but it also has the most profit potential for single trades.

Fibonacci – This is the most complicated of all the trading systems out there, but it tends to be the most accurate as well. Now, we aren’t going to get too into detail here, but this system is closely linked to the Fibonacci number sequence used in math, gambling, and anything else that involves numbers. This number sequence allows the Maximus Edge Autobot system to be extremely accurate. The number sequence can accurately determine how much should be traded in relation to previous trades in order to maximize ITM. Unlike the Martingale system, the Fibonacci system does look to recoup lost trades, but only the last two, instead of however many have been consecutively lost. This helps to minimize risk when there are consecutive losses to deal with. This is the most accurate way of trading provided by this software, but it also tends to provide lower profits for individual trades. The Fibonacci system has the lowest risk of losing a trade, but also the lowest profits for individual trades.

Maximus Edge Autobot Review – Conclusion

It really pleases us to be able to recommend such a a fantastic trading service to you. We have tried the Maximus Edge Autobot app for ourselves, so we have no problem with saying that you should use it too. This is undoubtedly a trustworthy trading system, one that is very credible, it’s legit, and best of all, it is very profitable too. Stay tuned for more Maximus Edge Autobot app updates.

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To date, we have settled close to 2,000 trading disputes and we will not stop until we put every last scam out of business! If you have been cheated out of money or scammed by any fraudulent trading service, we encourage you to reach out to our complaint center for free help. If you need help, we will provide it for you!

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