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Trading in binary options is a fairly risky thing, but it can also be quite rewarding and profitable too, with an important aspect being having a good broker that won’t mess around with your money. Well, one of the best binary options brokers that we have ever come across is one called StockPair hands down.

This is a great binary options broker that functions mainly as a way for retail financial traders to trade in binary options without any added cost or added hassle. StockPair is bases in Cyprus and is run by Nextrade Worldwide LTD, it operates under the licensing number IFSC/60/346/TS/14, and is highly regulates by the IFSC or the Belize International Financial Services Commission.


StockPair is not any regular binary options broker though, because while they do offer normal binary options trading, they also specialize in pair options. To be exact, StockPair was actually the entity that introduced pair trading into the binary options world, making them one of the most specialized world leaders in that trading field.

StockPair even just added something called KIKO options, a revolutionary new form of binary trading where your trades never expire, which is of course a really neat way to make some good money. If you did not already know, StockPair is used by traders from well over 100 different countries from around the globe, making it one of the most popular and best binary brokers out there.


A Rundown On The StockPair Platform

Probably the best aspect about StockPair is that it is very easy to use. The user face is very user friendly and easy to understand even for the most novice of traders. Moreover, there are a plethora of instructional assets provided by StockPair, not to mention that they have excellent customer service if you ever get stuck. Plus there is the fact that StockPair operates in a dozen different languages to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

When it comes to ease of use and being able to understand what is going on, StockPair has definitely got you covered. Not only is StockPair easy to use, but it can also be accessed at home on your computer and it also has mobile apps for iOS and Android as well. Whether at home or one the go, StockPair lets you trade from anywhere,

Something else you will like is that you can choose from a huge list of assets to trade in from the easy to access dropdown menu. Whichever assets look good at the time, and whatever ones you feel like trading are all right there.

Even better is that StockPair is great for people of all financial levels. For beginners who don’t want to risk too much, they can invest as little as 20 dollars in a single trade. On the other hand, more experienced traders looking to make some good money can go big and try investing up to $6,000 on one trade.


StockPair’s Standout Features

The StockPair broker has a few different really neat features that help to ensure that it is in fact one of the very best binary trading choices out there, all of which help to make binary trading both easier and more profitable too.

One of the best features is the technical analysis chart that you get for all of your trades. These charts eliminate the need for third party charts and let you judge a potential trade in an instant. These charts use a variety of technical indicators to give you all of the relevant info you need to make a profit. Technical indicators such as Bollinger bands, RSI, and the moving average are just some of the indicators used to give you a comprehensive picture of exactly what is going on in the market.

Another great feature that comes with StockPair is the trading indicator, which is virtually a big list that tells you which trades are the best to make at any given time. It uses highly sophisticated analysis methods and takes dozens of market factors into account in order to come up with a list of the most reliable and profitable trades that you can make. This indicator lets you know the most likely direction of an asset in the next hour, 4 hours, and day. Furthermore, the reliability of the trade turning out well for you is labeled on a color coded scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most reliable trades to make.

StockPair also comes with a trading sentiment indicator which lets you know what trades other people are making, what assets they trade in, and the approximate volume of trades from around the world. What other people are doing in the market is very important for your own success, and StockPair lets you know just that. Finally, another neat little feature of StockPair is the early close option which lets you close a trade early if you think that it will increase the amount of profit you can make.


StockPair Trade Types

There are a few different types of trades that StockPair lets you make, so let’s just go over those really quick.

Of course, StockPair lets you engage in normal Up/Down binary trades, where you just have to correctly identify whether the price will end up being lower or higher than original entry price when you invested. Get it right and make a profit.

StockPair also lets you engage in a new type of trade known as the KIKO trade. This type of trade is similar to up/down trades, but the main difference is that they do not have an expiry date. Also, this type of trade needs you to determine whether your asset will hit the bottom or top price barrier first. These trades do not have an expiry date and simply end once the assets reaches either the top or bottom price trade barrier.

Another kind of trade to be made with StockPair is the fixed pair trade. This is simply where you predict the final prices (in a given time period) of 2 different assets in relation to one another. You just need to predict how they will do versus each other by the expiry date of the trade. Finally, the floating pair trade can also be done with StockPair, which is where you need to determine how well an asset will do in relation to another in any given time period which could be as short as one day or as long as 1 month. Depending on which package you get and what type of trades you make, you can earn anywhere from 80% ROI to 350% ROI on any investment if it is successful.

StockPair Account Options

StockPair has different levels of trading accounts to suit everybody’s needs from beginners all the way to long time experts. Here are the different account options you can go with.

  • StockPair Non-Premium
    • Minimum $200 deposit.
  • StockPair Silver
    • Minimum $1,000 deposit.
    • Maximum $1,000 trade limit per trade.
    • Limit of $6,000 total investments.
    • 5% monthly cash back (with a minimum trade volume of $10,000 per month).
  • StockPair Gold
    • Minimum $5,000 deposit.
    • Maximum $6,000 trade limit per trade.
    • $18,000 total investment limit.
    • 1% monthly cash back (with a minimum trade volume of $25,000 per month).
  • StockPair Platinum
    • $20,000 minimum deposit.
    • $10,000 limit per trade.
    • $30,000 total investment limit.
    • 2% monthly cash back (with a minimum trade volume of $50,000 per month).
  • StockPair VIP
    • $50,000 minimum deposit.
    • $20,000 limit per trade.
    • $60,000 total investment limit.
    • 3% monthly cash back (with a minimum trade volume of $100,000 per month).

StockPair Review – The Best Broker


As you can see, if you want to start investing in binary options and need a good broker, or if you are simply tired of bad brokers messing up your trades, it might just be time to switch to StockPair. This is definitely one of the best brokers that we have seen in a long time and that is thanks to the fact that it is easy to use, very accessible, it provides you with a bunch of analysis features, and lets you perform a wide variety of trades as well. The large amount of options you get with StockPair, even with the types of accounts available, are simply astounding and the profits are right there for you to take.

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