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Usually we review binary options, Forex, and cryptocurrency scams, but when so called educational scams like this one pop up, we definitely feel the need to protect you by adding our two cents about it. In case you are not sure, by Bizzop, we mean business opprtunity. The Accelerated Income program is supposed to teach people how to make money from home, specifically through things like affiliate marketing and link posting. Sure, making money from home on your computer is totally possible, but not when you get your info from a scam like the Accelerated Income system. So, we’re here doing an Accelerated Income scam review to let you know about this total farce of an educational system.


Accelerated Income Scam – Fake News Spot

One of the clearest and most obvious signs that the Accelerated Income program is a total rip off has to do with the news spot featured on CNN. On the main page for the website,, we are shown a lengthy interview on CNN, where the host and several different women discuss how stay at home moms can earn money working just a few hours per day. Now, even though CNN is obviously fake news with terrible reporters, the interview itself may hold some merit. Yes, they do talk about some outdated techniques, but that is neither here nor there.

The real problem with this CNN interview is that it actually has nothing at all to do with the Accelerated Income program. Yes, the Accelerated Income program is all about how to make money working from home through link posting and such, but the interview never mentions the program once. Placing this interview on the website is just a cheap trick used to try and lend some legitimacy to this scam program. Never once does the host or the interviewees ever say something about this particular “educational” program.



Accelerated Income Scam & Horrible Education

Perhaps the biggest red flag that you will encounter when looking at this terrible educational program has to do with the education itself. If you are not familiar with things like link posting and affiliate marketing, the things that these crooks have to say might seem viable and credible. However, you can rest assured that is not the case. It might look like these clowns are teaching real methods to make money working from home, but that is just not true. Yes, these guys are teaching at home money making techniques, or at least they would be if this were 10 years ago.

Simply put, the value of the “educational” material featured on this site is totally old and outdated. The methods may have been of value 10 or even 5 years ago, but no longer today. The website, the seminars, and the tutorials are chalked full of outdated junk that just does not hold any merit in today’s world. The various things that these guys talk about does not work in today’s world, nor did they ever work that well to begin with. Most of the info provided is simply irrelevant and useful. The program costs something like $27 to join, which is another way of telling that it’s a scam. If the Accelerated Income program were legit, it would cost a whole lot more. Methods like link posting just don’t work anymore, which is one of the main things advertised by this total pile of junk.

Accelerated Income Program – Lies About Income

One of the biggest and most obvious lies told to us by these crooks is that we can make $379 per day using these outdated methods. Even more suspicious is how we are told that we can earn around $9,000 per month using these same methods. Both of these profit making claims are totally false and simply don’t work the way these guys claim. This is especially true when you consider that link posting is totally bogus and probably won’t even generate a measly $10 per day.

The fact that you are more or less spamming links to different websites is not only annoying, but it also causes Google and other search engines to label you as a scamming spammer. Sure, you might be able to make a couple of bucks per day through link posting and other ineffective methods talked about by these guys, but nowhere near $379 per day. Also, just to be clear, making $379 per day, every day, does definitely not add up to $9,000 per month. These guys claim to be money experts, yet they can’t even do simple multiplication. What a joke!

Accelerated Income System & Fake Advertisements

Yet another lie we discovered about the Accelerated Income system is that they feature the logos from various well known news outlets to try and lend themselves some credibility. On the website, logos from various news sources such as Fox News, MSNBC, USA Today, ABC, and CNN are all displayed. However, none of those news sites have ever directly referenced this Accelerated Income educational program. Yes, they have all talked about how to make money online from home in one capacity or another, but never have they directly mentioned this bogus money making system. Not only is this a cheap marketing ploy, but it is actually illegal to do.

Accelerated Income – A Fake Owner & False Testimonials

The final thing that needs mentioning here is that the so called owner and creator of the Accelerated Income system is a fraud. We are told that her name is Susan Whitmore, but we know for a fact that she is nothing more than a paid actor portraying a totally fictitious character that can barely read her lines. Furthermore, all of the so called genuine user testimonials are anything but genuine. The various people featured in the testimonials section are just stolen stock images from other website. Nobody that you see on the Accelerated Income website is in any way related to this scam.

Accelerated Income Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the one and only thing you need to know about Accelerated Income is that it is a scam, a total rip off, and an easy way for the crooks running it to squeeze money out of your pocket.

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