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OFFICIAL SCAM URL: software is a relatively new Bitcoin trading service to hit the market and boy has it ever made an impact. No, this impact is not a good one, but a very negative one in fact. If you did not know, the value of Bitcoin has exploded in the last few months, reaching a record high of $6,000 earlier this week. Along with this rise in the value of Bitcoin also comes the rise of a multitude of Bitcoin trading scams.

The app is one of those scams and it will take you for a ride like none other. We are here doing a scam review to tell you all about this dangerous program. This is an extremely malicious trading service with the express intent of ripping you off. There is a lot that you need to be aware of when it comes to this scam. Everything that you are told about it by the criminal creators is simply not true. Hold onto your seats folks because this ride is about to get really bumpy. Scam App – False Address

One of the first and clearest indications that this system is a total rip off is that the address provided on the official website is totally fake. The website for the app claims that the headquarters are located at 150 New Bond Street, Mayfair, London, UK. However, this simply is not true. Looking up an address is pretty easy to do, so we did exactly that. Who would have guessed that the building listed as the HQ for this scam is already in use by another company. In other words, the HQ for this terrible Bitcoin app is not located where the website claims. We have the feeling that there is actually no HQ located anywhere. It’s just a ruse meant to try and lend some credibility to this otherwise ludicrous scam. Software & Random Quotes

Having quotes and sayings from random people is something that scams do all of the time. Going back to the point about trying to lend some false legitimacy and credibility to this app, having quotes by people like Bill Gates on the official site is definitely a play at this. The fact of the matter is that the quotes from Gates and Vitalik Buterin are real quotes said by those men, but they are in no way related to this scam. Featuring their sayings on the official site makes it seem like those men are somehow related to this app, and moreover, that they somehow support it and are in favor of scam software. Beware folks, none of the professionals or famous people shown on the website have any relation to this horrible pile of garbage. Scam Software & A Phony Leader

Yet another telltale sign that a scam is afoot here has to do with the alleged CEO and owner of software, Richard Lester. Richard is an obvious phony and we know that for a fact. Not once are we shown anything other but a random picture of some dude with the name Richard Lester beside it. We are never shown him in a presentation video, provided with any credentials about him, or anything else that would help to confirm his identity. Heck, there is not even any voice narration going on.

We looked up this Richard Lester fellow and the only results we got were ones directly related to this scam. The truth is that the picture of the man who is supposed to be this rich guy is just that, a picture and nothing more. It’s a random stolen stock photo being used to portray a fictitious character. He is in no way real, legit, or credible. In other words, we really have no idea who is in charge here, making this a totally anonymous Bitcoin trading service.

How Much Money Can The App Generate?

Well, the truth is that the app will never generate any money for you, which is because it is a scam. There is no mention of any good trading strategy, and underlying algorithm, or any reliable broker either. We are told that this system can provide us with a 7000% ROI within the first hundred days of using it. This is clearly a total lie because even the best trading systems out there, which are legit and credible, can’t get anywhere close to that figure. Yes, it is possible to make a good profit from Bitcoin, but not when using a total scam program like the app. It just is not possible to make anywhere near as much money from a small investment as this trash heap of a system claims.


24options Scam – A Big Ponzi Scheme software is technically advertised as a HYIP or a high yield investment program. This would mean that you can get extraordinary returns on minimal investments. Yes, this is a HYIP for Bitcoin, a new type of scam that has recently surfaced and has seemingly flourished. The fact of the matter is that software, just like most other HYIPs, is actually a Ponzi scheme.

This means that you might get a couple bucks back from your investment, but it’s just an easy way to shut you up and stop you from complaining. The reality is that the crooks running the show simply take small sums from new investments and pay them to old investors to make the whole thing seem legit. Rest assured, you will never make a profit with scam software and you won’t even make your money back either. The whole point of this HYIP Bitcoin scheme is to steal as much money from people in as little time as possible. App Scam Review – Conclusion

The only possible conclusion that we could ever come to about the app is that it is a Ponzi scheme, a scam, and a total rip off. Its sole purpose is to steal as much money from you as possible while trying to maintain the illusion that you are going to make a profit.

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