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It is no secret that cryptocurrencies have been becoming more and more popular over the last few years. With the recent explosion of the value of Bitcoin, nobody can blame you for wanting to get in on the action. After all, a single Bitcoin is currently worth something like $7,000, which is totally awesome. If you invested in Bitcoin before it exploded in value, you should by all means now be filthy rich. This is why scams like the RAINHASH Cloud Mining app have been appearing.

They are looking to take advantage of this hype, hoping to convince people that they can still become rich with Bitcoin, simply by using this app. There is a lot of suspicious stuff going on with the RAINHASH mining app and you need to know about them all. We are here doing a RAINHASH scam review to give you fair warning about this dangerous and malicious money thieving scheme. If you did not already realize, the RAINHASH app is nothing more than a thieving Ponzi scheme that will suck every last dollar out of your investment account, and more if they can get their hands on it.

RAINHASH Software – “Registered In Panama”

One of the clearest signs that there is a scam going on here has to do with this whole “registered in Panama” business. Yes, on the front page of the RAINHASH website, it says that this business is registered in Panama. These guys actually think that claiming to be registered in an anonymity ridden financial safe haven like Panama is going to lend them any legitimacy. Everybody knows that Panama is lax with anonymity, or in other words, they let businesses get licensing and registration without listing any kind of name or official owner, CEO, or financial contributor. Panama is known for harboring scammers looking to make a quick buck off of unsuspecting victims.

This is then combined with the fact that we are never told who is in charge of the RAINHASH app. We are never shown a presentation video, no paid actor, no voice narrator, and certainly no one legitimate. There are not even any contact details listed on the RAINHASH website. We have literally zero clue as to who is running the show here. The RAINHASH system is totally anonymous and that is a huge problem. When your money inevitably gets stolen, there is no one you can blame, and Panama certainly won’t care about your investment troubles either. Because this Bitcoin mining system is anonymous, once your money goes missing, there is nothing you can do about it.

How Much Money Can I Make With RAINHASH Software?

On the RAINHASH website, we are told that this system can help us make up to 1.05% profit every single hour, or up to 25% ROI every single day. There are different investment packages you can choose from. The aforementioned one is the highest one that costs the most, while the lowest one guarantees 0.5% ROI per hour with a daily return of 12% guaranteed.

Even the lowest package with the lowest guaranteed returns is absolutely fictional. It simply is not possible for any kind of software, not even the best of the best systems, to accomplish this. Heck, most Bitcoin systems cannot even make a profit of 1% in a whole day, let alone a single hour. These huge profits are simply not achievable in any way, shape, or form.

How Does RAINHASH Mining Software Work?

If you are unsure of what Bitcoin mining is, it is the process of using massive amount of hardware and electricity to generate Bitcoin using huge amounts of server power. We are told that because this is so expensive there is no way we can do this ourselves, which is more or less true. However, there is also no way win which the RAINHASH app can do this for us. It claims to do so on “the cloud”, which is totally bogus as far as we are concerned.

These fools claim that they don’t need all of that expensive hardware, software, bandwidth, or electricity to mine Bitcoin. This is something that no other cryptocurrency mining system has been able to get around, so the claim of RAINHASH software being able to engage in cloud mining free of charge is totally ridiculous. You can rest assured that the RAINHASH system does not perform any cloud mining at all. It is simply impossible to accomplish as described by these criminals. So, this claim of an ROI of 25% per day is an obvious lie.



RAINHASH Software – The Ponzi & Pyramid Scheme

Oh yes, how could we forget to mention? RAINHASH software is obviously a Ponzi scheme. They never mine Bitcoin or make trades of any kind. They simply take new investments, steal the vast majority of them, and use a fraction of those new investments to pay old investors. Sometimes older investors don’t even get paid at all. We have received many complaints from people who have not been able to make any money using this scam, even though it is guaranteed.

Heck, these crooks even want you to sign up friends, and for every friend you sign up, you get a 5% commission bonus. Moreover, if that friend you signed up signs up another friend, you will get a 1% commission from that as well. This is the classic structure of a pyramid scheme and Ponzi scheme combined into one. More or less, you are just depositing money right into the accounts of the crooks on the other end. You will never earn a single penny using RAINHASH software. It is a pyramid scheme and a Ponzi scheme in one, with the sole purpose of stealing everything you have.

RAINHASH Review – Conclusion

The one and only conclusion that we can come to here is that the RAINHASH system is a total rip off. It combines the structure of a classic trading scam, a Ponzi scheme, and a pyramid scheme into one piece of thieving software!

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