BitLucre Review – Another BTC Scam?


BitLucre software is supposed to be some awesome Bitcoin ICO that mines cryptocurrencies for you. While mining Bitcoin and ICOs are real things, the BitLucre app will definitely not mine any amount of Bitcoin for you. Sure, the scammers running the show tell us that we can earn up to several thousand percent in profits per year using the BitLucre system, but this is just not true. Yes, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, with them being used to pay for transactions on an increasingly regular basis.

The popularity of these online cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed thanks to the drastically increased value of one single Bitcoin. A Bitcoin is now worth around $7,200, coming up from just a few bucks a couple of years back. People want to cash in on this big money and they want to take advantage of the hype, which is why systems like the BitLucre scam app are flourishing right now.

These crooks know that you want those oh so valuable Bitcoins and they are willing to create schemes like this BitLucre app to try and sucker you out of your hard earned money. This is all beside the fact that BitLucre scam software is clearly a terrible Ponzi scheme to boot. Let’s get on with our BitLucre scam review so we can give you fair warning about this totally ludicrous, dangerous, and malicious Ponzi scheme camouflaged as a Bitcoin mining system.

Who Is Behind The BitLucre System?

The first and most important thing that we generally want to know about any kind of trading app or mining system is who the people in charge are. We need to be sure that the people running the show are legitimate and trustworthy. If the people at the helm of the operation are not to be trusted, or if we don’t know who they are, you can bet your bottom dollar that the program itself is not credible either. Well, in the case of the BitLucre app, we are never told who is in charge.

There is no presentation video with a person in charge, not even one with paid actors or voice narration, just nothing at all. This is a huge problem for us and for you. The only reason to disguise the true identities of who is in charge is because the scumbags leading the charge know that what they are doing is illegal. These crooks need to stay hidden in a shroud of anonymity to avoid going to prison for scamming you out of money with this fraudulent BitLucre software.

Yes, we are informed that BitLucre Limited is the name of the company that developed this software. However, even that is totally bogus. We did a business registry check and there is no company in the whole wide world registered under the name of BitLucre Limited.

How Much Money Can BitLucre Software Generate?

Another telltale sign that there is a scam afoot with this BitLucre business is that the promise of profits and returns on our investments is astronomically bogus. Well, the claim that our investment can provide us with a 20% return on a daily basis, a 600% return on a monthly basis, and a total of 7300% returns for a whole year are obviously false. Even the best systems in the world cannot achieve anything close to that. Even profiting by 1% per day with Bitcoin mining is virtually impossible.

Making this kind of cash on any kind of investment simply is not possible, no matter what strategies you use or what program is in your arsenal. Simply put, the BitLucre system is lying right to your face. Those numbers unrealistic and wholly unachievable, plus we know for a fact that this is a Ponzi scheme that is hell bent on ripping you off, which means that any ROIs are going to be in favor of the scumbags running the BitLucre app. You will never make money with this system, only lose it.  

BitLucre Scam Software & No Licensing

The buying, mining, selling, and trading of Bitcoin are all activities which require licensing and regulation. It’s a financial activity, which means that the BitLucre app needs to have a license to do this legally. Not having this licensing means that BitLucre software is mining Bitcoin illegally. However, this might be a little beside the main point, because we are almost 100% certain that this is just a Ponzi scheme looking to steal your investment. It never actually mines any Bitcoin at all.

BitLucre Limited is not a real company and therefore they cannot have a legit license, no matter how hard they try and trick us. On the BitLucre website, there is a snipped or a picture that shows some fake and totally fabricated license which states that this system is licensed in the UK. Well, a quick check with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) revealed that there is no Bitcoin mining business registered under BitLucre Limited. Once again, these guys have no license to be mining Bitcoin, which is irrelevant as far as we are concerned, because it’s just a horrible Ponzi scheme looking to rob you of any money you invest.

BitLucre Scam App – The Ponzi Scheme

It is actually painfully obvious that BitLucre software is just another crappy cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme. This can clearly be seen by the structure of it. There is a whole lot of affiliate marketing going on, both on the website and within the program. Once you go to either the site or the program, you are bombarded with other trading and BTC mining offers. It’s a way to get you to sign up for more scams so you can lose even more money.

At the same time, there is some kind of referral commission deal, where you get a certain amount of money for each person that you sign up. There are actually two levels of commissions, one for people you sign up, and one for the people which those people sign up. This is the classic Ponzi scheme, as well as a pyramid scheme too. It’s just a get rich quick scheme, but the only people getting rich are those running this BitLucre scam.



BitLucre Review – Conclusion

The bottom line here is that the BitLucre is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme, a pyramid scheme, and an ultimate Bitcoin mining scam meant to rip you off. Trust us when we say that you will never see a single penny returned to you if you invest any money into this fraudulent mining system.

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