Centobot Review – Another BO Scam?

OFFICIAL SCAM URL: www.centobot.com

Centobot software is supposedly an awesome binary options trading app that can make us very rich in a matter of months. Yes, binary options trading is always a viable way to make some extra money, but not to get rich. This is especially true when you consider that programs like the Centobot app are completely bogus. Sure, we are told that the Centobot trading app can help us make thousands of dollars per day virtually risk free, but there is just no evidence to back up this claim.

Moreover, there is tons of evidence which speaks to the fact that Centobot trading software is a total scam. We’re here doing a Centobot scam review to give you fair warning about this highly dangerous and extremely malicious trading app. Beware folks, the Centobot system is meant to steal money from you, not to help you make it. There are lots of fishy lies and shady things going on here, so hold onto your seats folks because this is about to get bumpy.

When Was The Centobot App Created?

According to the Centobot website, this system was developed early last year in 2016. It has apparently been in use ever since then and has allowed thousands of people to become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. Well, we found this to be a total lie because the website and the app itself just were not in existence yet last year.

We did a quick domain registry check and the results speak for themselves. The Centobot trading app website was only registered a few days ago, not last year. Therefore, telling us that this system has been up and running for well over a year is nothing more than a boldfaced lie. Never trust any kind of binary options trading app that lies to you so blatantly.

Centobot Scam App & Fake Awards

On the Centobot website, there is a small section which displays the awards which this system has received. There are several awards shown, all of which are totally fake and fabricated. One of these awards is actually for last year, but as we all know, the Centobot website did not exist yet at this time. We also looked up the other awards, none of which were ever awarded to this ridiculous trading program. Don’t trust these things folks. What you see on the website is nothing more than some cheap copy and paste work. These awards are meant to lend some legitimacy to this system, yet we proved them to be fake, so the result is exactly the opposite of what the scumbags behind this app intended.

How Much Money Can The Centobot Trading App Generate?

One of the most preposterous claims made by the crooks behind Centobot software is that it has a 92% ITM rate and can provide us with a 125% ROI on a daily basis. This is absolutely not true. Even the best of the best trading apps in the world cannot muster those kinds of figures. The highest accuracy rate for any trading system is 90%, with the average being about 85%. 90% is already pushing the boundaries of realism. Moreover, earning a 125% return on your investment is as unrealistic as the alleged ITM rate which the Centobot can provide you with.

On a side note, whenever we look at these trading systems, we want to know what trading strategies are in place, what algorithms are being used, what indicators are being analyzed, and what kind of market news is being integrated into the decision making process. In terms of the Centobot app, we are never provided with any of this info. This lack of information combined with the claim of ridiculous profits is enough to send us running for the hills. It is pretty clear that the Centobot app does not make any trades at all. It is just an empty shell that does not execute any trades, just a way to steal your money.

Who Is In Charge Of Centobot Scam Software?

Another telltale sign that a scam is afoot here has to do with the fact that we have zero clue as to who is at the helm of the Centobot app. Not once on the website are we ever told the name of a company or person who is leading the charge here. We are not provided with any HQ location nor are we provided with any contact details. This is a huge problem as far as we are concerned.

You simply cannot trust a BO trading platform with your hard earned money when you have no idea if the people behind it are trustworthy. A little hint folks, anonymous systems are never trustworthy. The only reason why the people behind Centobot software are staying hidden in the shadows of anonymity is to protect themselves from criminal prosecution. They know darn well that their actions are fraudulent and illegal. They just don’t want to go to prison, which is why they will never reveal their true identities.

Centobot Software, Anonymity, Licensing, & Brokers

The final thing we need to mention here is that the Centobot app has no license. Binary Optiosn trading and signals provision requires licensing to perform legally. Without licensing or regulation, what the Centobot app is doing is totally illegal. They are not allowed to make trades, which is why we suspect that no trades are ever placed at all.

Moreover, there is also no reliable broker in sight here. A good broker requires licensing and regulation as well. To retain legitimacy, good brokers will only allow themselves to be associated with legitimate and reputable trading apps. Well, the Centobot system is unlicensed, therefore it is not legit, and thus there cannot possibly be a credible broker attached to it. The people behind the Centobot app and the brokers are in the same boat. They are working in cahoots to steal your money!



Centobot Review – Conclusion

The bottom line here is that the Centobot app is a scam. It’s nothing more than a monumental and epic rip-off meant to rob you off all of your money!

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