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With the drastic rise in the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it makes sense why trading programs like FinCrypt Global software are popping up. After all, the current value of a single Bitcoin is around $7,200, which is phenomenal. However, the big problem is that the vast majority of Bitcoin trading programs like the FinCrypt Global are scams, not legit ways to make money. We are told that the FinCrypt Global system can help us generate thousands of dollars on a daily basis through some simple automated trading.

However, we are familiar with scams of all kinds, whether they are related to Forex, binary options, Bitcoin, or all of the above. We know how to spot a money thieving scheme and the FinCrypt Global app is definitely one of those malicious pieces of software. We’re here doing a FinCrypt Global review to show you just how dangerous this BTC trading app is. Make no mistake about it folks, while Bitcoin is very valuable, you will not get any of that value if you make the error of using FinCrypt Global software.

How Does The FinCrypt Global System Work?

One of the biggest telltale signs that there is a scam afoot with this FinCrypt Global business has to do with the way in which it works to generate a profit for us. Just like with other kinds of trading, the FinCrypt Global needs to have solid trading strategies and good algorithms integrated into the framework. Without those things, the chances of making a profit are slim to none. Well, we are never, not once, informed of what this program actually does. Sure, we are told that we can earn thousands of dollars on a daily basis with FinCrypt Global software, but how this is achieved we are never told.

This is a very suspicious sign, something that always gets our blood boiling when it comes to these trading scams. If we are expected to invest our hard earned money with a trading program like FinCrypt Global, we want to know how it works. On a side note, we are also never informed of what the profit potential and possible ROI is for the FinCrypt Global app. Since this is a program that is supposed to put money in our pockets, neglecting to tell us even a rough estimate of what the profits are like is a big issue. Based on this alone we would never trust the FinCrypt Global scam app.

Who Runs The FinCrypt Global App?

This is a really good question, one that we unfortunately do not have an answer to. Never once on the entirety of the FinCrypt Global website are we ever told who is in charge of this sham. This is a huge problem no doubt. If we are expected to trust our money with a program like this, we need to be able to trust the people running the show. Also, we are led to believe that FinCrypt Global is a legit business. However, we did a business registry check and nowhere in the whole wide world is there a business registered as FinCrypt Global. It is a fake business!

Since we have no idea who is in charge of this lackluster trading application, we have no choice but to say that the FinCrypt Global app is totally untrustworthy. This is because the only reason for the creators of this scam to hide their true identities is so they won’t go to prison. The crooks behind the FinCrypt Global app know darn well that their actions are highly fraudulent and absolutely illegal. They are choosing to stay anonymous so nobody can send them to prison for their criminal behavior.

FinCrypt Global Scam & Problems With Anonymity

There is another problem associated with the fact that we have zero clue who is in charge of the FinCrypt Global system. This is the problem of licensing, as well as the problem of having a reliable broker. Trading Bitcoin, mining Bitcoin, and all other such activities require licensing and regulation, just like binary options and Forex trading.

Well, it takes a legit and credible person and/or business to acquire these special licenses. Seeing as there is no clear person or company involved here, there is no way in hell that FinCrypt Global software has the required licensing to trade BTC. In other words, if the FinCrypt Global system does trade Bitcoin, which we highly doubt. It is doing so illegally.

The other problem here is that of being connected to a reliable broker. Reliable brokers will only allow themselves to be associated with real and legit trading apps that have the necessary licensing. Since the FinCrypt Global app is not legit and does not have a license, you can bet your bottom dollar that any broker involved here is a scammer and out to get your money. These guys are working in cahoots to screw you over!



FinCrypt Global Software – ANOTHER PONZI SCHEME!

The most painfully obvious aspect of the FinCrypt Global app is that it is clearly a Ponzi scheme of epic proportions. You invest your money and you will never see a return. Meanwhile the scumbags running the show will pass out a few bucks here and there to older investors to keep them quiet. Money from new investors gets used to pay some sums to old ones, while the majority of the cash is put in the pockets of the criminals running this FinCrypt Global scam. They never actually invest your money at all! Also, there are lots of affiliate marketing programs involved here.

In other words, the FinCrypt Global scam tries to suck even more money out of you by trying to trick you into signing up for other scams. Besides that, these fools offer commissions when you get your friends to sign up, and then more commissions if those friends then sign up more friends. This is the classic format of a Ponzi scheme and pyramid scheme wrapped into one neat little scam package called FinCrypt Global software.

FinCrypt Global Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line at the end of the day is that FinCrypt Global software is a money thieving scam. It takes the form of some odd hybrid between BTC scam, Ponzi scheme, and pyramid scheme to steal as much money from you as possible!

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