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Here at Binary Options Army we do our best to stop binary options, CFD, Forex, and other scams in their tracks. Our job is to stop the scammers so they can’t steal their money. However, some of the scams out there are totally ruthless and they stop at nothing to rob as much money from as many people as possible. Whether from your debit or credit card, scamming brokers want it all. There are so many out there that we can’t possible stop them all. Scam brokers are dangerous, malicious, and will do nearly anything to get their greedy hands on your money. This is where an awesome service called My Chargeback comes into play. They help people who have already been scammed by these horrible brokers.

These brokers will keep adding charges to your credit cards, effectively maxing your credit card out and leaving you totally broke. That, or they simply drain your bank account of money. My Chargeback is a service that helps the victims of these scam brokers get their money back. Getting your money back from the scammers and settling credit card disputes with your bank is almost impossible on your own, but not when you have the help of My Chargeback on your side. These guys do a phenomenal job at assisting people who have gotten scammed by ill-meaning brokers. Let’s so a My Chargeback review right now so you know exactly who these guys are, what they do, and how they do it.




How Does My Chargeback Help?

You see, when you go to your bank and complain about fraudulent charges on your credit card or money missing from your bank account, they will try anything they can to ignore it. After all, they are banks and their goal is to make as much money as they possibly can, which means that they often ignore these kinds of problems. Also, banks follow very strict rules, regulations, and procedures when it comes to chargebacks. It takes a whole lot of time, effort, procedural nuances, and speaking the language of the banks in order to get your money back. Like we said before, this is not something that you can really do on your own all that well.

This is what My Chargeback does and they do it very well. Each case of debit or credit card fraud courtesy of these scam brokers is very unique and each case needs an individualized touch to resolve. My Chargeback consists of a huge team of financial, banking, investment, and fraud experts who tell the bank how it is in their own words. They follow the rules and procedures that the banks follow, they use the bank’s language, and they make the banks pay attention to your cases. My Chargeback does all of this so well that in most cases the banks simply have no other option than to give you your money back. If you have been scammed, you can get a free consultation with My Chargeback to see exactly what you can do about it.


My Chargeback & Getting Your Money Back

One thing that you need to beware of here is that there is not an unlimited amount of time for you to get your money back. You might have 90 days or as little as 30 days to file your complaint or report to get your money back. You can’t wait forever to do this, so as soon as your realize that you have been scammed, you need to go to My Chargeback in order to solve the problem. There are a few essential things that you need to do as well.

You need to assemble all of the documentation you can find in order to present a solid case to the bank. My Chargeback will review all of these documents in order to put together a case that the bank just cannot say no to. My Chargeback will then give you a questionnaire and you need to fill out all of the questions. Your answers need to be 100% honest and as concise as possible if you expect to get your money back. Remember folks, this chargeback process can last for several months, so for the highest chances of getting your money back, you need to initiate the process as early as possible.





My Chargeback – Other Important Points

My Chargeback is located in America, is registered in Delaware, and headquartered in New York. Even though this is an American company, their goals are global. They will help you get your money back from scamming Forex and binary options brokers whether you are in North or South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, or Oceania.

In terms of getting your money back, each case is a little different and needs to be handled as such. The chances of getting your money back are not always the same, but this does depend on how quickly you act and what kind of proof you have that you have been scammed.

To be clear, when it comes to credit card fraud, you might have up to 120 days to dispute it with your bank. However, when it comes to binary options services, My Chargeback has the ability to make disputes as long as 540 days after the original fraudulent transaction. Even if you authorized the payment, if the service was not provided, as is the case with scamming binary options services, you can still get your money back.

Just in case you were not aware, the bank which the scamming binary options broker has their account with is responsible for giving you your money back, not your own bank. Therefore, these disputes will not damage your relationship with your own bank.






My Chargeback – Conclusion

The bottom line is that we can’t possibly stop all of the scammers out there. Being scammed, whether on your debit or credit card, still happens way more often than it should. If this has happened to you and a binary options service has ripped you off, you need to contact My Chargeback as quickly as possible. The chances of getting your money back are very real!



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IMPORTANT: If you have any questions, issues or you experience any problems please email us and we will be glad to assist you. Our contact customer support email is: bin[email protected] If you register with this service from our website then you will always have our full free support in case you run into any issues or problems. Remember that you are not alone, with us you will always be safe!

To date, we have settled close to 2,000 trading disputes and we will not stop until we put every last scam out of business! If you have been cheated out of money or scammed by any fraudulent trading service, we encourage you to reach out to our complaint center for free help. If you need help, we will provide it for you!

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