Cryptosoft Review – Another Bitcoin Scam


Cryptocurrencies are exploding right now. There is no doubt about that. With the value Bitcoin recently reaching an all-time high of over $6000, it only makes sense that various criminals out there are going to try and take advantage of it. Just like there are a plethora of binary options and Forex trading scams, so are there tons of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency scams. The Cryptosoft trading app is one of those scam programs. Cryptosoft trading software claims to be headed by financial geniuses and they allege that you can generate over $5000 on a daily basis with it.

Yes, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others are drastically growing in value, but this does not mean that a shady program like Cryptosoft scam software will automatically be able to make money for you. Make no mistake about it. Cryptosoft software is a total rip off. It’s a scam just like all others out there and the sole purpose of it is to steal your money from you. Keep reading this Cryptosoft scam review because you do not want to miss a single vital piece of information about it. Just in case you do not know, this system has now merged with Device Authority, which is also a scam!




Who Is In Charge Of The Cryptosoft Scam?

On the main website, we are told that a man named Thomas Green is in charge of the Cryptosoft trading app. Apparently, he is the owner and CEO, something which is already highly irregular and unusual. However, the real problem we have is that we never see him in a video. We don’t see him in a picture either. This means that we really have no way of confirming who this Tom guy is, something that is to the advantage of the scammers running the show here.

We looked up this Thomas Green guy and we found no search results that relate to him except for those associated with this Cryptosoft scam. This man is not who he says he is and he is not to be trusted. In all reality you can rest assured that he is just a totally fictitious and made up character. He is being used as a scapegoat to hide the true identities of the scumbags looking to rip you off.


Cryptosoft Scam App & The Anonymity Problem

The fact of the matter is that providing trading signals, trading things like Bitcoin, and handling your money for the purposes of investment are all actions or activities that require strict financial regulation, oversight, and licensing. This is a big issue because the Cryptosoft app is totally anonymous.

Well, it is impossible for an anonymous trading system to have a license anywhere. It takes real people with real credentials to get a real license. Seeing as nobody has a clue as to who is in charge here, it is wholly impossible for this app to be licensed. In short, the Cryptosoft system has no business or legal authority to so much as smell the scent of your money, let alone trade with it.


Cryptosoft Trading App & The Broker Problem

Another huge red flag that arises from this problem of anonymity is that there is obviously no reliable broker connected to this app. Brokers themselves need to be licensed and regulated, which means that the legitimate and credible brokers of the world will only connect to equally legit and trustworthy trading apps. In other words, a real broker will only connect itself with licensed software. Since this software is clearly not licensed, the brokers involved simply can’t be either. The conclusion here is that there are scam brokers involved who are hell bent on stealing your money.





How Does The Cryptosoft App Work

Yet another clear indication that the Cryptosoft is a get rich quick scheme with the aim of stealing your money has to do with the inner workings of the program. The really suspicious thing here is that we are never told how this software works to generate cash for us. There have to be real trading strategies, investment methods, and overlaying algorithms involved. This is after all a totally automated program, which means that there is a lot of software engineering involved.

However, the crooks here absolutely neglect to tell us how this system works. This leads us to believe that Cryptosoft software does not in fact work at all. Real apps have real trading strategies, but that is not the case here. The point here is that we really don’t have a clue how this program works. It’s not because we don’t understand it, but because the scammers running the show simply don’t want to tell us. That, or they can’t tell us because there just isn’t anything to tell.


How Much Money Does Cryptosoft Software Claim To Generate?

The claim is that Cryptosoft trading software can generate a whopping $5000 per day, every single day. This is totally ridiculous and ludicrous to say the least. Even the best trading programs in the world cannot generate more than $1,000 per day, which is already pushing the boundaries. The unfortunate reality is that you will never become a millionaire using an automated trading service like this one. It just cannot be done.


Cryptosoft Review Conclusion

The bottom line is that Cryptosoft software is a scam. There is not a single legit thing about it nor is there a single shred of evidence which would put this crappy pile of trash in a favorable light!


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