Aurum Bank Review – Bogus HYIP Scam


Aurum Bank is another huge HYIP program claiming that it can make your filthy rich within a matter of weeks. In case you are not sure what an HYIP is, it stands for a high yield investment program. Essentially, the Aurum Bank is supposed to be a trading and exchange bank that does all of the work for you. As we are told, all you need to do is invest a small amount of money, the people at Aurum Bank will make trades for you, thus generating giant piles of cash that you can put right in your pocket.

Also, in case you did not know, the vast majority of HYIP programs are nothing more than fraudulent get rich quick schemes. In reality, you can rest assured that Aurum Bank is just a Ponzi scheme, using new money to pay old members small sums of money to keep them quiet. There is a lot of suspicious stuff going on here and even more unanswered questions. We’re here doing an Aurum Bank scam review and you definitely need to read it. This is a dangerous, malicious, and thieving program that wants nothing more than to steal as much money from you as humanly possible.

Aurum Bank Scam – How Does This HYIP Work?

Well, from what we have gathered, this program works through investment and trading. More or less, this is supposed to be like a hedge fund or other such high yield investment program. Supposedly you only need to invest a little bit of money and the people at the Aurum Bank will make very profitable trades for you and everybody else involved. Now, this may sound reasonable enough on the surface, but once you dig deeper down things look very different real quick.

These crooks claim to dabble in all kinds of trading from corn, wheat, textiles, and foods, all the way to oil, gold, and other such things. However, the big problem we have is that there is absolutely zero evidence of this so called bank ever making trades. There is never a mention of single trading strategy at all. Investing your money into some kind of fund is a real thing, but not when claims of making thousands of dollars per day are involved. To repeat ourselves, high yield investment programs are almost always scams without fail. They are Ponzi scams meant to rob you of your hard earned money and nothing else.

Aurum Bank Scam Program – Regulation/Licensing?

One of the really big red flags here has to do with the licensing and regulation required to do what thee clowns are claiming to do for you. Banking regulations all of the world are extremely strict. It takes years and years of legal dealings to even open a bank. It requires tons of permits, licenses, and a heck of a lot of regulation and oversight. However, we cannot find this Aurum Bank registered or licensed anywhere in the world.

Sure, this entity exists online, mainly in the form of a shoddy website, but locating the Aurum Bank anywhere else is wholly impossible. It would seem as though this is in fact not a real bank or investment program at all. It is not existent in any kind of business, banking, or investment company registry in the world. If you want to invest your money in a secure fund, go to a real big bank, some online scam like the Aurum Bank.

These scumbags have no licensing or regulation, which means that they are not legally allowed to handle your money, take your money, or make investments with it. This is totally beside the point that Aurum Bank obviously never invests your money anyway. It’s a Ponzi scheme, which automatically means that you will never see your money ever again.

Aurum Bank – Owners & Reps

Another clear indication that a scam is afoot here has to do with the owners and reps involved. We aren’t even going to get into the thick of it here, because all you need to know is that everybody who is allegedly involved with this scam is that they are not real. Ok, so the paid actor in the video is a real person, so are the other actors leaving reviews. And yes, the pictures of “satisfied users” are pictures of real people.

However, they are not genuine in the least. The so called owner and CEO of Aurum Bank is a paid actor reading a script he can’t even understand, which is also true for the paid actors in the user testimonial videos. The point we are making is that nobody who claims to be associated with this criminal enterprise is related to it in any way. Aurum Bank is headed by anonymous crooks looking to take advantage of you.

Aurum Bank – Clearly A Ponzi Scheme

The final thing that we really need to hammer home here is that Aurum Bank software is just a crappy Ponzi scheme. You invest, say, $5000, then you get a couple hundred bucks back the next week, but rest assured that you will never see any more money than that. We have gotten tons of complaints from people who claim that they can no longer withdraw their money.

It’s simply gone or their withdrawals are being denied. The fact that you might get a couple hundred bucks back a first but then nothing else in the future is a telltale sign that a Ponzi scheme is afoot. They simply take your investment, never make a single trade, and keep the rest for themselves.

Aurum Bank Review – Conclusion

The Aurum Bank app or software is a totally fraudulent rip off. There is not a single legit person or entity involved here. Everyone associated with this system is either a paid actor or a stolen stock image. Don’t trust this horrible HYIP scam because it’s nothing more than a lowdown Ponzi scheme!

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