BestCoinInv Review: Cryptocurrency Scam!


BestCoinInv software is supposed to be this revolutionary cryptocurrency system that is highly profitable. It is promised that we can earn up to 12% ROI on a daily basis simply by letting this program run for us. Sure, both BTC mining and cryptocurrency trading are great investment opportunities right now. These digital currencies are so volatile that they make for a great trading option at this point in time. The problem is that there are lots of scams out there and this BestCoinInv app is definitely one of them.

There are lots of false promises and downright lies concealed in this shady program. Being able to generate as much money as claimed by BestCoinInv software is only one of those boldfaced lies. We are here doing a BestCoinInv scam review and you absolutely need to hear what we have to say. The BestCoinInv trading app is confusing, it’s nonsensical, it’s malicious and dangerous, and it’s out to steal your money. Keep reading to find out about the very real threat posed to you by this criminally thieveing cryptocurrency program.

Is BestCoinInv Licensed To Mine & Trade?

The first apparent sign that BestCoinInv software is a rip off has to do with the company itself. Officially, these guys claim that the company name is BestCoinInv Limited, which does make sense. We did actually look these guys up and they do in fact have a company registration in the UK. Now, while BestCoinInv Limited is registered as a company, it is not actually registered or licensed with the FCA. The FCA is the Financial Conduit Authority, the body which is supposed to give crypto software like this a license to operate legally.

However, this scam is not licensed or registered with the FCA. This can mean one of two things.  Either the BestCoinInv app is performing BTC mining and trading illegally, with the full knowledge that they do not have a license. Or, it could mean that the BestCoinInv app never makes trades at all. It is our suspicion that this software is just an empty shell. It never makes trades at all. It is more or less an account where you deposit money, and when you do, the crooks on the other end drain it all out before you know what hit you.


Who Is In Charge Of BestCoinInv Trading Software?

There is also the fact that we are never provided with the name of a person or people who are running the show. Besides a company name, the BestCoinInv app appears to be totally anonymous. You should never trust an anonymous cryptocurrency trading app like this one. The reason being because once your money goes missing, which it inevitably will, there is no one for you to point the finger at.

This whole BestCoinInv Limited scheme, in terms of a company registration, is nothing more than a fake front to try and gain some legitimacy. The fact remains the same. BestCoinInv software is unregistered, it is unlicensed, it is anonymous, and it is not legally allowed to mine or trade any kind of cryptocurrency.  Rest assured folks, this whole thing is just a way to get ahold of your money!

BestCoinInv App – Totally Unsecure

One of the biggest telltale signs that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the security issues with BestCoinInv software. Now, don’t get it wrong, this is a scam and it is specially designed to steal money from you. As far as the crooks behind the BestCoinInv app are concerned, this is not a security issue, but a way to steal from you. However, from your end, you will definitely view this as a security issue. The problem is that you need to connect your Bitcoin wallet to make an initial deposit into this trading program. Also, your deposit needs to be made in Bitcoin.

The problem is that once you connect your BTC wallet to BestCoinInv software, the criminals behind it are totally free to empty it. These scumbags can literally empty your whole Bitcoin wallet the second you connect it to this fraudulent app. If this is not a problem then we honestly don’t know what the definition of a problem is. We have gotten tons of complaints from people who have had their BTC wallets totally drained by these fraudsters, so whatever you do, stay as far away from BestCoinInv software as humanly possible.

BestCoinInv App – Unrealistic Profits

Perhaps the biggest red flag here is that the profits promised to us are totally ridiculous and ludicrous. We are told that there are 3 investment tiers here which can provide you with 7%, 9%, and 12% ROI respectively. Sure, this sounds great, but it is also 100% impossible. Mind you, we are never informed of any trading strategies or algorithms here. It is implied that this is a BTC and crypto mining program, but there is also talk of trading. So, as far as we are concerned, BestCoinInv software is supposed to be a high yield investment program focused around BTC mining and trading at the same time.

Well, no matter if you are mining or trading BTC, making 12% ROI per day is totally unachievable. Sure, it would be awesome, but even the best trading programs in the world cannot muster those kinds of numbers. Think about it. This would translate to close to 400% ROI per month, something which is absolutely unheard of. Simply put, there is not a single BTC mining or trading system in the world that could ever achieve this, let alone one that offers us exactly zero explanation of how it works or what it really does. This high ROI also implies that BestCoinInv software is totally risk free to use. However, the risk of losing your investment is inherent in any kind of trading. The fact that BestCoinInv software guarantees huge profits is a clear cut sign that it is a scam!



BestCoinInv App Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that the BestCoinInv app is a total rip off. Stay as far away from BestCoinInv software as you can because its one and only purpose is to steal your money!

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