Ackman Capital Scam Review – RIP OFF??


The Ackman Capital app is supposed to be some high powered binary options and Forex trading tool, but it is anything but that. We go through a lot of BO scams and this has to be one of the most ridiculous ones out there so far. There are so many lies told by the real people behind the Ackman Capital scam that we don’t know where to begin. Allegedly, this software can help us generate several thousand dollars per day off of a minimal investment, all while being totally risk free to us. Does this sound too good to be true? Well it probably is. We’re here doing an Ackman Capital scam review to let you know about the inherent danger associated with this thieving system. There is a whole lot of shady stuff going on here, so get prepared and hold onto your hats folks.

The Ackman Capital Scam Demo Account

One of the first things you will notice about the homepage for this scam is the offer of a free $10,000 demo account. This demo account is supposed to let us use fake money to trade in real life markets. The intention of it, according to these scammers, is to show us exactly how Ackman Capital software functions in a real life trading scenario.

Of course, when you go to use this demo account, mostly all of the trades, like a serious majority of them, are overwhelming winners. People using the demo account will think that the software works the same way and that it is extremely profitable and reliable. However, the reality is very different. The Ackman Capital demo account is not meant to show the user what real trading with the program is like.

The whole demo thing is totally fake, it uses fake money, it takes place in a fake setting, and it uses signals that just are not real. Everything here is totally fabricated to trick you into thinking that the program works well. The truth is that you are being fooled by this trial or demo version. Don’t fall for it because it is just a shady marketing tactic.

Ackman Capital Software – Stealing Bill’s Name

There is no denying that Bill Ackman is a world renowned investor, hedge fund manager, and total financial guru. Bill, or William Ackman to be professional about it, is definitely the real deal, he’s a trading expert, and he definitely knows what he is doing. The big problem that we have, and that Bill has, is that he is not really associated with this trading app, not in any way, shape, or form. The real crooks behind this software know darn well that traders are familiar with Bill. They simply use his name in the hopes that people will blindly associate him with this scam, thus lending it some credibility and legitimacy.

On a related note, we don’t actually know who is behind this Ackman Captial Scam software. We are never shown a face or even hear any voice narration. Even if Bill were in charge, which he is not, we would have no way of confirming it. Sure, the site lists some phone numbers for this company, but they are totally fake as well. The people behind the scenes here just hope that we will accept the lie about Bill being in charge, even though he clearly is not.

Ackman Capital App & Financial Advice

Yet another disturbing aspect of this ridiculous thievery is how they advertise themsels as being financial advisors. Well, to be a financial advisor you have to have a business and finance degree. To provide people with financial advice you have to have a license. So, how much do you want to bet that nobody involved, which does not include Bill, has a financial degree of any sort? How much are you willing to be that these guys are fully licensed as financial advisors?

The long story made short is that nobody involved has any real credentials and are they legally allowed to provide financial advice. This is all beside the point that the advice provided to the user is totally bogus and useless. You could learn more about binary options trading by watching a monkey fling around its own feces. The advice given on the site makes no sense and is so vague that you couldn’t decipher its true meaning anyway.

Ackman Capital System & Associates

The Ackman Capital website claims that many big time and high profile financial institutions are directly involved with this app, or at least that they have supported it. They also claim that several big news outlets have openly backed this app. The funny thing is that nowhere are we ever told what institutions the Ackman Capital scam is associated with. Moreover, if you look up “Ackman Capital” on sites like Forbes, CNN, FOX News, CNBC, MSNBC, CBC, BBC, and countless others, you won’t ever find it. There is not a single financial institution or news outlet in the world that is even remotely associated with this scam, let alone took the time to give it legit backing.

Ackman Capital Scam Brokers

The final thing worth mentioning here is that none of the brokers involved with this BO app are in any way allowed to handle your money. To be exact, there is only one broker available for use, which is undoubtedly a bad sign. You never want to be forced to use a specific broker because chances are that it’s a scam. The broker here is neither regulated nor licensed, which is a sure fire sign that a scam is afoot.


Ackman Capital Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that Ackman Capital software is total rip off without a shadow of a doubt. It cannot generate the profits it promises, it has stolen its name from a businessman that has nothing to do with it, it uses scam brokers, the demo is a total joke, and everything else we are told is nothing more than a boldfaced lie.


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