Seven Figure Cash Code Scam Review


The Seven Figure Cash Code is a brand new binary options scam that will rip you off without a shadow of a doubt. It just got released, but it has already taken quite the toll on hundreds of people. The story goes that you can get access to the Seven Figure Cash Code app for just ninety seven dollars. Then, after you deposit your 250 into your account, this program can supposedly generate over $1,000 per day, every single day of the week. Seven Figure Cash Code software is allegedly risk free to you the user, which would mean that there is no chance of you losing any money.

All of these claims are totally unrealistic, wholly unachievable, and absolutely unbelievable. Nothing we are told about this crappy Seven Figure Cash Code is not true, credible, or legitimate in any way, shape, or form. All of the info we do have about this low grade program does not point in a good direction at all. We did a whole lot of digging around and snooping about, the results of which undoubtedly confirm that Seven Figure Cash Code software is a scam, a scheme, and a money thieving fraud. Keep reading our Seven Figure Cash Code scam review because you need to hear what we have to say about it.

Who Is In Charge Of The Seven Figure Cash Code Scam?

The first indication that the Seven Figure Cash Code app is totally fraudulent is that we are never provided any credible info about who is in charge. Yes, there is a presentation video, but all we get there is some voice narration. Heck, the narrator never even tells us what his name is, or even his fictitious name. He simply talks the whole time without providing any pertinent details about the owner of this program, a company that stands behind it, or even any contact info.

The Seven Figure Cash Code app is a totally anonymous binary options trading system. This is a huge problem in our eyes. There is no reason for the people to stay anonymous, well, if they are legit anyway. The only excuse these crooks could have for keeping their identities hidden is because they know darn well that their actions are fraudulent and illegal. Simply put, if their true names were ever discovered, they would go right to jail. NEVER TRUST AN ANONYMOUS TRADING SERVICE!

How Does The Seven Figure Cash Code App Work?

We definitely do not have a good answer to this question, mainly because the clowns running the show never really tell us. Well, they do tell us, sort of, but it is totally convoluted and nonsensical. This is supposed to be a binary options and Forex trading app. However, the explanation behind it is that it works through the effect of leverage and the multiplication of invested assets. This sentence alone doesn’t make any sense in regards to binary options. In the very next scene, we are told that we get to keep a commission for selling the products retailed by Seven Figure Cash Code scam software. So, we just went from a BO program to one that we use to sell something?

This makes no sense at all because retail and selling crap products has nothing to do with binary options, nothing at all. There is also the issue of not knowing what products are for sale. They tell us that we get a commission from sales, but what we are supposed to sell remains a mystery. Then, the problem of getting website traffic and having a good marketing sales plan comes into the equation too. If this were a normal BO trading platform, we would say that we want to know about the algorithms and trading strategies involved. However, according to the website, even though it is advertised as a BO service, it’s just a website that sells snake oil.

Seven Figure Cash Code Scam Software – Profits?

Another red flag which shows that a scam is afoot is the lie about being able to make one thousand dollars per day, every day, without any risk to the user. First off, since we are told that we get a commission from sales, not from trading, it is unclear to us how these idiots could guarantee $1,000 ROI from trading when the Seven Figure Cash Code system obviously never trades at all. If what we are told is true, this program makes you sell stuff, not trade with binary options, and thus generating money from successful trades simply does not apply here.  

Moreover, even if this were a legit BO trading app that actually executed trades, pulling in $1,000 per day is a very tall order, not impossible, but unrealistic to say the least. There is also the fact that this ludicrous system claims to be able to trade on the weekend. Well, markets are closed on the weekend and that is as true as two plus two. Even more ridiculous is the claim of trading being risk free to users. Trading is never risk free because the risk of losing your investment is always present in any and every kind of trading. Not even the best system in the world can get around that. Everything about this system is totally weird, and whatever is not weird is just a downright boldfaced lie!

Seven Figure Cash Code Scam & Other Disturbing Info

There are a couple of other things which we discovered about this scam software that you need to know about.

  • Any and all user testimonials you see on the website are one hundred percent fictitious, fake, and completely fabricated. It’s all stolen stock photos and poorly written lies.
  • There is not a reliable broker in sight. The brokers involved with this scam have the express intent of stealing your money, not helping you make it.




Seven Figure Cash Code Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only viable conclusion that we can come to is that Seven Figure Cash Code is a total rip off. It’s meant to steal money from you. Run for the hills and don’t turn around because the Seven Figure Cash Code app is looking to exterminate your bank account!


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