Retired Millionaire Scam Review – Real?


The Retired Millionaire app is a total rip-off that you need to be weary of. As the story goes, Retired Millionaire software is headed by a retired trading genius, it can create $500 in profits every day, it’s risk free to the user, and totally reliable. Apparently this software is so easy to use and so effective that even a baboon could profit using it. Now, the Retired Millionaire trading app is actually one of the more subtle and low key scams out there, but a scam none the less.

Telling us that we can make $500 per day is not at all unreasonable when it comes to binary options trading. In fact, that number is on the low end of what we would expect a good BO trading system to be able to pull in. However, this is all just a big trick meant to lure in newbies. Regardless of what the promised profits are, you will never see a single penny in ROI if you invest with this thieving scheme. We’re here doing a Retired Millionaire scam review and it’s not to clear its name of wrongdoing! We found a whole lot of evidence which clearly indicates that this program is nothing more than your run of the mill binary options scam.

Greg Larson - The Man Behind The Retired Millionaire Plan

The first red flag that came our way in regards to Retired Millionaire scam software is that the owner is an obvious phony. Greg Larson is the man who narrates the presentation video for this vicious thievery. Notice how we say narrates? This is because we never get to see his face, only hear his voice. As soon as we encounter voice narrators we become very suspicious real fast. The only reason for there to be narration instead of a real person is because the real people behind the scam don’t want to be discovered.

They know what they are doing is highly illegal and fraudulent, so they choose to stay hidden in the shadows of anonymity in order to avoid legal prosecution. They do this by using Greg the scapegoat. We know that Greg isn’t just camera shy and would rather not show his face. The reason he doesn’t show himself is so we can’t bust his identity for being fake. We know for a fact that Mr. Larson is a fictitious character. He claims to be a long time investment guru with millions of dollars, yet there is no mention of him anywhere. This man may as well be a ghost, which is more than enough to make us pack or bags and send us running for the hills.

How Does The Retired Millionaire App Work?

Yet another odd bone of contention we have with this scam is in regards to its inner workings. Yes, we are told that we can use Retired Millionaire software totally risk free and generate a guaranteed five hundred dollars per day. However, the problem here is that we are never told how this is done. These crooks tell is that they have the best and fastest trading software around. This statement is really vague, general, and doesn’t mean anything at all.

Saying we are the best, without having any proof or even an explanation of why it is the best, at the very least, is totally meaningless. We want to know what trading strategies are being adhered to, what trading methods are in place, and what the underlying and overlying algorithms do. Saying that Retired Millionaire software is the best trading service without any legitimate explanation does not cement our trust in it. We can’t possible trust this service or see it as reliable and legit when the anonymous owners neglect to give us any pertinent info on how it works!

Retired Millionaire Scam Software & Scam Brokers

Yet another indication that a scam is afoot here has to do with the obviously shady brokers involved. We did a good deal of digging and snooping. It did not take long for us to figure out that there is only one single broker being used here. Whenever you are forced to use one specific broker, you need to turn around and walk the other way. The only reason to force you to choose one specific broker is because there are malicious intentions in the air.

In fact, based on our research, we came to the conclusion that the Retired Millionaire is both unregulated and unlicensed. These guys have no legal business handling your money. They are located in areas of the world where the lack of laws regarding foreign investment renders them immune to any kind of legal recourse on your part. Simply put, these brokers will drain your trading account and there is not a darn thing that you will be able to do about it!


Retired Millionaire Trading Software & More Alarming Facts

There are quite a few other alarming details that you need to know about when it comes to this horrible and malicious trading service known as the Retired Millionaire app.

  • Something else that quickly came to our attention is that the Retired Millionaire testimonials and user reviews are obviously fabricated. The names used are bogus and the pictures of the people are nothing more than stolen stock photos.
  • The owners of the Retired Millionaire scam lied about the creation date. The website was first registered on Jan 8/2017. However, bank statements from “successful trades” show dates as early as 2016. These clowns can’t even keep their lies straight!
  • People have complained that making withdrawals is wholly impossible. Once you deposit money into your account, you can rest assured that it will disappear in a matter of minutes.



Retired Millionaire Scam Review Conclusion

The bottom line is that the Retired Millionaire program is nothing more than a low down trick, a bogus scheme meant to steal money from you. It has no intention of helping you become rich and every intention of robbing you blind!


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