Lexington Code Trading System Full Unbiased Review

Lexington Code Trading System Full Unbiased Review

# Guest Review by Alex Grimshaw

Who is Alex Grimshaw

Hi, My name is Alex Grimshaw. I have been trading Binary Options & Forex since 2012 and up until now I have tested large number of binary options autotraders and signals services. I am proud to be a guest blogger here today once more. Just to let you know I have done in-depth research about this new binary options autotrading system named LEXINGTON CODE; Continue reading this honest review where I will reveal you all the details regarding this new trading bot from different angle. You are also welcome to visit my website investing-news.net.

The Lexington Code.com is brought to us by Mr. Michael Lexington himself, a trusted financial expert who has gone out of his way to create an awesome binary trading program for us to use. Of course we can’t take anything that anyone on the internet says at face value, so naturally we decided that it was no less than necessary to do a Lexington Code scam review.
If you have never traded in the binary options world you should definitely be careful because there are a great many scam artists out there, all of which are looking to rob you blind. However once in blue moon we manage to come across a good piece of trading software, and it seems that this time we have struck gold with The Lexington Code trading program.

This is one of those rare occasions where we actually came to a positive conclusion, one in which we recommend that you give The Lexington Code a try for yourself. Money is easy come and easy go and with The Lexington Code the money comes to you easier than ever. Continue reading to learn how! 

Origins and Story Behind Lexington-Code

To begin we should probably give you the little story that we are told in the presentation video. Michael Lexington is the CEO and owner of The Lexington Code trading software. Michael was for a very long time a professional trader and financial expert who was able to make some pretty big bucks in a variety of trading types, mostly on the general stock market and through binary options.

He then took this love for binary options, an industry which he seemed to be very successful in, and wanted to create a program for the average Joe to use to make some money. Of course Michael had no idea of how to program anything on a computer, let alone create a fully functioning binary trading algorithm.
Thus Michael turned to his friend Barry Storyk, who is a graduate of MIT and of Boston University where he earned a degree in programming, and together they set out to create a revolutionary new type of trading platform, one that would use some very unique, yet reliable strategies to make a plethora of winning trades day after day.
Together these two men created The Lexington Code auto trading program, a piece of software that has the ability to generate at least $500 per day, every day. Moreover, Michael told us that he now needs beta testers who would get free spots and would be able to use The Lexington Code for free for the remainder of their lives, now that is awesome!

Lexington Background Story Legitimate or Not?

To be clear, this is the kind of story that we hear all of the time in terms of binary options trading programs, but usually they are completely full of it, yet this time we are pretty sure that the opposite is in fact the case.
What we mean to say is that as you will see from our in depth analysis below, the Lexington Code appears to be a fairly credible, trustworthy, and profitable binary options trading platform that anybody should be happy to use, according to subscribers and actual users. 

The Men Behind It All

Something that definitely makes the Lexington Code legitimate and trustworthy in nature is that everything about the men behind it checks out without question. First off, we did some research on Michael Lexington himself and the results were quite positive.
He was not lying when he said that he worked in the financial industry before starting the Lexington Code program, plus we even found his old place of employment and were able to confirm that he did in fact work there for a number of years.

Moreover we also found a few biographies about him online, we found a multitude of search results, and we even found his Facebook profile. What this tells us is that Michael Lexington is not just some paid actor who was hired by a bunch of crooks to slick talk us into forking over our money.
Then when it comes to Barry Storyk, the lead programmer, the story is exactly the same and just as positive. Once again, we did some digging on him and we checked whether or not he actually went to MIT for aerospace engineering, and we also checked if he went to the University of Boston to study computer programming. Well, Barry is indeed an alumnus of both schools, thus his credentials definitely check out.

We can’t tell you if these two are the smartest men alive or if they are good people when it comes to their personal lives, but we can tell you that they are who they say they are, they are legit guys who came together to make a functioning automatic trading platform for you and me to use.
We never want to have to invest money with a program when we don’t really know who is behind it, but luckily that problem is non-existent when it comes to The Lexington Code trading system.

Beta Testers Wanted

Of course an application like the Lexington Code needs some testing before a mass number of people start using it and luckily enough, there have already been tests done on it for the last 9 months, all of which show that Lexington Code software is indeed profitable.
These guys are however so thorough in their search for perfection that they now want some beta testers to do some initial trial runs before The Lexington Code goes fully public. What this means is that there are a limited amounts of spots available to people who get some added bonuses for being the first people to sign up with it.
When it comes to money making money, or in this case a computer program that generates money, you really can’t go wrong with getting some bonuses just for being an early bird that caught the worm.  If you are interested in this software then click on official registrations button below this article (spots are limited!) As you remember previous software named “Swarm-Intelligence” was so profitable and successful, they were only Open to new registrations for 1 week only. Make sure you don’t miss your free spot with Lexington Code!

The Secret Of Lexington Code – Diversification

Perhaps the thing that we like the most about Lexington Code trading program is the way in which it functions. On a side note, we are very happy to be in possession of some very privileged information, which has to do with how Lexington Code works. We don’t mean that Michael Lexington doesn’t reveal how it works to everybody, or that he only revealed it to us, we mean that his explanation is not just some convoluted mess.
Usually when it comes to binary options scams the explanation as to the inner workings of the program are so confusing, shoddy, full of errors and lies, and full of financial rhetoric, that figuring out how the program works is near impossible. However when it comes to The Lexington Code trading system, the way it works is very well explained.
More or less, unlike other binary trading programs that make several big trades, Lexington code makes a whole lot of little trades. This trading strategy is called diversification and it is a strategy that professionals have been using for a very long time, yet this is one of the first times that a binary options program like this has used diversification as its main trading strategy.

Don’t get us wrong because that is not a bad thing at all. Diversification is a time tested trading strategy that tends to yield optimal results, especially when compared to making just a few bigger trades. The chances of losing money with a ton of small trades are drastically reduced, which is exactly what The Lexington Code does.
On the other hand, if a program only makes a few big trades, if one trade loses, then you lose a whole lot of money. Financial experts and analysts from around the world agree that this diversification strategy is the best out there when it comes to risk management. There is also the fact that you can always accept or deny any given trade that The Lexington Code proposes to make, thus giving you a large amount of control over what goes on.

Legitimate & Regulated Brokers Supported

Yet another thing that we definitely need to mention when it comes to Lexington Code trading software is that it uses legitimate brokers which are trusted and reputable. If you didn’t already know, the brokers which any trading platform uses are a very important aspect that will determine the big picture of things.
Brokers can be one of two things. They can be legitimate companies or individuals that work out of well-regulated areas, areas which will punish the brokers under the fullest extent of the law if they do any messing around.
The other type of brokers are those that work out of financial havens where laws are not in your, the trader’s, favor, places where they won’t necessarily get punished if they decide to drain your trading account of all of your funds.
Well we are happy to tell you that The Lexington code only uses the first type of broker that we mentioned, which are of course the legitimate ones that operate within the confines of the law, brokers that aren’t just going to steal your money right out from under your nose.

The Lexington Code – Simple To Use

The next thing that makes us really like The Lexington Code as the next big binary trading platform is that it is extremely simple to use. When it comes to binary trading platforms, many of them are extremely complicated to use, but that is not because they are meant for beginners.
They tend to be complicated so that people get so fed up with them that they just leave their money in the account and give up.
Well, The Lexington Code program is definitely not hard to use, and if you can tie your own shoes, then you can use this software. You just need to sign up, make at least minimum deposit with your assigned broker, and access the user interface to start your binary trading adventure. Then simply click on “Autotrading Mode ON” or use manual signals provided by the software and place trades manually on your brokers platform. If you are a newbie then I would suggest you to use only Autotrading Mode. With autotrading mode all trades will be placed and executed for you completely automatically because all technical & fundamental analysis will be done by the software itself.  Lexington Code is perfect for those who are willing to generate extra income from home even though you don’t have any trading experience. 

A Convincing Presentation Video

Generally speaking, when we are confronted with binary options scams, we are faced with some of the world’s worst presentation videos, or in reality, sales pitches. However that is not the feel that we get from Michael and The Lexington Code video.
Scams always have these horrible low budget presentation videos that look like they were made by a child, often being full of cartoons and animated characters, hand drawn diagrams, voice actors, and they just give us the feeling that absolutely no effort was put into making them.
That’s not what we get with the Lexington Code video though, because everything seems to be spot on. There are no voice actors, no paid actors, no annoying graphics, no animations, and over all we would deem this to be a fairly high budget production.
Of course this speaks towards the reputability and honesty of these guys, because when people use some serious cash just to put together a presentation video, then chances are that there is really something to it. The high quality presentation video that we are shown for The Lexington Code is definitely a convincing aspect that we cannot ignore.

Profits & ITM Winning Performance Rate

The next thing that helps us feel fairly confident in The Lexington Code trading system is that it has a realistic claim of profits that it can generate.
Ok, so don’t get us wrong here, when Michael Lexington tells us that his software can generate up to 5,000 dollars per day, which is probably over stepping it a little bit (depending how much you invest per each trade), but we can definitely assure you that The Lexington Code can generate 500 dollars per day. $500 dollar a day generation rate is not unheard of, and in fact is somewhat on the low end of things. Remember that profits amount will depend on investment per trade and market volatility. According to other users it has been proven that Lexington Code generates over 85% ITM win rate performance. This means that with minimum investment of $250 you can easily generate few hundred dollars per day in profits. 

Lexington Code – Legit User Testimonials

What helped to further convince us of the legitimacy of The Lexington Code is how they feature completely real user testimonials. Usually these binary scams will pile on a bunch of fabricated testimonials written by the very same people who are trying to steal your money, all in an effort to convince you that others have already been successful with it.
However that is not so with the Lexington Code program, because we did dome very deep digging and came to the great conclusion that everyone who wrote testimonials on its behalf were not paid to do so, nor were they fake people. Everything about the user testimonials seems to be A-OK.

Industry Standard Authentication

The final thing that should quickly be mentioned is that The Lexington Code does in fact have a certificate of authentication from a reputable English banking firm and accounting company.
In other words, these guys dug into the trades that were made by The Lexington Code since the beginning of its existence and they verified that everything is up to standard, that there is no fraud going on, and that the program does indeed work and generate profits. 
When it comes to needing verification that a program works, there is no better way than to get that authentication from a trusted third party, which is exactly what The Lexington Code has gotten.

The Lexington Code Scam Review: CONCLUSION

When it comes to Lexington Code trading system and everything that involves, we can confidently say that we believe in its power of profitability. Every piece of information that we have found about this trading program is positive, most reviews are good, the people behind it check out as authentic people, and the profits are definitely realistic too. There are none of those red flags that other binary scams usually come with, and that is definitely a good sign. As mentioned before according to other users it has been proven that Lexington Code generates over 85% ITM winning rate performance. This means that with minimum investment of $250 you can easily generate few hundred dollars per day in profits. If you want to start trading in the binary options world and need an easy, reliable, and profitable program to help you with it, The Lexington Code is a great place to start no doubt. Click on banner below to check it out!


If you decide to register with ™Lexington Code from our blog then you will automatically receive our full FREE SUPPORT in case you run into any issues or problems or you are not happy with the results, we will always help you. Remember that you are not alone, we will always assist you, we always reply to all our emails. Remember that Lexington Code has only limited spots available and their doors will be closed soon. Same thing happened with Swarm-Intelligence software which closed their doors to new registrations already after 1 week. Lexington Code is perfect alternative to Swarm Intelligence software. (Don’t miss your spot this time).

Thank you for reading our binary options review. Subscribe to our blog in order to be fully protected and to be up to date with all binary options services out there. Additionally please share and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. See you next time! Lexington customer support email is:[email protected]

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