The Rubix Project Trading System Scam Review


Brian Morgan is the scam artist who brings us the Rubix Project app and he has no qualms about stealing your money. The Rubix Project trading system is a brand new binary options automated trading platform that has recently become available to the public. Almost as soon as it was released we started receiving many angry complaints from people, people who had invested large sums of money and lost it all without any real explanation.

There are many dubious claims made by Rubix Project software such as being able to earn no less than $10,000 per day, every day. That is not the only ridiculous promise made to use, but it certainly is the most ludicrous one. Brian Morgan tells us that this is the world’s only software that never loses, yet another unsubstantiated and completely unrealistic claim meant to trick us into complacency.

This trading program is nothing more than a cheap hastily put together scam meant to rob you of all your money. This is why we are doing a Rubix Project scam review, to warn you of the mass danger that comes with investing money with this bogus software.

  • ITM Rate: ZERO
  • Profits: NONE
  • Brian Morgan: Phony
  • Risk of Loss: 100%

Can We Trust Brian Morgan?

At first glance Brian Morgan seems like a pretty decent guy, but looks can be very deceiving, as is the case here. Brian gives us thing long spiel about how awesome his program is, how it never loses trades, how it can generate 10,000 bucks a day, and how this is your opportunity to make an investment of a life time. All of these claims are bogus of course.

To make us feel bad for him, Brian Morgan gives us this completely ridiculous sob story about how he had a really hard life, about how some woman stole his money, how he lost his job, and how he got robbed by several fraudulent binary options trading platforms. None of this has anything to do with the trading platform itself.

It’s just a lame made up story meant to tug at the strings of our heart. He wants us to think that such a gentle man who got screwed over could never do the same to others, but oh boy, are you wrong. It is also pretty hard to feel sorry for a guy when he at the same time proclaims how Rubix Project software generated a neat 86 million dollars for him in the last few years.

The whole feeling sorry for Brian part all becomes totally irrelevant when we consider the fact that Brian is not at all who he says he is. The only search results we could come up with that had Brian Morgan’s name in them were all in relation to this Rubix Project scam. Other than that we couldn’t find any other results or concrete evidence that this Brian character is a genuine personality. What we know for sure is that Brian is just a paid actor, not the CEO or creator of the Rubix Project app.


Other Scam Artists – Rubix Project Scam



What also needs to be mentioned is that we are also confronted with 2 other well-known scam artists in the Rubix Project presentation video, one of which is a man who claims to be named Jimmy Reese. Both of the “financial analysts” shown in the video are people who we have already busted as being fraudulent personalities before.

Jimmy Reese and the other scammer have shown their dirty lying faces in a number of other binary options scams which we have already busted. These scams include NAVSTAR TRADER and SOWELSTACE FINANCIAL, both which we have confirmed to be nothing more than thieving schemes.

Rubix Project & Profits… WHAT PROFITS???

Perhaps the most obvious lie that this Brian Morgan scammer tries to shove down our throats over and over again is that a small investment of 250 bucks can be turned into $10,000 every single day using Rubix Project software. A small investment could never provide you with those kinds of profits, it is literally impossible to increase your investment by 40x, either in one single day or even in a whole month of year.

The reason you have never heard of anyone making 10,000 bucks in a single day, except for a lawyer or brain surgeon, is because it just is not possible. Even the best trading programs in the world can only muster something like a 75 – 85 percent profit margin on any investment on any given day. That would be something like a 200 dollar profit on a 250 dollar investment, which is clearly nowhere near $10,000. Don’t be fooled, Rubix Project trading software will not generate $10,000 per day, or any money for that matter.

Rubix Project ….. WORLD’S ONLY NO LOSS SOFTWARE?!?!?

Just as insane as the $10,000 a day promise, is the promise that Rubix Project software never makes a single losing trade. To keep it short and simple, the market functions because some people win and some lose. If everyone used Rubix Project software, and everybody only won all of their trades, the market would completely collapse in a matter of hours.

That is simply not how trading works. Some people have to win and some have to lose. Sure, there are good trading programs out there, ones that can achieve an 85% accuracy rate, but that is as high as it gets. Unless the algorithms behind this software can literally tell the future, there is no way it could ever win all of the trades it makes.

Rubix Project – Mass Complaints

The last thing we want to touch on is how we and other binary options specialists from around the world have received a plethora of complaints regarding the Rubix Project app. These complaints range from Rubix Project software being nonsensical and extremely hard to use, to there being absolutely no customer service, and the worst of all complaints, that the program simply drains your trading account without reason. Of course the reason your account gets drained is because the shady brokers running the show need a new pair of Nike running shoes, and your investment is the perfect source for their shoe addiction.

Rubix Project Scam Review Conclusion

There is no good reason to trust Brian Morgan or Rubix Project software, let alone to actually invest money in this bogus software. The Rubix Project app is nothing but junk programming with the express purpose of emptying your trading account of all money you have deposited. Stay away from this horrible trading application because we guarantee that you won’t be happy with the results, not in the least.

If you actually want to invest with a great automated binary options trading program, you would be wise to check out Nuvo Finance. Nuvo Finance has been personally tested and re-tested by our qualified group of binary options experts. We have seen some truly amazing results with Nuvo Finance, with an average ITM rate of 85% and daily profits ranging from $600 to $900.


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