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The Knievel Money trading system has to be one of the most ridiculous binary options scams that we have seen all year. This binary options automated trading platform claims to be able to generate $1,000 dollars of profits every 10 minutes at the very minimum, with maximum profits ranging up to 1,300 dollars every 10 minutes. Everything about Knievel Money software is clearly a lie, and that goes for the profits, the ITM rate, the way it works, as well as the fraudulent personality which claims to be behind it.

There is not a single good reason to trust this money stealing scheme because it is nothing more than an account you deposit money into, money which is then stolen from you by the criminals running the show. We have some very surprising things to tell you about the Knievel Money program, which is why we are here to do a Knievel Money scam review, to let you know exactly why you need to stay away from this bogus app at all costs.

The Man Behind Knievel Money Software – JASON EVANS THE CROOK

The first thing that absolutely needs to be mentioned about Knievel Money software is that we have no idea who is truly behind it. Sure, in the presentation video we are greeted by a man who claims to be named Jason Evans.

Now, the real problem here is that we never get to see his face. We only ever get to hear Jason Evans’ voice through voice over narration. We have no way of confirming what this guy actually looks like, something which makes it easy for these crooks to get away with scamming you. We of course tried doing some research into Jason Evans’ background, but the results that came up were not very promising, especially because he tells us nothing of value about himself.

We literally don’t know a single thing about this Jason character, and the only thing that helps us do is reaffirm the fact that Knievel Money software is clearly a scam. In fact, the only results we managed to find about Jason were in relation to this very scam. The only conclusion that we can come to is that Jason is just a paid voice actor who was hired to read a bad script that barely makes any sense.

How Is Knieval Money Software Supposed To Generate Profits?

We aren’t really given much information in terms of how Knievel Money software actually generates money. In the presentation video, the scam artist named Jason Evans, does not really tell us anything of value in terms of the inner workings of this trading app. All he tells us is that the Knievel Money app can generate ludicrous profits ranging from $1,000 to $1,300 every 10 minutes.

Besides telling us lies about the profits that this system can make, he never informs us how it does so. When we are told that a program like the Knievel Money program can generate such high profits we of course want to know how it does that. This trading app would have to use some very sophisticated algorithms to achiever those kinds of clearly impossible results.

Since we are never told what the program does, what signals it trades with, what types of trades you can do with it, what the algorithm does, or what trading strategies it uses, we have no choice but to declare that Knievel Money is a scam. Those are all vital aspects of any program and if we don’t know them, then there is no chance that we would ever trust our money with Knievel Money software.

The Knievel Money Scam – Impossible Profits & ITM Rate

Yet another thing that helps us confirm that this program is nothing more than a money stealing scam is how we are promised such ridiculous profits, promises made by Jason Evans, a man who we have busted as being a phony paid actor. We are informed that Knievel Money software can generate a whopping 1,300 dollars every 10 minutes and it can do so 7 days per week.

So, have you ever heard of a binary options trading program that can muster those kinds of results? We sure have not. The bottom line is that even the best automated trading platforms can generate a maximum of $800 per day, which is a mere fraction of what Knievel Money software claims to be able to make. There is no way that such a trading device could ever come up with something like 50,000 dollars in a day.

Should we also mention that markets are not open 7 days per week, only 5? Anybody who knows a thing or two about trading will automatically spot this as being a total lie. Moreover, Jason tells us that Knievel Money software has a 100 percent ITM rate, which would mean that it never makes losing trades.

Well, that claim is just as unfounded as the claim of being able to generate $1,300 every 10 minutes. There is no way, even if hell froze over and pigs began to fly, that any trading program could completely remove the risk of losing a trade which is inherent in the world of binary trading. Simply put, there is no program in the world that can ensure that you never lose a trade, and that is a solid fact.

The Knievel Money Scam Review Conclusion

If there is one thing that we can say for certain about Knievel Money software, it is that it is clearly a scam. This junk software does not have one single outside third party endorsement, but it certainly has a ton of complaints. Moreover, it uses completely unverified and unlicensed brokers with the express intent of emptying your trading account. Knievel Money software is represented by a fictitious character who promises you vast riches with absolutely no guarantee of security. The one and only thing that Knievel Money software will do is rob you of your hard earned cash.

If you would actually like to engage in binary trading and want to use a verified program with proven results, you might want to try using Nuvo Finance. Nuvo Finance is an exceptionally great binary trading program that has been personally tested by our team of experts. Our experts have managed to profit by around $800 per day using this program, plus they have experienced ITM rates that average around 85%.


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