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  1. chris nawara says:

    I tried to sign up and says me email already exist in there system and I haven’t signed up before as I’ve done a lot of research first please help thanks

    • Binary Options Army says:

      They only accept particular amount of new members per day. Try again tomorrow and you should be able to register then. If you still have issues then email us and we will help you.

  2. patty says:

    I registered with binadroid software and they asign me binaryroom
    365. Please, is this broker trustworthy or legit. I do not want to invest yet I want to be sure, before investing. Thanks

    • Binary Options Army says:

      Hi, no they are not trusted broker. Email us and we will help you to get different broker, thanks.

  3. Adrian says:

    I’m really interested in Binadroid after that review and also after watching your video on YT. Already sent you an email about that and after this weekend I will definitely try this.

  4. Peter Bojars says:

    I made my second withdrawal on Thursday. So far very impressed with ITM performance to be honest, it didnt drop below 80%, very happy.

  5. Kostiks Juris says:

    Good review. After I read you are helping many people to deal with scams I think am signing up with Binadroid. keep up the good work Army.

  6. Robert Kolya says:

    Signed up 2 weeks ago with $200. I made first withdrawal of $670, got it approved today, sweet :-)

  7. brian says:

    Is trade Thunder one of the brokers available with the bina droid app ?

  8. youssef says:

    Hi guys
    Im very intersting with this autotrader and would like to start from tomorow but i see that you didnt give any report from more than 2 weeks
    Is there a problem?
    Thank u

  9. charles salter says:

    .I saw the same video on this software and was skeptical of it, please keep us updated on this binadroid system.It was a good review and I am still skeptical of it. I am glad that you can pick your own broker like optionrobot.com that is a good sign to me. have a great day.

  10. Natalie says:

    So with BinaDroid you can actually choose your own broker? That is certainly a first for auto-traders!!

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