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Today we are back with updated review regarding NEO2 binary options autotrader. We are here to TEST this service and to determine whether- NEO2 software bot  is legitimate or FAKE SCAM trading service? Also can NEO2 really generate profits, if yes then how much?  For those who didn’t read our previous NEO2 in-depth review and didn’t watch our live trading videos on YouTube please continue reading this NEO2 Square performance review where we will reveal everything you need to know in relation to this unique and fishy looking autotrading system which was released last week.  

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We received a ton of emails from readers asking us to write an updated review about NEO2 and it’s ITM performance rate, we also received countless questions related to technical issues and many other aspects. That’s why we are here today to reveal all this on open for you guys.  

Why NEO2? 

What’s different about bot is that it takes into consideration convergence of weather predictions combined together with trading algorithms. In more simple terms NEO2 is analyzing weather forecast as well as past trading patterns to determine future price. Nothing like this has been ever done before; This is 1st ever binary options autotrading software that combines both technical and weather fundamentals together. Once we heard about it we undertook in-depth research after which we are confident to say : “NEO2 is NOT a scam trading service”. Real people are behind this trading system app and they all have been verified. The main person when it comes to NEO2 is Mr. Michael Freeman. He is one of the creator of NEO2, he also appears to have the largest Binary Options YouTube channel. Ok, this all might sound great, but does NEO2 square really work? 

As you may know that 99% of all autotrading services turn out to be complete scams, unfortunately this is the hard truth. Although we can’t say this about NEO2 software system. Continue reading to find out more.  

Our Experience 

Due to the fact we were not able to blacklist this fishy looking trading platform as all their provided details are legitimate and verified,  we had no choice but to try it out ourselves. So, that’s exactly what we did. We visited NEO2 official sign-up registrations page , we entered our name and email address after which we were brought to 2nd sign-up page. We are not sure why but second NEO2 registrations page also asked us to enter our name and email. After doing so we were re-directed to the actual official trading platform. Once we logged into platform autotrader automatically assigned us to the broker.  

-After our research we found out that every new trader will be assigned to different broker depending on their country & location. For example if you are from Germany, you will be assigned to a broker that has German speaking customer support etc.-  

In our case we got assigned to UKoptions broker. Furthermore in order to activate NEO2 software bot we were required to make our first deposit. Minimum first deposit will again depend on your broker, for instance UKoptions first deposit cannot be less than $250. This is absolutely understandable due to the fact that first deposit of $200-$250 is known as Forex & Binary options industry standard. There are other brokers that require smaller deposit amount, for more information please visit our Top Trusted Brokers list or Email us and we will guide you how to change the broker. 

Moving on, after our first deposit our NEO2 binary autotrader was fully synchronized to our assigned UKoptions broker and we were able to start trading. Below you can take a look at NEO2 square platform. In order to start trading user is required to do 3 clicks in total. Firstly you have to click on NEO SYNC button which will start synchronizing your trading platform with the broker. Secondly you have to click on TRADE ALGO button which is going to analyse the past technical trading patterns also known as technical graphs for particular assets. The last button you have to click is START NOW. After pressing the 3rd button NEO2 square software will start placing binary options trades on your behalf on complete auto-pilot mode. 

Our Results

Despite the fact this trading bot was only recently released, after trading with NEO2 square autotrader for a total of 5 days we were pretty impressed. Here are few of our latest trades that were executed by NEO2 square autotrader during our LIVE YouTube video session:

As mentioned before, up until today we have used NEO2 square app for 5 days in total. Average ITM rate we are able to pull is stable 80.5%. It is still too early to judge, but honestly we have to say this is very promising. After receiving ton of emails from readers who are using this autotrader we are highly recommending this trading bot due to its accuracy ratio. Some users who follow the rules of trading only from 9am-7pm GMT are able to generate even up to 83% ITM win rate success. Again, it is too early to judge, but so far we are very impressed with this completely unique trading software. We will keep using NEO2 bot and we will keep making trading videos for you guys, so make sure you subscribe to our Bog as well as our YouTube channel to be up to date.


Our personal experience with NEO2 square app for the past 5 days has been pretty spectacular. That being said we never rely on our own acquaintance with any new service that’s being released, we always take into consideration real email responses from users. Sad fact being that 99% of all binary options autotrading services are pure scams, be aware. We are very happy to announce that NEO2 square is verified and legitimate service with real creators and developers behind the scene. Our personal ITM win rate at the moment is 80.5% ITM; In Addition, our settings are as follows: Trade volume $25 per trade, Strength Above Level is set to 75%, Risk Level 3. For those who are interested in the software please remember that Recommended Trading hours are from 9am-7pm GMT time.  Please avoid trading outside those hours just to be completely safe. 

Lastly we want to mention that NEO2 square autotrader will NOT make you millionaire in short period of time. Services that promises you $$$ millions and zillions of dollars are completely fake scam services, therefore please be very careful. Although if you are looking for legitimate, fully tested and verified binary options autotrader that will generate you $100-$250 per day then you should consider to try NEO2.

How to Register?


  1. Go to secure official website
  2. Enter your real name and Email on registration page in order to open your trading account based on your details. 
  3. Fund your trading account with your assigned broker (the normal minimum initial deposit is $250).
  4. Start using the autotrader! 


Many people who experienced issues claim that they have difficulty getting through to their customer support team. To get reply from their support could take few days. That being said, if you signed up with this software from our website’ or our YouTube channel you automatically have our full free support in case you are not happy with results or you run into any issues. We usually contact their support ourselves to resolve the problem. We are helping new members to deal with issues on daily basis. Our email is: [email protected]

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