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Hey guys, it’s Alex Grimshaw here and I’m back again. I’m a long time day trader, financial advisor, and surveyor of everything and anything to do with binary options. I have been reviewing binary options and Forex trading platforms for as long as I can remember, and today the good people at Binary Options Army asked if I could do a guest review on United Trading Newtork.


Official Website: Unitedtrading.cc

What Is The United Trading Network System?

The United Trading Network application, or UTN as it is otherwise known, is a revolutionary new Forex trading platform that utilizes state of the art trading methods, has an excellent ITM rate, and is about as trustworthy as it gets. In fact, I can’t do a review on one of these programs if I haven’t used it myself, so of course I spent a few days trading Forex with it. So, I’m here to tell you all about my experiences with it, and mainly why I like it so much, not to mention I want to make clear to you that United Trading software is by no means a scam, unlike so many other trading platforms out there.


The United Trading Network Website & Presentation – Thumbs Up

Right off the bat, something that impressed me very much about the United Trading software website, Unitedtrading.cc, was that it looks very professional. Unlike so many other scam platform websites out there, this one is very simple, it’s not flashy, and it doesn’t scream scam. Everything on the website is very professionally done, it is concise and to the point, and the whole website serves only to give us valuable information.

There are also no marketing tricks to sucker you in such banners with countdown clocks to let you know that “your opportunity of a lifetime will expire shortly”, and there aren’t any “limited spots” either. The fact that these guys are confident in their product and don’t try to trick people into investing with cheap marketing ploys is something that definitely stood out for me.

We also noticed that the presentation video is equally as genuine and credible. Once again, the United Trading Network presentation video doesn’t just show us a bunch of mansions, expensive cars, and good looking scantily clothed women to try and seduce us into investing. Instead they show us their real team members (not paid actors), they do an amazing job at explaining the ins and outs of the program, and everything is very well put together.

Why I Like The United Trading Program – A Great Trading Method

Another reason as to why I really like this program is because it uses a brand new form of trading, one that up until now I had never really come across, yet now that I have, I may never go back to trading any other way again.

United Trading Network software is a social trading platform that utilizes all of the information provided by other successful traders to increase the chances of executing successful trades, kind of like a Facebook or Twitter of Forex trading. There is a massive section within the platform where successful traders can vote on signals (votes to tell you how good a signal is, which direction it is likely to go in, and how profitable it is likely to be).

All of this info can be used by yourself in order to make valuable trading decisions, and only people who have used United Trading software and have been successful are allowed to give advice, thus making sure that you get extremely accurate info.

This is combined with a solid trading strategy, or more accurately, several strategies in order to make good trades. UTN uses something that many refer to as swarm technology, where many trading strategies are used at once in order to judge which trades are the most likely to succeed. An algorithm analyzes the results given by each individual trading strategies, then executes those trades which are recommended by the highest number of individual strategies.

The combination of swarm technology with a social trading aspect is extremely impressive, and it’s something that I can see being ridiculously profitable if given the chance to flourish more.

Why I Like United Trading Network Software – Genuine People

Another thing that stood out for me was that everyone involved in this project is a legitimate, genuine, and ultimately trustworthy person. Usually when I review a trading platform I realize that all of the people I get to see or meet are nothing more than scammers and paid actors, which is not true in the case of the United Trading system.

The people involved include Professor Anthony Grecko, Adam Fletcher (project manager), Jaleel Bashir (analyst/strategy development), Matt Kirby (expert investor/trader), and Lydia Williamson (lead programmer). We did our research and we were able to confirm that all of these people are real, not just paid actors hired to lure you into investing with the United Trading Network app.

All five of these people have credentials to back up their stories, they have real and active social media presences, and they have a surprising number of diverse search results too. When it comes to the people behind United Trading Network I would have to say that I trust them 100%.

I Like The Profits Of The United Trading Network App

Like I said, I tested The United Trading software out for myself and was pleasantly surprised with the results I managed to achiever, or more accurately, the results the UTN platform was able to provide for me. I have used this program for a total of 3 days now, and with a $250 initial investment I was able to make a profit of $1,500, or about $500 per day.

While this is not the most money I have ever made with any trading program, it is certainly impressive. Also, according to my calculations, my ITM rate for the 3 days of trading sat between 81% and 84%, something else that is also very good. When it comes to making a profit in the world of Forex, United Trading software definitely has my vote.

Other Things I Like About United Trading Network

There are a couple of other things I would like to mention about this platform, all of which greatly impressed me.

  • It only uses reliable, reputable, and highly trusted brokers to handle your money, plus you even get to choose from several brokers to invest with.
  • UTN is very easy to sign up for and very easy to use. It has a very user friendly trading platform.
  • With UTN you can trade Forex, Stox, Commodities, and Indices. You can also engage in short term, mid-range, and long term trading.
  • UTN has amazing customer support that is always ready to help you solve any problems you may encounter.
  • UTN provides you with a multitude of educational material, trading tutorials, and the latest financial news to help you find success in trading.

UTN Special Guest Review – Conclusion

As a long time trader it is very relieving to see a great trading program that actually works. United Trading software is one of the few Forex trading platforms that I would trust with money, and in fact I already have. If you are interested in a great trading opportunity I would definitely recommend checking out UTN.


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