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Is Software Scam? Full Review

Virtnext is most powerful binary options software owned by Virtnext Investment Ltd. It has been said that Virtnext might be the best and most accurate binary options autotrader bot in 2015. Is this true? Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about Virtnext software. 

VIRTNEXT Official website: 

  • Virtnext is Available in most countries: Yes
  • Fishy browser popups: No
  • Virtnext Promises unrealistic profits: No
  • Virtnext Seems legit software: Yes
  • Realistic profit gain: Yes
  • Price: Free of charge. (sign up with one of the given brokers)
  • 100% Autotrader
  • Manual or Auto Signal Entry Function
  • Listed brokers are all trusted and EU regulated
  • Highly Responsive customer support

Virtnext Review

This review will be completely different from the others. Nearly every time we end up reviewing binary options scam service providers. Not this time though! We want to introduce binary options autotrader software.

Virtnext software is brand new binary options autotrader that’s officially released on 16th November 2015. This autotrader is owned by Virtnext Investments Ltd, this is a real company.  Virtnext software is using trading algorithm that’s written by Virtnext programmers. This algorithm is very accurate. It has been officially proven that Virtnext Software lost initial investment only one time in 1478 binary options trading sessions. By “Officially” we mean that the actual Virtnext software results were submitted and reviewed by Japan Stock Exchange and Securities Authority of United States.

List of brokers supported by Virtnext Software

Here are the brokers that are connected to Virtnext software:

  • Banc De Binary,
  • Interactive Options,
  • Bloombex,
  • Titan Trade,
  • Safeoption,
  • GToption

Virtnext Endorsement

When looking at the bottom of the page you will notice that this software have been endorsed by three authority binary options blogs:

  • Binaryoptionswatchdog,

Some of you may know that those are one of most visited blogs in binary options industry. Furthermore Virtnext has also received an Award by Financial Times. And there has been few articles published on some news websites such as Fortune, YahooFinance, CNBC and few others.


The storyline about Virtnex seems to be legitimate. First when we looked at the Vincent Bollore who is the current CEO, we were surprised that there is an actual evidence to this. Go ahead and check for yourself:

Vincent Bollore

This has been probably the first time when we see real CEO behind the binary options autotrader. As you can see Vincent Bollore is number 201 billionaire in the World. Then we also read that he is Computer Science Professor.  We also checked that Vincent Bollore has been working closely together with William R. Johnsons who apears to be the CEO of NY Stock Exchange from mid 90’s until 2001.

In general we couldn’t find any negative review or negative feedback about Virtnex. Therefore we can’t say that Virtnext software is scam or fraud. Virtnext is existing company and CEO Mr.Bollore is legitimate person behind that company. Unlike other binary options trading scams, is not using fake actors from or buying fake testimonials. The people in the video are real and statements match to what we found in our research.

Performance ITM success rate

Due to the fact that we don’t often post positive reviews about any of the binary options software or service, we are positively surprised. We got access to the Virtnex final beta Version. After using Virtnext software for 7 days we were very impressed. 1 week performance:

As you can see the performance is outstanding. We were very surprised that Virntext software performance never dropped below 71%. 

Overall result was %78.20 ITM rate over period of one week and we placed total of 59 trades. With Virtnex software we made total of $1640. This is spectacular for binary options autotrader. 


In summary we can say that Virtnext software is not a scam. Real people are behind the scene as well as Virtnext software background story checks out. We would recommend Virtnext software as this is as legitimate as it gets when it comes to choosing binary options automated services. We have huge experience reviewing binary options services and products but we have to admit that Vertnix is something we haven’t seen before. How we were able to earn pretty decent profit with this binary bot? The reason is because of it’s high accuracy.

To sign up click here

We want encourage you to leave reply and share your personal performance with Virtnex software. Alternatively if you are new to binary options trading then please visit our top trusted brokers list. If you have any questions please leave a reply or email us directly: [email protected]

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23 comments on “VirtNext Software
  1. Danish says:

    How is the software performing?

  2. Edgars says:

    Hi, if my broker is banc de binary but I was using copy buffet can I use the same banc de binary acc for virtnext and is it posible to use 2 auto traders on time for 1 broker?
    Heep up a good job guys! Well done

  3. Jane says:

    I want to thank you for this review. I joined on Tuesday march 8th. My first trade was losing trade but then I got 6 straight ITM in a row. Now I get around 12 signals daily with nice results. for example yesterday I got 13 signals 11 of them was winning. I think I will start withdrawing some money next week. Do you recommend investing $50 per trade instead of $25?

  4. Jasmine says:

    I am very impressed with this software. Thanks for the post. I will give it a try.

  5. Janis says:

    Hello people. Virtnext is impressive. Got 11 successful trades today. very good start for me

  6. eric says:

    Great review. software works good. easy to use as well

  7. Iqbal says:

    totally great, I have $760 in my account now, I deposited 250. cool. Today is Saturday so markets are closed. I cant wait for Monday ha ha

  8. Binary Options Army says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    Here is the list of brokers that are connected to Virtnext software: Banc De Binary, Interactive Options, Bloombex, Titan Trade,
    Safeoption, GToption and few others. You will be assigned to one of the brokers automatically depending on your country. Any more questions are welcome :-)

  9. jeffrey says:

    Meant bloombex investments. Thanks

  10. Sam says:

    Looks like people are making some serious money with this! I’m signing up!!

  11. James says:

    I signed up on friday. Received 21 signals and I got 17 in the money signals, I am amazed. cant wait for next week. I got 765 eur profit now,I am so HAPPY…….:-)

  12. Mikey says:

    Looks very promising. If I’m going to try an Autotrader, it will be this one. Thanks for the review!

  13. Vicky says:

    This is great. Signed up last night. today I got 19 trades from which 16 Itm and 3 lost trades. I am very impressed. got 575 € in profits so far.

  14. paul says:

    this looks a great product will certainly be giving it a try

  15. Wally says:

    Virtnext Investments Ltd has all the markings of credible and being incredible. Thanks for your review and making this jewel piece of trading software better known.

  16. Dave says:

    Excellent review! Very informative. I will be signing up for sure. Thanks!

  17. Chanel Armitage says:

    I am thankful to read this review. It is very well explained and I feel confident that this can work. trying it out

  18. Sam says:

    This looks very impressive, definitely need to go for this! Thank you for the review!

  19. Omri says:

    Thank you for reviewing this great Auto Trader!
    Virtnex has a great reputation in the financial market and all of their brokers are EU regulated!
    Thanks again!

  20. Jim says:

    Great Review, looks legit!!

  21. Jimms says:

    I was reading only good about this. I believe its best I have seen so far. probably will sign up too . great review Army.

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