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The world of Forex and binary options in general can be a great place to make a killing financially, but on the other hand it can also be extremely risky business. To be really be successful at trading Forex you need a great platform to do it with, and that is where the United Trading Network app comes into play. The world is rife with all too many trading scams which are meant to do nothing more but steal your money, but here is a program that actually works to generate a profit.


The United Trading Network is a socially based Binary Options trading platform that lets you work with people around the world to increase your chances of making a profitable trade. This semi-automated and automated Forex trading platform has amazing results, a great ITM rate, and some very astounding profits. Of course we don’t want to take anything that the people from the United Trading Network program have to say at face value, which is why we are doing a United Trading Network scam review.

Don’t get us wrong, this is one of those very few automated trading platforms out there that actually is not a scam, and we want to tell you why. We are going to talk about everything there is to know about this revolutionary new Forex trading platform so you can make your very own informed investment decision.

The Story Behind United Trading Network Software

The United Trading Network app started out with just 4 University students who were looking to create a brand new trading platform that would let people work together in order to make a profit in the Forex Market. United Trading Network software is a social media trading platform, kind of like a Facebook for Forex, where people can come together, work together, and profit together.

These 4 students learned everything that there is to know about Forex trading, they created United Trading Network software, and they then even entered their new platform into an international business competition for millennials. Well, guess what, their program, the United Trading Network, won that competition!

At the top level, the 4 students learned everything they needed to know from Professor Anthony Grecko, a professor of business finance. The 4 students were actually his students, and although Anthony Grecko is more of a mentor rather than an owner or CEO, his expertise greatly contributed to the success of this great new trading platform.

The United Trading Network app actually received worldwide recognition from the International Investing and Entrepreneurial symposium, thus marking its success even further. To prove even further how well this program is doing, it also received a 100,000 Euro award from the International Forex Alliance.

The Team Behind United Trading Network Software

One of the main figures behind the United Trading Network app is Adam Fletcher, the project manager. Adam Fletcher has a degree in international business with a speciality in Forex trading. At the campus where he studied for his degree, Adam Fletcher met a soon to be team member named Jaleel Bashir, an absolute expert at trading financial assets.

They worked together, and Adam used his knowledge in technical analysis, while Jaleel used his expertise in fundamental analysis. They teamed up, began trading Forex, and soon enough started to create their own program. Like they say, they use a 2 heads is better than 1 approach in order to be successful at Forex trading.

Together they managed to greatly increase their profits by working as a team as opposed to trading Forex individually. Adam and Jaleel realized how successful they were and began to wonder whether adding to their team could increase their win rates and profits even more. It was at this point where the 2 men decided to create what they call the Facebook of online trading, the United Trading Network program.

They then decided that it would be best to add even more knowledge to the team, so they enlisted the help of Matt Kirby and Lydia Williamson. Matt Kirby is an expert in commodities trading and investment banking and Lydia is the statistics and computer programming genius.

All 4 of them then proceeded to analyze the market with different trading strategies, they compared results, and then voted on which trades were the best to be made. The point is that more knowledge, diverse trading strategies, and more people lead to increasingly higher profits time after time, which is essentially how this program works for you, by employing the knowledge of people around the world to make the best trades possible.

United Trading Network – Initial Results

Adam, Jaleel, Matt, and Lydia put all of their skills and knowledge to the test when they created the United Trading Network and boy did it ever pay off. In just the first few days their brand new Forex trading platform was able to average ITM rates of 80 percent and they were able to generate a few hundred dollars in profit every day.

Just in case you were wondering, Lydia is the genius that created the advanced algorithms which incorporate the knowledge of each team member and uses various trading strategies to make successful trades.

After the 4 members of United Trading Network software saw these results, they decided to test the program even further. They let 12 other students in Professor Anthony Grecko’s class use the United Trading Network app, and the results they saw were absolutely astonishing. Most of these 12 students had no prior knowledge or experience in Forex trading, yet they managed to see a win rate of 81.5 percent, which is of course fantastic.

To test the program even further, they then let 15 members of their investment club use the program, and they experienced an average winning trade rate of 83%. What can clearly be seen here is that the more people use the program together, the higher the winning trade rate is, which is exactly what the United Trading Network is all about.

How Does The United Trading Network Algorithm Work To Generate Profits?

It is surprising how simple yet effective the algorithm that Lydia created is. As you can see in the part above, the algorithm of United Trading Network software works really well. So, what does it do? Well, the algorithm analyzes a plethora of potential trades to be made and compares them amongst the different trading strategies.

To be exact, United Trading Network software incorporates 4 different trading strategies, each of which recommend trades individually. The algorithm then analyzes the results from all 4 strategies, with the aim of finding trading signals that were recommended by more than 2 of the 4 strategies, preferably by all 4 strategies.

The results are trading signals with extremely high chances of being profitable, and this is all without the social trading part that makes United Trading Network software even better. What really makes this program stand out from the rest of the crowd is the social trading aspect of it all. This automated feature lets you receive news and awesome trading advice based on votes and the results of the top traders in the community, hence the social part of it all.

The best and most successful traders get to add their input and vote on different signals in order to give you advanced trading info to make profitable trades. We really like the United Trading Network app because it uses a clearly defined algorithm and process to identify and execute winning trades, plus you get some really solid advice from people who are already making a profit.

Some Great Features Of The United Trading Network Platform

We really like the fact that this program is so easy to use, and it is thanks to the fact that you get a ton of useful advice from the top traders out there. However, if that advice is still not enough, the United Trading Network platform also comes with an all-inclusive educational center to teach you all about Forex trading and using this platform. The neat part about this is that once you become a successful Forex trader, you can then use the vote tab to share your opinions on specific trades and assets in order to help out other people.

Keep in mind that United Trading Network software can be used either as a semi-automated system or a fully automated system, and the choice is yours. This is why the educational center includes complete tutorials on how to use the automated and semi-automated functions, how to use social trading, and how to use United Trading Network Software in general.

What is also really neat is that when you go to the platform on Unitedtrading.cc, you can go to the trading rooms tab which lets you switch from one trading method to another with the click of your mouse. So, if you don’t like one method or the results you are getting from it, you can always try another.

Furthermore, there is also a news tab, which is very useful because it gives you the latest and most up to date information on stock market conditions, new financial developments, and about anything that could potentially affect your trades.

Getting Started With United Trading Network – Unitedtrading.cc

What everyone will be able to appreciate about this genius software is that getting started is about as easy as could be. All you need to do is to visit Unitedtrading.cc, sign up for a completely free account, and make the minimum deposit with the broker of your choice. The minimum deposit with any of the brokers used by United Trading Network software is $250, which really is not all that much, thus allowing you to start with a fairly small investment.

In case you were worried about the brokers stealing your money, United Trading Network only uses the most reputable and highly trusted brokers that the world has to offer. All of the brokers you can choose from, and yes there is choice, are all located in areas of the world which are known for their strict financial regulations and laws. This means that the brokers of United Trading Network do not have the ability or opportunity to simply steal your money, therefore keeping your investment safe from thieving hands.

Moreover, once you have made the minimum investment, you can choose to engage in social trading, fully automated trading, or semi-automated trading. We like the fact that there is a fully automated option as well as a semi-automated one.

The fully automated option is great for beginners while the semi-automated option is really good for expert Forex traders to use. Furthermore, you can choose to engage in short term, mid-range, or long term trade expiry times, plus you can also choose to trade in Stox, Indices, Forex, and Commodities too.

United Trading Network Is Not A Scam!

From everything that we have seen and from all the research we have done, we can clearly tell that this program is the real deal, not just some scam. All of the people are who they say they are and their credentials check out. The profits and ITM rate are excellent and proven to be true, plus the program is very easy to use too. There is no evidence which would indicate that the United Trading Network is a scam, and that is something that everyone can appreciate.

United Trading Network Scam Review – Conclusion

If you weren’t sure about binary options and trading Forex because it seemed to hard or way too risky, you really should not worry any more. United Trading Network is a fantastic automated and semi-automated trading platform that is extremely easy to use, comes with a whole lot of informational material, market analysis features, and the latest financial news, all in order to help you make trades. This program has a great average ITM rate of 83% with profits to match. This is without a doubt one of the best trading opportunities that we have seen in a while, one you should definitely take advantage of.



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