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NEO2 is  binary options autotrader that takes whole trading to the next LEVEL? It takes into consideration convergence of weather predictions combined together with trading algorithms. In other words NEO2 is analyzing weather forecast as well as past trading patterns to determine future price. This is 1st ever binary options autotrading software that combines both technical and weather fundamentals together. Would NEO2 really generate 83% ITM win rate or is it just yet another FAKE SCAM? Continue reading this NEO2 honest scam review to find out. 

So what is NEO2? 

This is completely new binary options autotrading software bot that trades binary options on behalf of the trader. In simple terms meaning that NEO2 will automatically place trades for you on auto-pilot mode. You don’t have to watch the news and analyze the market volatility by using technical and fundamental analysis, because that will be done automatically. Real question here would be: Is NEO2 a SCAM or LEGITIMATE binary options autotrading app? Let’s find out… 

How much does NEO2 cost?  

NEO2 is very unique autotrader. After watching their video presentation on neo2.co we can surely say that people behind this trading system have developed something that has never been developed before. At the moment developers are offering NEO2 to fresh group of beta testers. Meaning this autorader is offered free of charge, but not for long. According to developers NEO2 will have a price tag per copy. They are planning to charge money for this service soon. That being said we are going to register and test it ourselves in order to see how NEO2 really performs in terms of ITM win success rate, also because it’s still FREE. Please subscribe to our blog to receive further updated results review.   


Is NEO2 a Scam? 


  • Fake Scarcity Counter: No 
  • Paid Actor Testimonials: No 
  • Impossible Revenue Gains: No 
  • Browser Pop Ups used: No 
  • Looks Authentic: Yes 
  • Chance of Being a Scam: 1% 
  • Price: Free for limited time 
  • Accessibility (PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet) 

According to creators this autorader is able to generate 85% ITM success winning ratio. If you have been reading our blog then you might know that most autotraders never generate higher than 86% ITM win rate. Even the most accurate autotraders  doesn’t generate more than that. On the other hand in reality most autotrading systems turn out to be complete scam services. There are only handful of options autotraders that actually generate profits. Visit our Top Services list to find out more.  

Ok, let’s look who exactly is behind this flashy new trading bot. Dr. Jack Piers appears to be the CEO as well as the Founder of this organization. Jack also claims to be a weather enthusiast who is passionate about weather changes and conditions and ways it effects price volatility in commodities. Jack was Working at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) during the early days of his career. Furthermore we have Mr. Amit Gupta who is the main programmer of the system. And the last main person involved in NEO2 development is Michael Freeman. For those who don’t know, Michael Freeman has the biggest YouTube channel when it comes to binary options trading & strategies. He is also a very good mentor and teacher of Forex & binary options trading in general. Michael Freeman took his trading algorithms and his knowledge together for NEO 2 development. So these guys gathered together to create completely unique autorading software. Honestly this is very interesting, after watching their presentation it can be seen that creators are extremely dedicated to this service. Especially this new autotrader looks very trusted because Michael Freeman is basically putting his own name on the line with this software.  

How does it work & Does it work? 

The main idea behind this unique piece of software was to put an emphasis on solar tracking, weather forecasting and technical trading algorithms to determine the future pattern of the commodity price. Creators claim that this system will generate up to 85% ITM win rate performance. Solar, weather and environmental factors combo has been put together in one autotrader to achieve such high ITM rates. 

Furthermore according to the developers this system is very easy to use. They have tried to create something that would be accessible by anyone. They have implemented easy 3 click system that doesn’t require any previous trading knowledge or experience. The whole point with NEO 2 was to create very accurate if not the most accurate binary options autotrader for Kick Starters. And to do so creators went and developed something absolutely unique, something that has never ever even tried before.  


In verdict we want to say NEO2.co is not a scam autotrader. Real people are behind this service including the most famous trader, teacher and trading mentor Michael Freeman. Michael also owns the biggest binary options trading channel on YouTube. If NEO 2 was a scam service then it would mean that Michael is putting his own highly reputable name at risk, therefore there is absolutely no doubts or questions whether NEO 2 is a scam service or not.  

When looking at their official registration page NEO2.co we honestly did not find fake actors or fake testimonials used. Also during official video presentation there was no false or fake misleading facts or statements mentioned. When it comes to ITM performance up to 85% ITM win rate is very astonishing outcome we must say.  

To give you very honest opinion we want to say that this software looks extremely promising. No phony scam marketing tactics such as “199 Spots Left” countdown widgets were used on their website. No offence but if such high authoritative binary options trading figure such as Michael Freemann is involved in NEO2 development then we are eager to try this autotrader ourselves. We are going to sign-up and test NEO2 and will keep you updated.  

Overall after our research there are no RED flags when it comes to this new trading software. We are monitoring other blogs and we found many positive comments from NEO2 users already. This is very positive sign.  

If you are interested in NEO2 autotrader then you can sign up for Free using steps below. To avoid any synchronization problems and issues please follow these steps. This will ensure that everything is synced properly when registering with this software. 

  1. Clear your browser cookies by pressing CTRL + Shift + DEL and click clear all (How to clear cookies?
  1. Click and sign up with NEO2 through official website: HERE 
  1. Use different email address in case you signed up already but you were not happy with your assigned broker. 



Remember that with Binary Options ARMY you are always protected. If you signed up with NEO2 software from our website you automatically have our full free support in case you are not happy with results or you run into any issues. If such issues arise we will contact NEO2 support ourselves to resolve the problem. Thank you for reading this review, please share it and subscribe. Remember that you are not alone, we are always here to help you guys. We always reply to emails and we never leave anyone behind as we are fully CFTC Verified binary options blog. As promised we will post another updated review shortly after this one to show NEO 2 generated results.  Thanks.  






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