Profits Infinity- Terrible SCAM WARNING!!!! 

Profits Infinity System is brand new binary options trading scam service. We’ve done quite a bit of research on and have come to the conclusion that it is nothing but a scam and a way to take your hard earned money. This software claims to be able to make you thousands of dollars per day, but that is certainly not the case, in fact you will lose your $250. After researching the Profits Infinity System we have discovered that their overly-zealous claims are bolstered by nothing but paid actors and completely false credentials. You should definitely not invest with the Profits Infinity System because if you do it may very well cost you everything. Let’s take a few minutes to review the facts so you can find out why this system is as fake as we say.  

When we visited their official website we noticed that there is not very much information provided for new users, something that is a huge red flag. Anything that we can find out about Profits Infinity comes from their presentation video, a video filled with paid actors and claims that are nothing more than unjustified lies. There seems to be absolutely no truth to any of the claims that Profits Infinity makes. 

So if you are wondering what exactly the Profits Infinity app is, well, your guess is as good as ours. Based on the little bit of information given by the makers it would appear to be an auto-trading pattern recognition software that will tell you how to invest your money. That is the extent of the explanation given by the makers. 

Ugly Lies 

The man behind Profits Infinity is Mark Bromovich. He makes some pretty bold statements and uses some shady marketing tactics to try and convince you to invest with him and his so called miracle trading app. Let’s just take a look at some of the outrageous claims that he tries to make. 

Bromovich says that this app is perhaps one of the most well-guarded secrets, but it has now been revealed, he also says that his app is nothing like all of the other scams out there. To us this is a huge red flag because anyone that says they aren’t a scam probably is one, not to mention that those statements are often used by other binary options scams. This offer is clearly too good to be true and someone who isn’t trying to scam you shouldn’t have to state that they aren’t a scam. 


Bromovich also claims that the Profits Infinity System never loses and predicts trading patterns correctly 100% of the time. This is of course nothing but a bogus claim and a downright lie meant to sucker in investors. It is simply impossible to always win and moreover it is impossible to predict patterns correctly 100% of the time. Another factor that clearly illustrates the lies behind this software is the fact that the makers claim the system can return your money to you and exit the markets if the system realizes that it will not be profitable. This however is a complete lie because binary options trading is not like other trading and once invested you must wait for the expiry time to exit the market. Simply put if you invest money and things go south then you will lose your money. What this app claims to be able to do is against the rules and regulations of binary trading, therefore it is obviously bologna. Some binary trading does let you sell some of your investments before the expiry date, however this can be 1%, 30% or 80%, but never 100%. The bottom line is that you can and will always lose money, not to mention that if you use this app you are certain to lose money. 

Another red flag that comes with this app and Mr. Bromovich is the way that he claims this is a one-time opportunity and if you don’t sign up now then you will miss your opportunity to become a Billionaire, or something like that. Any real and legitimate binary trading system isn’t going to push you into registration; only a fake app that is illegitimate will push you to register because they know the longer they are exposed on the internet, the bigger the chance that someone will expose them, you know, like we are doing right now! 

VERDICT: Profit Infinity is FRAUD & SCAM

Profits Infinity even uses a bunch of screenshots loaded with fake piles of money and testimonials from paid actors in order to try and sucker you in. This is so bogus it reminds of us of how the rapper 50 Cent just admitted to posting piles of fake money on his SnapChat account. Guess what, 50 Cent also just filed for bankruptcy. Also, just like 50 Cent gets paid to rap, all of the people who testified on behalf of Profits Infinity are also getting paid to do it. In other words everything that the testimonials say is completely false and any statements are just scripted lines being given to “actors” getting paid to do a job. You simply can’t believe any claims made by Profits Infinity. 

Another really big red flag concerning the legitimacy of this app is the fact that Bromovich claims that Profits Infinity was featured on CNN, Forbes, and Bloomberg, and moreover that all of these places say that the app is the best of the best and has not lost a trade since 2014. Well, upon further research it is very clear that none of these news outlets have ever heard of Profits Infinity, let alone featured it and praised it as being successful. Perhaps one of the biggest red flags is that they claim to have been successful for a number of years, yet when one looks them up on any registrar it is clear that they have only registered in 2016. In other words they were non-existent at the time in which they claim to have been successful. 

In essence, this is a complete scam and nothing more than a way to try and sucker people out of their hard earned money! Do not invest in Profits Infinity because you will pay dearly. On a side note, if you want to see what a really binary options trading app looks like then you should check out NEO2. 

NEO2 is one most accurate binary options autotrading systems at the moment. We are continuously testing NEO2 software and we have to admit that it really generates decent daily profits of little over 80% ITM performance. Please watch our LIVE TRADING trading video regarding NEO2 to find out more.  If you have any questions please send us email and we will get back to you, thanks. 

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