Zero Loss Formula Software Scam Review

If you wonder whether Zero Loss Formula is real or a fake service, then we have not so good news for you. Please read this Zero Loss Formula scam review to find out everything you need to know!

Peter Morgan is supposedly the man who created The Zero Loss Formula trading software and he says that we should not miss out on this opportunity to earn a ton of money in no time flat. Every trading forum on the internet has been talking about this new trading software and they surely have nothing good to say about it. Even though we are promised to make and generate tons of profits with this autotrader the evidence would definitely seem to indicate otherwise. These guys go to great lengths to try and trick us into investing our hard earned cash, but their efforts fall short upon further research. At first glance The Zero Loss Formula app may seem like a good idea, however when you look a little deeper you will quickly discover that it is full of lies and false promises.

The Date Of Registration

One of the things that is a clear indication of the fraudulent nature of The Zero Loss Formula is the issues we discovered with the registration date. In the presentation video we are told that this trading program has been up and running since 2012 and that hundreds of people have been using it to make a lot of money. In fact we are told that there have been 50 people who used The Zero Loss Formula to become millionaires.

The problem we have with this background story is that this binary options autotrader has not been around for nearly that long. In fact Zero Loss Formula system was only registered on the internet as a domain name on July 2016. The Zero Loss Formula has not even existed for 2 whole months, let alone more than 4 years. This part of their story is nothing but a complete LIE meant to fool you into thinking that The Zero Loss Formula signals app has been tested and is a time proven reliable automated trading system.

Trading and Generating Profits 7 Days Per Week?

One of the biggest discrepancies that we discovered when it comes to this trading robot is the fact that they claim to be able to run 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just leave the program running through the night and over the weekend in order to generate ITM trades and money while we sleep and party the night away. This is of course a big fat joke because markets are NOT open 7 days per week.

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The financial markets are only open on business days and they certainly aren’t open in the middle of the night either.
It is literally impossible for software to generate money at all hours of the day and night, not to mention on the weekends too. Financial markets are closed during those hours and there is nothing that Zero Loss Formula software can do about that. These guys have to be stupid if they think we are going to fall for these idiotic lies. 

Fake Peter Morgan

Another thing that definitely needs addressing when it comes to The Zero Loss Formula holding company is the fact that we are 100 percent sure that Peter Morgan, the supposed creator, is a complete fraud. In the presentation video Peter tells us that he has decades of experience in binary trading as well as computer program, experience he used to independently create the Zero Loss Formula trading software. He claims to have been a millionaire before ever creating or using Zero Loss Formula trading service, but the program itself earned him a cool 100 million dollars in just a couple years; we have to laugh here because this is just a complete LIE used to convince viewers into investing their hard earned money in this scam binary options software. 


We have a big problem with Peter Morgan because first of all he never tells us what his credentials are. He just tells us that he has a ton of experience with money and computers. What school did you go to? What is your experience? For what trading firm or investment company did he work for?

This guy may as well have told us that he is an astronaut and we are expected to believe him. Furthermore we are completely convinced that Peter Morgan is a fictitious personality portrayed by a crappy actor. We’ve found a few websites where people can hire low budget actors for presentations just like this one and Peter Morgan is definitely one of those actors. Do you know how we know? WE FOUND HIS PROFILE! This guy is a paid actor. He is certainly no computer programmer nor is he a financial genius. Heck the guy isn’t even rich!

What Are The Risks?

Well apparently Zero Loss Formula holdings software comes with absolutely no risk at all, a statement which contradicts another negative statement made by Peter Morgan, that being that this trading software has a 90% ITM win rate accuracy. Trading on the market, either Forex or Binary options trading comes inherent with risk. There is absolutely no way that an automated trading program could ever be risk free. Zero Loss Formula system can’t tell the future so it obviously can’t be accurate in its trading predictions every single time. Plus there is the fact that we are told that this autotrading bot has a 90 percent accuracy rate. Well which lie is it then? Is this program 100 percent accurate (risk free?) or is this program 90 percent accurate? They are both lies, but these fools could at least be consistent with their lying!

The Promised Profits

We are also told that we can make up to 3,000 dollars in one day using this amazing autotrader. This is another big joke because if you know anything about binary options trading you know that you can’t make more than $800 dollars per day using an automated program. That’s just common sense. Even the best binary options autotraders such as Copy Buffett software & NEO can only generate up to $800 per day.

VERDICT: Zero Loss Formula is SCAM, stay away!!!

Absolutely everything about this binary options trading service is a lie. Promised profits are impossible to achieve, Peter Morgan is a fraud actor, and the risks that come with this program are very unclear. You need to stay away from this scam trading software because it will definitely end up costing you your hard earned money. Despite the fact we received many emails from people who used this fraudulent system. Users claim that they did not generate any money with Zero Loss Formula autotrader bot, they simply ended up losing their initial deposit money. Furthermore this scam service is also supported only by unlicensed, unregulated fake scam brokers. Please stay away from this trading software and warn others!

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