Traders Revenge Software App Scam Review

Ryan Jackson is the supposed creator of the Traders Software, a brand new binary options autotrading platform which promises to generate massive profits just by clicking some buttons on your keyboard. Ryan claims that he created Traders Revenge Software in order to set all of us free in terms of having a big pile of gold to splurge on. He says that he felt sorry for all of us getting scammed by fake binary trading schemes and thus created his own program in order to get us our money back. The big joke here is that Ryan is relying on our sympathy and anger in order to believe his ploy, when in reality The Traders Revenge Software is just another scam like all of the others. Investing money in The Traders Revenge Software isn’t the best idea and we have a proof for that. Continue reading this Traders Revenge scam review to find out shocking information that we leaked. not safe review
How Does The Traders Revenge Software Work?

That’s a really good question to ask, but the fact of the matter is that we don’t really have an answer for you. Most binary trading scams will give us some kind of convoluted and long winded explanation full of financial rhetoric to try and convince us they their program is the best. We usually can’t understand their explanation in regards to how the program & trading algorithm works, but at least they feign an attempt at an explanation. That is not the case with The Traders Revenge scam system because they never give us an ounce of info as to how this program is supposed to generate money. Ryan simply tells us that his awesome program can earn us a lot of money in a little bit of time, but he never divulges the real tidbits. WE HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS THING FUNCTIONS!

How Was the Traders Revenge Trading System Created?

Now this is another tale that Ryan spun for us and boy is it ever a doozy. Ryan tells us that he used his vast knowledge of the world of gold bullion in order to create some sophisticated money generating algorithm known as The Traders Revenge app. He also tells us that he hired some random Russian named Vladimir to do the programming, so conveniently enough he can’t tell us how it was created because he didn’t really do anything; he just had the idea.

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Interestingly enough Ryan hired Vladimir on some freelancing site where you can hire any schmuck willing to work for bread crumbs, which means that even if the story is true, the work that went into creating Traders Revenge app probably wasn’t very high quality. Funny enough we never get to meet Vladimir either. Seeing as he was the main brain behind this fraudulent scheme it only seems fair that we should get to meet him, but he probably doesn’t exist at all we also never get to see him.


Another thing that we just can’t believe is that using Traders Revenge trading service will earn us upwards of a million bucks per month. Ryan tells us that his app is so sophisticated that it will earn us at least 10 million dollars every year, something which no other binary options autotrader could ever hope to accomplish. Well that isn’t much different when it comes to The Traders Revenge Software because it definitely can’t do what it promises.

The simple fact of the matter is that earning a million bucks per month using any binary trading program is simply impossible. Even the best binary options autotraders such as NEO2 or Copy Buffett Software can make a maximum of 800 dollars per day, depending on investment per trade. Anyone who has the slightest clue about binary options trading can tell you that the profits promised by the Traders Revenge autotrader are unrealistic and absolutely unachievable.

Fake and Bogus Lies

You aren’t going to get rich using Traders Revenge autotrader because they are liars. If they are going to promise us riches and rubies they could at least do it in a reasonable quantity. If you want a chance at making millions through investing your cash you are much better off investing in some oil company, that or a group of mercenaries; war always makes money, something that can’t be said for binary trading apps like this one.

Paid Actors

Perhaps the biggest problem that we have with The Traders Revenge Software is that everyone we ever get to see is a fraud and that included Ryan. Ryan tells us that he is a financial genius with decades’ worth of experience in economics, business, trading, and investments. This seems pretty unlikely because the guy who portray Ryan in the presentation video looks to be under 30 years old. Gathering the kind of knowledge and experience he claims to have would take almost a whole lifetime.

Ryan however is not old, nor do we have any info on him. What we did find about Ryan is that he has a profile on, an website where scam like The Traders Revenge software can hire low grade actors to portray people that know something. Ryan’s real name is Dave, or so his profile says, and Dave works for mere pennies. Ryan or Dave, whatever you want to call him is a fraud.

The same can be said for all of the people who create video testimonials on behalf of the Traders Revenge Software scam. All of these people are nothing more than paid actors hired by a bunch of criminals hell bent on emptying your wallet.

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Traders Revenge Software Scam Review: CONCLUSION

If you still aren’t convinced that Traders Revenge Software is a scam you may want to read some more online reviews created by real and unsatisfied customers. We keep receiving negative emails from people who got scammed with this trading app. Everything about this piece of software screams STAY AWAY. The profits are unreal, the people are fake, and the program itself doesn’t even exist. More than likely The Traders Revenge Software consist of a bank account to which you deposit your money, an account which the crooks behind this scam empty and buy champagne with before you get the chance to blink.

Safe Alternatives

Are you looking for safe alternative to Traders Revenge service? If yes then please read about BinaBot v2 autotrader. BinaBot v2 is most up to date binary options autotrader today. We personally registered and tested BinaBot v2 software and so far we are able to generate close to 81.5% ITM win rate performance. We also keep receiving positive responses from other users of BinaBot 2 autotrader where people are able to profit on daily basis. Please read our BinaBot 2 system review by clicking below.

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