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copy buffett vs neo2 comparison itm performance review

How to choose most accurate and most profitable binary options autotrader? If you are looking for most up to date binary options autotrading companion then this review is for you!

Lately we have received a ton of emails from our dear readers and subscribers asking us the question which autotrader to choose, either NEO2 or Copy Buffett software? We understand that decision may be difficult especially because they both are considered to be the most accurate binary options autotrading services out there. That being said we had no choice but to conduct and publish this comparison review in order to distinguish which is the best binary options autotrader on the market today 2016. Please read this honest comparison review till the end, we promise you wont be disappointed.

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NEO2 VS Copy Buffett Software

If you are newbie to online trading you may wonder what means word ”Autotrader”? Basically binary options autotrader is similar to an EA (expert advisor) in Forex trading. Both NEO2 and Copy Buffett are software bots that trades binary options on behalf of the trader. In simple terms meaning that the autotraders will automatically place trades for you on auto-pilot mode. You don’t have to watch the news and analyze market volatility by using technical and fundamental analysis, because all that will be done automatically for you.

When looking at both autotraders we can clearly see that both look very different from one another, although when taking a closer look they both offer similar features, we will get to that in a second.

In terms of how much these binary options autotraders cost the answer is FREE of charge. Although to use any one of these trading software you will be required to make a first deposit from $200 - $250 depending on your assigned broker. First deposit is required in order to activate the autotrader and to synchronize it with the broker platform. Another thing to mention, deposited money is your money which you will be using to trade. That being said your deposit money is your money and you can make a withdrawal at any time.

When talking about how much you have to invest per each trade both NEO2 and Copy Buffett has $25 minimum trade volume. If you have experience in binary options trading then you know that usually $25 investment per trade is an industry standard. Furthermore the maximum volume you can invest is up to $500 per each trade with both NEO2 and Copy Buffett software. If you are interested in using any of these autotrader bots then we would not recommend investing more than a minimum amount per trade at very beginning. Once you have traded a while and you get used to the trading platform only then you should consider increasing your trading volume. This will be much better risk and money management.

Autotrading & Manual Trading

NEO2 & Copy Buffet autotraders offer both Full-Autotrading mode as well as Manual trading feature. With autotrading mode user can simply choose the trading volume and risk level. Once that’s chosen all you have to do is to switch the autotrading feature ON after which the software algorithms will start analysing current market and will start placing and executing trades on complete auto-pilot mode.This feature is suitable for those who doesnt have enough time to look at the signals graph and to place each trade manually.

If you wish to use manual trading mode then you have to choose your preferred assets from the Signals Graph and place those assets on your brokers platform manually. Manual trading mode if excellent for those who are willing to see and make judgement before each trade. This gives you full control over all trades as you have the privilege to choose and place only those trades that you feel comfortable placing. Also you can use manual signals on any brokers platform.

Some people who have brokers account already, can use their existing brokers accounts for manual trading mode, and their new assigned brokers account for autotrading mode. This again is very smart way to spread the risk. (for more information please email us: [email protected])

Copy Buffett Software


NEO2 & Copy Buffett Key Features

  • Copy Buffett & NEO2 is Available in most countries: Yes 
  • Copy Buffet & NEO2 allows user to select signal strength level from (50%-100%). The higher the strength level the less trades will be placed, but with higher accuracy. The lower the strength level the more trades will be placed with less accuracy.
  • Price: Free of charge. (register with one of the assigned brokers)
  • Responsive customer support: Yes
  • Recommended Copy Buffett & NEO2 trading hours are 9am to 7pm GMT
  • Copy Buffett & NEO2 offers manual trading mode and complete autotrading mode: Yes

Types of Trades

When it comes to autotrading feature both of these trading apps are programmed little differently.

  • NEO2 places and executes (5min, 10min, 15min, 30min, 45min, 1 hour, 2 hour, 6 hour, 12 hour & EOD (end of day) trades.
  • Copy Buffett Software places and executes (10min, 30min, 1 hour, 3 hour, 6 hour, 12 hour & EOD) trades.

NEO2 algorithm contains little more variety when it comes to different types of trades placed. Although this doesn’t mean that one trading app is better than the other one. Remember : Quality over Quantity. To be honest I don’t care if NEO2 is able to place more variety of trades than Copy Buffett as long as they are profitable and are able to achieve positive ITM performance rate.

“NEO2” OR “Copy Buffett”- Conclusion

Both Copy Buffett software as well as NEO2 are legitimate, legal and credible autorading services. Copy Buffett was released 4 months ago (February 2016) but NEO2 has been released only 1 month ago (April 2016).

We have tested both NEO2 & Copy Buffett and we are still trading with both systems. When it comes to ITM win rate performance statistics shows that Copy Buffett is still the Leader here. With Copy Buffett we are able to generate 81.5% to 83% ITM win rate for the past 4 month (16 weeks) while with NEO2 the average ITM performance is around 79%-80.5 max%

Despite the fact that NEO2 is most up to date autotrading solution in binary options Copy Buffett has been available for much longer and has been proven to be one of the most accurate autotrading robots on the market today. Copy Buffett is continuously getting updated and upgraded which is very positive sign.

Overall Both NEO2 and Copy Buffett are performing very well. We keep receiving positive emails from users who state that they are able to generate consistent weekly profits using these autotraders. But after using and testing both services we will recommend Copy Buffett over NEO2, at least for now. ITM performance rate may change in time, but COPY BUFFETT is a WINNER in this comparison review battle.

Registrations/ Sign-up Links Click Below: 


  1. Choose either Copy Buffett OR NEO2.
  2. Enter your real name and Email on registration page in order to open your trading account based on your details.
  3. Fund your trading account with your assigned broker (the normal minimum initial deposit is $200 to $250).
  4. Start using the autotrader!


If you signed up with any of these services from our website you automatically have our FULL FREE SUPPORT in case you are not happy with results or you run into any issues with autotrader or broker. We usually contact their support ourselves to resolve the problem and since we are fully regulated blog their response time is fast. We are helping new members to deal with issues on daily basis so you are safe with us if something goes wrong.

Thank you for reading this comparison review. Remember that you are not alone, we are always here to help you guys. We always reply to all emails and we never leave anyone behind because we are fully CFTC Verified binary options blog.

EMAIL: [email protected]

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