Brexit Bot App is big Scam: EVIDENCE!

Paul Harrison is the supposed creator of the Brexit Bot App, an automated binary trading platform which he claims can make you a multi-millionaire in just a few months. In some way or another this advanced algorithm says that it generates money due to the British decision to leave the EU a few weeks ago, yet we aren’t quite sure how that works. Besides the unclear way in which The Brexit Bot App is supposed to generate money there are also a good number of warning signs which go a long way in indicating that this is nothing more than a SCAM? Keep reading our Brexit Bot App scam review in case you are interested to invest your hard earned money into this unregulated binary options autotrading service.

brexit bot scam system review
Who Is Paul?

This is probably the most important question we could ask when it comes to a program that is supposed to handle out money. Who is behind The Brexit Bot system? The slicked over answer would be that Paul Harrison is the genius creator and owner of this unlicensed trading app, however upon some further digging that doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

Paul Harrison claims that he spent a very long time trading in the financial sectors of London, earning billions of dollars for both himself and his clients. He supposedly did this by being a financial investment advisor and a high class binary trading expert. However he was tired of making money for the fat cats and wanted the wealth to be shared with the average Joes of the world too, thus he created The Brexit Bot, an accurate binary options autotrader.

Lies, lies and more lies

Apparently Paul Harrison also has an extensive background in computer programming and the creation of advanced money making algorithms. After all that is what would be required to create a program like The Brexit Bot scam system. We are lead to believe that Paul used his advanced knowledge in these various fields to create a program that would revolutionize the world of binary trading once and for all. Call us skeptical, but it would take multiple lifetimes to acquire all of the knowledge necessary to design and program a trading app of this quality, something which no human can do.

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Furthermore we don’t really know anything about Paul. He never tells us where he worked, for who he worked, or where he went to school to acquire all of the knowledge he claims to have. The easy explanation is that he is a fraud. Why refuse to tell us what your real credentials are unless you don’t actually have any? It is also important to note that we couldn’t find any info on this guy. Paul Harrison the financial genius only has search results in relation to The Brexit Bot trading system. However he has no social media presence and no relevant search results, nothing even on Facebook or Twitter.

Perhaps the biggest give away that Paul is a fake is that he is only presented as a voice narrator. We never see his face and that is a big problem for us. For all we know he could be an 80 year old man or a 16 year old boy. People can alter their voices and not being able to see them presents a big problem for us, especially when our hard earned cash is involved. scam honest full review 2

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What About The Testimonials?

Of course as with any other internet scam, there are a bunch of testimonials from less than trustworthy people which advocate for the efficacy of Brexit Bot scam system. The Brexit Bot investment tool website contains a number of video testimonials from people who claim to have become rich faster than you can say binary trading, all with the simple use of this best and most profitable binary options autotrader. 

Our problem with these testimonials is that they aren’t so much objective accounts of their experiences with the Brexit Bot scam program as much as they are paid reviews from people that have never even seen the service.

Long story short, we found the people who created the testimonials on an actor for hire website known as These people are fictitious personalities and paid actors who got hired to read a script for a few cents. They have never used Brexit Bot scam program and they certainly wouldn’t be happy with it if they did.

Shifty and Bogus  Marketing Tactics

Another thing that we need to mention is that the marketing ploys which are employed by The Brexit Bot fake service are simply tricks meant to get you to sign up and invest your life savings before you know what happened. The Brexit Bot fake service tells us that there are only 500 spots left to sign up for free and anyone who comes in after those 500 people will have to pay a hefty fee to use the program. The joke is that there are always 500 spots left and the ticker never goes down to indicate that more spots have been taken up. It’s all just a marketing ploy meant to scare us and make us think that we might miss our chance to become rich.

False Profits

One of the most outrageous lies told by the Brexit criminals is that we can make over 25,000 dollars in one single day and we can do that day after day. We’re not going to get too deep into this because it’s pointless. Put it this way, if making 25 grand a day were that simple, why is there still poverty in the world? The answer is that making that kind of money in one day, especially through binary trading with initial deposit of $200 is about as feasible as a submarine with screen doors; it’s just not going to float!

Brexit Bot Scam Review Conclusion

Just to go over the facts, the profits promised by The Brexit Bot scam system are unrealistic past all point of reason, the presenter is nothing more than a voice over actor who we never get to see, and the testimonial given on behalf of the app are also fake. Everything about the Brexit Bot App is fraudulent and we would highly recommend staying away from it at all costs and warning others.

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