Binadroid 2 as BinaBot v2 dangerous SCAM? Read Full Review

Remember binary options autotrading software BINADROID which was released few months ago? Creators of this binary options app has just released new version of it named BinaBot v2. This new version supposedly has many new features as well as new and updated trading algorithm. Is new BinaBot 2.0 a scam or safe binary options autotrader that is able to generate profits? Continue reading this BinaBot 2 scam review to find our everything you need to know!

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BinaBot 2.0 Software Full Honest and Detailed Review

There are certainly a great number of binary trading autotraders out there and they all claim to use some fantastic trading algorithms to achieve amazing ITM performance rates and results that translate into massive profits. The only problem is that most of these trading platforms are illegitimate and untrustworthy and completely fake. In essence the vast majority of online binary options autotraders are scams that are designed to do nothing more than steal all of your money, but that isn’t always the case, as can be seen with BinaBot 2 - completely new and updated autotrading software. But is it really safe service?

BinaBot 2.0 Software is Scam?

Of course binary options trading is a fantastic way to make money on a daily basis, especially when you are using an automated trading application because you barely have to do any work to make a good income. As we said most trading apps are a complete scam, but things are very different with BinaBot 2 Software because all of the research and testing that we have done definitely indicate that this trading program is legitimate and better yet it actually works.

Binadroid vs BinaBot 2.0

BinaBot 2 Software app is a revised and refined version of Binadroid app, a trading platform that proved to be very successful. Now the creators of Binadroid have created BinaBot 2 app which is a greatly improved version of the original, an original that already worked really well and now it works even better. We are here to talk about everything related to BinaBot 2 App, how it works, and why it is actually one of the reliable trading platforms out there. Let’s get right to it and tell you how you can make a whopping amount of cash without even lifting a finger.

BinaBot 2 System Winning Trade Rate & ITM Percentage

One of the problems that most binary trading apps out there experience is that most of them don’t have a very reliable winning trade rate and even if they haven’t been designed to simply drain your account, they still seem unable to make very many winning trades. Most auto traders out there cannot even get past a 50% ITM winning trade rate, meaning that they can usually only make winning trades less than half of the time. In other words these binary trading platforms generally end up losing your money because they just can’t make the winning trades that you need them to make. 

The fact of the matter is that to make any kind of money in binary options trading, a trading platform needs to be able to make achieve a winning trade rate of 58% percent or higher. Something which we discovered firsthand about BinaBot 2 autotrading robot is that it can definitely surpass that 60 percent return of investment mark without any issue at all.

Of course we are not just saying this and we decided that we had to try BinaBot 2 system for ourselves so we could prove that the results are real, so we decided to invest some money and start using the program. In other words we did our own beta testing because we were not just going to rely on the results told to us by the presentation video; that hasn’t always turned out too well in the past so we wanted to see these amazing results with our own 2 eyes and let us tell you that we were extremely impressed with the results and profits that were achieved by BinaBot 2 trading Software. BinaBot 2 trading software has a lot higher overall ITM winning rate in comparison to it first version- Approved!

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The presentation video for BinaBot 2 trading bot tells us that their automated trading platform can achieve a positive trade rate of up to 85% percent without any issues in the long run. When we tested BinaBot 2 trading software for ourselves the performance rate wasn’t quite at 85 percent, but it certainly got close and it was definitely over the 60 percent mark needed to make a profit.

To be exact, when we used software we were able to achieve a winning trade rate of just over 81% percent. Sure it isn’t quite as high as the pitch video promises us, but it is very close, and moreover it is a lot higher than we expected at first. After all we thought that this program was a scam, but as we did our research and our own testing we realized that this is one of the few binary options automated systems that actually works and it works to make us money.

BinaBot 2 trading software is a highly improved version of the original Binadroid and it comes with several huge improvements that turned it from a supplemental income generator into a full out money making machine.

Is BinaBot 2 Reliable?

Another problem which most automated trading platforms that work in the binary options world experience is that they just aren’t reliable or trusted by the general public, for the most part because the vast majority of them are scams created by crooks who are hell bent on stealing your money. Often we see various complaints about auto traders where people say that they program has stolen their money, locked them out of the account, scammed them for more money, has horrible customer service, loses their money through horrible trades, or doesn’t let people withdraw money due to some strict rules designed to make it impossible for you to ever retrieve your cash.

Furthermore most autotraders are totally fake and use aid hired actors from some really horrible actor for hire websites to portray the CEO, owner, or creator of the next big automated trader. These people never have a clue what they are talking about and are always just fictitious personalities invented in order to fool you into forking over your money. These fictitious personalities are most often accompanied by fake testimonials meant to show that people are happy with the program in question, testimonials that were written by the same criminals who are trying to steal your money.

We are very pleased to say that BinaBot 2 new autotrading service doesn’t have any of those red flags which would indicate that it is a scam. BinaBot 2 autotrading service has not had one complaint lodged against it since it launched or since it was even mentioned on the internet. People have written rave reviews on a number of different trading info websites and binary options blogs, saying that BinaBot 2 Software has generated a good amount of cash for them, that it works, and that they were actually able to withdraw their money without any issues. Plus for those people who did experience any minor glitches in their trading, the BinaBot 2 responsive customer support team did a fantastic job at walking them through the problem solving process to get to the bottom of things.

Peoples Testimonials

Furthermore we did our research, both in regards to the testimonials that we see written about BinaBot 2 Software and about the names and faces behind it. We couldn’t be any happier because all of the testimonials were seemingly written by legitimate and real people who we could prove existed through various social media accounts. Also the people behind the program are the real deal. The creators of BinaBot 2 are legitimate people with real trading experience that have been doing this for a good number of years. All signs are positive and they all say that new BinaBot 2 autotrader is one of the few binary options trading devices that truly does work.

Fake & Scam Marketing Tactics?

Another thing that really makes us trust BinaBot 2 system is that there are no shady marketing tactics used to try and trick us into signing up in a hurry. Most binary trading scams will use tactics like only so many spots left or the classic limited time offer ploy to get people to invest money before they do any research about the program in question and before they can consider the possible consequences. Well BinaBot 2 Software does none of those things and people can sign up at their own leisure and aren’t pressured to join in any way, shape, or form.

Cutting The Risk In Half

Another one of the big problems that we see with most binary options autotraders is that they don’t have the ability to assess risk and future events in the market that can change price levels in a heartbeat. Most binary systems can’t adequately account for major news events and announcements made by various companies which serve to either lower or raise prices in an instance, thus most of these programs end up losing money when there is a major announcement made, yet that is not the case with BinaBot 2 trading system.

BinaBot 2 software comes with a revolutionary daily calendar that closely monitors expected news announcements concerning any binary options currency pairs, indices, stocks or commodities that it may be trading in. This is in order to be able to predict prices more accurately. Not only does BinaBot 2 new software have an economic calendar to be able to better assess news announcements that affect prices, it also gives you access to several major economic news sites so that you can do your own research as well. When it comes to predicting future news announcements BinaBot 2 is fantastic and does its job well, thus reducing the risk of binary trading and greatly increasing the chances of making a good profit.

The Ease Of Use

Another reason as to why BinaBot 2 Software is so awesome is because it is very easy to use and barely takes any work at all to be very highly profitable. BinaBot 2 aka Binadroid 2 is a greatly improved version of the original Binadroid 1 which was already very easy to use. Unlike the original version of this trading platform which was semi automated and still required the click of a button to execute a trade, BinaBot 2 aka Binadroid 2 is completely automated and you can simply turn on the automatic trading feature to make it do all of the work for you and place trades on its own. It’s great because it hardly takes any work at all to make you the money that you desire.

Furthermore for those expert traders out there BinaBot 2 app also offers a completely manual mode so you can pick and choose exactly which trades you want to place. This is truly awesome because BinaBot 2 software lets you select whether to make trades by yourself or you can let the program do all of the work on your behalf. Even better when it comes to BinaBot 2 is that it provides the user with a vast array of trading signals which either the program itself or you can use to place very accurate trades. These trading signals are observed over a period of time and then BinaBot 2 autotrader makes an accurate prediction as to where they will go in the future. BinaBot 2 bot shows the price trend of a particular option which helps you make an informed trade. This is truly revolutionary as no other legitimate autotraders out there has these features.

The Reverse Button

Perhaps the feature that we like the most when it comes to BinaBot 2 autotrader is that it has a reverse trade button which automatically reverses the direction of the trades that you have placed. Most automated binary trading applications are set in stone when it comes to your trades and once you have placed a trade there is nothing that you can do but watch it as it unfolds. That is not the case with BinaBot 2 Software because the groundbreaking reverse trade button lets you change everything in the blink of an eye.

If for some reason the trade or multiple trades you have placed go in the opposite direction that you had predicted you can hit the reverse button and all calls you places will be turned to puts and all puts will be turned to calls. In other words if for some reason BinaBot 2 algorithm only achieves a 20% percent return rate or winning trade ratio (and an 80 percent loss rate), you can hit the reverse button and those numbers will switch and the winning trade rate will become 80 percent. This is very convenient and is like a safety mechanism designed to counter any and all trades that go south.

Conclusion: BinaBot 2 is Not Scam: APPROVED!

We could not be happier with the results we got from using BinaBot 2 (over 81% ITM performance rate so far) and we can confidently say that this binary options autotrader app is legitimate, trustworthy, and really can make us and you a great profits. If you have ever thought of investing any money in binary options trading then BinaBot 2 Software is the best way to go about it. Secure registrations link below:

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