Hedge Formula Group –SCAM ALERT & WARNING!!!

DON’T register with these online criminals as many people LOST money already!! Continue reading and you will be SHOCKED!!

Hedge Formula Group is yet another binary options autotrading service which is designed to steal your hard earned money like it was nothing. We have gathered enough evidence to prove you that Hedge Formula Group aka HedgeFormula.co is nothing more that cheap looking fake binary trading service that will wipe your account clean. If you received an Email invitation from this bogus service then please continue reading this scam exposure honest review until the end, its going to be worth it, believe us.

Hedge Formula Group is completely new scam binary options autotrader that will place losing trades on the behalf of the trader. These rats are very clever considering that they used fake autotrading platform to perform their criminal actions.  Lets look who is behind this binary options trading joke software. The alleged George Dalio claims to be CEO/ president of this HFG (Hedge Formula Group scam). This guy convincingly explains that his organisation is managing the largest hedge funds in the United States. Not only that, Mr. Dalio also claims that HFG works closely with Worlds biggest financial institutions and that they help them managing their hedge funds.


  • Fake Country of Location Widgets Used: Yes
  • Paid FIverr.com Actor Testimonials: Yes
  • Impossible Promises: Yes
  • Browser Pop Ups used: Yes
  • Looks Authentic: No
  • Proof and Evidence of Profits: No (fake bank account statements used)
  • Chance of Being a Scam: Yes, 95% SCAM

Unfortunately we have sad truth for you. After our in-depth research it turns out that Hedge Formula Group has never worked with any financial institutions what so ever. In addition to that, Hedge Formula Group doesn’t even exist. This is just fake made up organisation which has absolutely no proof of existence anywhere on the internet. Furthermore, the alleged CEO George Dalio is not who he claims he is. We tried to look this guy up, but we couldn’t find any verified or legitimate information regarding this mystery man. He doesn’t even have social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, nothing. If George was really running such high rank organisation then his name should appear somewhere don’t you think? This is a major RED flag!

Let’s take a look at Hedge Formula Group official registrations/ sign-up page. When landing on HedgeFormula.co you will notice the annoying email registrations form poping up after few seconds. This is extremely frustrating, this clearly shows that these scam artists are trying to engage with new victims as soon as they land on their page, be warned! Despite the fact we received many emails from users who have lost a ton of money with this dubious trading bot, they are also using all those emails from new registrants to promote other SCAM services such as Amissio Formula scam and Limitless Profits scam. 

Honestly, after watching their useless twenty minute presentation we were abnormally disappointed. Have you noticed when this hired actor says: “This is not a usual sales video blah blah blah”. We laughed pretty hard due to the fact Hedge Formula Group pitch video is exactly the same type of video we see all of the time when it comes to online scam money making systems/ schemes. Frankly these scam artists never really explained how this Hedge Formula Group useless crap even works. All they are capable of is to explain where and how we will be able to spend millions and zillions of dollars $$$. Well, to be honest we don’t need some fishy looking guy to explain where to put our money. OK, enough about the misery money! Hedge Formula Group money making software will NOT make us a millionaires in short period of time. In fact, this counterfeit service will NOT generate us any profits. They will take your hard earned money and run away, so please be careful when facing such services.

VERDICT: Hedge Formula Group is DANGEROUS SCAM!!!

In conclusion we want to say that Hedge Formula Group has never worked with any financial institutions simply because such organisation doesn’t even exist. All they have is a cheap looking website with ridiculous video presentation in the middle. HFG video is full of misleading and bogus statements and claims which just blows us away. Please don’t waste your hard earned money with these scammers and stay on the safe side.

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