Cloud Trader SCAM WARNING, Stay AWAY!!!

In this Scam Exposure review we will reveal SHOCKINGLY negative truth about how these criminals are stealing money from innocent people!

Cloud Trader is binary options autotrading service which is offered free of charge. Due to the fact that we received high volume of emails from readers who claim that they have lost their initial investment we decided to do in-depth research about this “Cloud Trader” fishy looking service. Is Cloud Trader legitimate autotrader you can trust OR is it just a filthy scam service that is designed to steal your hard earned money? To find out please read this short objective Cloud Trader scam review until very end!

Cloud Trader- Objective & Honest scam Review

Some of you may ask the question “How does Cloud Trader work”? According to alleged developer and CEO Matthew Shepherd Cloud Trader is using Historical Pattern Algorithm in order to determine possible entry level points for trades. This strategy is quite successful and has been known for very long time although research shows that by using Historical Pattern Algorithm alone isn’t enough to generate long term consistent profits.

The Ugly Statements

Furthermore, Mathew Shepherd explains that it took over 3 years for him and his developer team to create this binary options autotrader. Initially Cloud Trader’s ITM trading performance was very poor therefore Mathew has put a lot of effort to fix this.

Ok, enough with the fairy tale talk! Let’s look at the truth!

We have received many emails in our Complaint Centre. Real users claim that they were required to make minimum deposit of $250 in order to use Cloud Trader scam system. After making required deposit this autotrader wiped out that money within 6 hours. Scam artists behind Cloud Trader created this money stealing machine in very smart way. This service will not take money away from you straight away, but instead it will wipe your account clean slowly within 6 hours. (Be Aware!)


First of all, Mathew promises that Cloud Trader scam autotrading system will make us at least $1,250 every single day GUARANTEED! Honestly that’s complete B.S & nonsense. Binary options trading is very lucrative field, but it is not possible to give 100% guarantee about specific profit potential. Binary options trading involves certain level of risk, but if some unknown individual gives you guarantee about particular amount of profits then you can be nearly sure that you are facing scam operation or service.  

Secondly Mathew claims that Cloud Trader app didn’t lose a single trade since 2012. In reality there is no Autorading Software in the whole World that has 100% ITM rate. Only completely insane and ignorant person could give such deceived statement. Scammers behind Cloud Trader bot are clearly targeting complete newbies to binary options trading. That being said we really hope that this article will save those people who are interested to invest their money with these online frauds.

In addition to that never existed in 2012 as it was only registered and created on 3rd March 2016. Busted once more!

VERDICT: Cloud Trader is Fake Unregulated Binary Options Scam Service (Be Aware!)

As we mentioned earlier, we received high number of complaints from real existing users of Cloud Trader bot. People lost their initial deposits within 6 hours. Cloud Trader doesn’t have any customer support what so ever, their website is full of grammar and mathematical mistakes, video presentation is full of misleading and unrealistic statements etc. In other words, Cloud Trader autotrading garbage is not very different from all the other scam online services out there. Please don’t invest any money with these scam artists and warn others.

Alternatively if you are looking for regulated, reliable and tested binary options signals service then read about Copy Buffett Software. Copy Buffett is very good example of a reliable automated binary options service that is able to generate 80% ITM consistently, tested by our team. We also keep receiving emails on daily basis from happy members who generate consistent weekly profits with Copy Buffett.

We have published live trading results videos with our Copy Buffett Software’s performance in our YOUTUBE Channel.  Copy Buffett is also endorsed by the entire binary options community and positively reviewed literally everywhere on the internet. Why? Because Copy Buffett is very accurate and reliable autotrader. Visit Army’s Copy Buffett Software review and Copy Buffett Performance Review for more information.   

Despite the fact that Copy Buffett Software has a lot of positive feedback from real users it is also strongly endorsed by many forums, blogs and financial portals.

Binary options trading involves certain level of risk but it’s a great opportunity to make money online, however make sure that you are on the safe side, therefore you should stay away from offers that engage in false advertising and fishy/ bogus activity such as the subject of this review. In reality 99% of all services turn out to be scams. There are only handful trading services that actually generate profits.

We are here to unmask and expose the many scams we stumble upon and we encourage you to subscribe to Binaryoptions Army Blog to receive our latest warnings.    

For other alternatives we encourage you to visit our Best Signals Services page where you will only find tested and trusted binary options trading service providers.  If you have any questions, issues or concerns please email us anytime:[email protected] (We always answer all our emails).

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