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Ninja Profits is Dangerous Joke service. These criminals are responsible for thousands of dollars in loses to people. We want to encourage you to read this detailed scam review in case you received email invitation from these scam artists.

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We knew that this bogus binary options service will be released, but we skipped to review this autotrader because we didn’t know that there will be anyone who would actually fall in for this funny and at the same time facetious looking service. I mean “Ninja Profits”, are you serious? This clearly proves that forex and binary options scams these days are becoming more and more dense and ridiculous. NOTE: A legitimate binary options signals service would never ever have such dumb and childish name for an autotrader.

This is completely new binary options autotrading service which has been released 2 days ago. Unfortunately, we have received high number of emails from people who already signed up and deposited between $250-$500. Some unfortunate traders made a deposit of $1,000 and lost it all within 2 to 3 hours. How great is that? Due to this reason we had no other choice but to expose these online money stealing criminals.

When we visited their official login / registration webpage we noticed that these scam artists are trying to convince us that Ninja Profits will generate 98.8% ITM success performance rate. If you have been trading binary options, then you may know that such ITM performance is not realistic in the long run. There is no autotrader in the whole World that will generate you such super high ITM rate. Even the most accurate autotraders such as Copy Buffett software OR BinaDroid are able to generate only up to 83-85% ITM. So please people don’t be fooled because we can guarantee that Ninja Profits will not produce you 98.8% ITM. Creator and CEO Michael M. Oconnell is simply bluffing here, that’s all.

Furthermore, this joker claims that Ninja Profits will execute and take 237 trades every single day on complete auto-pilot mode. Looks like creators just picked random numbers when it comes to ITM performance and number of trades executed. Promising 237 daily trades is just plain stupid. I am not saying that this is not possible to place 237 daily trades but when it comes to such high 98.8% ITM accuracy & 700% daily profits, those numbers are unrealistic and they don’t add up.

Ok, let’s look at who is the person behind this yet another money loosing binary options garbage. Michael M. O’connell is the alleged creator and CEO of Ninja Profits. Supposedly this mathematical genius has been NASDAQ professional trader for 15 years. When we did our research we couldn’t find this alleged Michael anywhere. No such autotrader has been associated with above name. Well this could only mean two things, one that Michael M. O’Connell is too shy because he doesn’t even have any social media profiles, OR this whole Ninja Profits thing is a bunch of nonsense.

VERDICT: Ninja Profits is 100% SCAM and fraud-STAY AWAY!!!!

Despite the fact that all of the presenters in their sales pitch video are cheap actors, they also have fake none existing CEO and creator behind it. Their website doesn’t have anything credible or legitimate. Bold and misleading statements and fake promises, that’s all. Don’t believe their statements promising you 237 trades with 98.8% ITM accuracy performance. We received many emails from active Ninja Profits users where people reported that they have lost their initial deposits within few hours. Their customer support email is fake and doesn’t even exist. Everything is basically fake and fabricated, but in a funny looking way. Please stay away and warn others, because only together we are strong fighting fake scam services.

If you have deposited and lost your money with Ninja Profits scam organisation then please contact our Complaint Department and we will try to help you free of charge. We care about our readers and subscribers and we are sick of online marketing scammers and their fake scam services. We are in contact to higher authorities and we will do everything we can to take these criminals down.

Alternatively, if you are looking for legitimate and trusted binary options autotrading service then check out Copy Buffett software REVIEW. We have been using Copy Buffett for couple of months now and we are continuously able to generate 82% ITM performance. Copy Buffett has been also endorsed by most authority blogs in the industry such as,, and many more.

If you sign up with Copy Buffett software from this website, then you will receive our full free support in case you experience any problems or issues or you are not happy with the results. We are fully CFTC regulated blog and you can contact us any time: [email protected].

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