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  1. Ayanda says:

    Am really really eager to know more about the Citidel app. Does it really work???

  2. Viggors says:

    I signed up 4 days ago. I started with $300, now my balance is $715, I was only taking strong selected trades on pairs EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD and GBP/USD. Those are the strongest pairs for Citidel algorithm as far as I can see. I heard many people are profiting with citidel too :-))))

  3. J.T. says:

    Thanks for the great review of Citidel Binary Options Army. I’ve been researching them, there are a lot of traders reporting profits. Can’t wait to try Citidel out for myself and make some money.

  4. Brian23 says:

    Great software. Today was first day I used Citidel. I accepted 19 trades and got 16 winning trades at the end. Nice!!! I heard other people also making good profits. I will keep you updated with my results

  5. Soney says:

    I signed up. So far good. I took 17 signals today 14 of which landed in the money winning trades. am very happy so far :-)

  6. paul says:

    Is citidel available everywhere and does it just work as an auto trader, is there a manual trade feature?

  7. Dave says:

    Great review guys! This software is looking very promising. Will surely give it a try monday morning and keep you posted on my progress! thank you!

  8. Miris says:

    Great Review , the video presentation and this article look fantastic. Cant wait to try this myself

  9. Alice says:

    Hi Army.. this looks like a good one… I have to say I signed up and ready to fire my account tomorrow. Looking forward to some trading and will post my results.

  10. Julie says:

    Thanks for this review on Citidel Ltd, it has certainly helped me in my decision to sign up. Will join first thing tomorrow and let you know i do with the software! :-)

    • Binary Options Army says:

      Thank you Julie. Remember if you have any issues with Citidel LTD software let us know. We value our readers and will help you out any way we can.

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