Is the Dow Jones Focus Group a SCAM? Equinox Review!

Is the Dow Jones Focus Group a SCAM? Equinox Review!

Before you invest in the Dow Jones Focus Group you should read this review, as we are the perfect source to let you know if it is a scam or not! As you will see from this Dow Jones Focus Group, this is a trading software created by Jeffery Richards which is the head project managerand it’s basically an automated application suitable for binary trading.

We were approached by the Equinox team and they actually gave us a review copy so we can test the Dow Jones Focus Group and take it for a spin in an unbiased manner.

Pretty much like any other automatic trading application out there which focuses on fx or binary options, this one also needs a broker registration, however we were approached by them so there was no need for such a thing in our case. Since we don’t like scams and can’t tolerate them, we actually made sure that there are no red flags or any issues with Dow Jones Focus Group, in fact if you do want the services that are suspicious, feel free to peruse the blacklist region of our site.

When you first see the Dow Jones Focus Group, you will see it with a shade of doubt, mainly because there are so many underperforming services that appear out of nowhere, however once we started to use the Dow Jones Focus Group app that you can get at, you will see that the app is quite reliable.

Of course, nothing is better than a real world test in order to see if those claims are actually true, and thankfully, all of them are which is amazing. We used this tool for around 14 days in order to create a Dow Jones Focus Group review, and during this time we managed to receive around 261 signals with an ITM of 78% which is great, and the ITM value actually increased at around 81% during the second week which is quite extraordinary to be honest.

Based on this, we can clearly say that the Dow Jones Focus Group by Equinox is a legit, professionally designed app that does offer tangible results. We also reached other users and they do have similar results, something that only manages to solidify the Dow Jones Focus Group results.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Working with the Dow Jones Focus Group?

Thankfully, Dow Jones Focus Groupisn’t a scam, as you can see from our review, instead it offers a solid automatic trading service for binary options which is reachable, reasonable and truly professional. You can find quite a lot of positive feedback for Equinox’s tool in the online world, and for good reason, because they are legit and their app does back up the claims.

Let’s face it, no service will offer 100% like many scams say online, instead Dow Jones Focus Groupdoes offer tangible and reliable results which is what matters. The Dow Jones Focus Group works only with the best possible traders in the US and that’swhat makes them even more trustworthy.

If you consider using an automatic tool for trading binary options, then Dow Jones Focus Group is surely one of the best choices that you can make, so go ahead and check it out at

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