Copy Buffett software Follow-up THESIS (3 weeks ITM Performance+ LIVE VIDEOS)

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It has been 3 weeks since we activated Copy Buffett software. Frankly we never seen binary options service before which has so many positive reviews, documented evidence of profits including live trading videos posted everywhere on internet. Although this is not a surprise, because Copy Buffett generates average of 80% ITM win rate consistency. Despite the fact that Copy Buffet software has been released three weeks ago this is far one of the most trusted, reliable binary options autotraders available on market today.

We received large amount of positive emails from readers where people shared their Copy Buffett ITM performance results, surprisingly some users are able to reach even up to 86% ITM rate in the long run. That being said average ITM performance reported from all of the responses were 80%-82.5% ITM.

Creator of Copy Buffett autotrader has made a huge positive mark on whole binary options industry, more positive than any other automated trading service out there. In reality 99.9% of all binary options autotraders are scam services designed to steal people’s money. Please visit our Scam & Blacklist page where you will see the list of scam trading services and scam binary options brokers.

We made $250 Deposit

3 weeks ago when this autotrader was launched we decided to give it a try, so we signed up and registered with We were assigned BinaryBook as our broker and we were required to make minimum deposit of $250.  

After making $250 deposit with BinaryBook broker account, the platform was successfully synced to Copy Buffett software. The synchronisation process took less than 1 minute. In first few days our account balance grew significantly. More specifically in the 1st trading day we received 13 signals from which 11 were in the money. After trading with Copy Buffet for 3 weeks our ITM performance didn’t drop below %80. We didn’t generate thousands of dollars over night, that being said always remember that only scam operations and scam trading services will promise you to generate thousands and millions of dollars within few minutes. As you may know those promises are complete nonsense.

NOTE: We started with initial deposit of $250. We did NOT accept any broker bonuses, paid education courses, private managed accounts option or any of the other useless trading tools. Therefore we don’t recommend you to accept any of the above tools from brokers as they are simply made to up-sell new traders. In addition to that in order to successfully trade and profit with Copy Buffett you don’t need to invest more than the minimum deposit of $250.

Performance #1 (4 Days of trading)

We were trading very passively in first few days just to get used to the software. Despite the fact that we only invested $250 our account balance in 4 days grew to $990.45. This is very positive result although we heard that other people were able to generate more at the time. Just something to note: we were testing the strength level function for the first 2 days. To find out what is the optimal recommended Strength Level setting we contacted Copy Buffett customer support desk to find out. (Copy Buffett Customer Support Email is: [email protected]) . Their Customer Support replied within 3 hours and they stated that recommended signal strength level is 80%-85%.

In regards to the brokers, you will be assigned one depending on your Country/ Location. For example, if you are from France then you will be assigned EU regulated broker with French speaking customer support. That being said, people from different countries will be assigned to different brokers; If you have any question regarding your assigned broker please email us ([email protected], please add BROKER ENQUIRY as a Subject line).

Performance #2 (9 Days Trading Balance: $1785 (Total Net Profit $1535)

Due to Copy Buffet’s outstanding ITM performance we started to invest a bit more in the 2nd week. Although our main investment was still $25 per trade we placed many $50 trades at the end of the 2nd week. NOTE: We don’t recommend you to invest more than $25 per trade. Always start with minimum, when you feel comfortable with the Copy Buffett ITM performance then you can invest more. Remember to always be on the safe side.

Performance #3

(12 Days Trading Balance: $2460.50 (Total Net Profit $2210.50)

Performance #4

(3 Weeks Trading Balance: $3150.70 (Total Net Profit: $2,900 and 70 Cents)

In 3rd week we were pretty excited about the outstanding results therefore we started to invest $100 per trade which resulted our account balance to grow up to $3150 dollars. That’s total of 2,900.70 in pure profits. Other members however have reported higher results than ours due to the fact that some people were investing higher amounts. Nevertheless we are very happy with our results. So in average we were able to generate $966.90 profits per week. That’s $193.34 per day of passive income  (on average). Bear in mind that these profits could actually translate to monthly income to some people.  

Summary & Conclusion

In conclusion I want to say that Copy Buffett will not make you millionaire or super rich in short period of time. Forget about all of the scam services who claim that some magical system will make you a millionaire etc. However, if you are looking for trusted & tested binary options autorader that generates %80 overall ITM rate then you may want to try Copy Buffett software.

Hopefully you found our article and live videos informative and helpful. Please subscribe to our blog and YouTube Channel. Subscribing to Binary Options Army YouTube Channel will keep you updated on our current progress using binary apps like Copy Buffett SoftwareMore importantlyin addition to scam review alerts from our sitewe also record videos about scam warnings regarding misleading programs and fake systems not suitable by revealing incriminating evidence.


Many people who experienced issues claim that they have difficulty to get through Copy Buffett customer support team. To get reply from their support could take few days. That being said, if you signed up with Copy Buffett software from our website ‘’ you automatically have our full free support in case you are not happy with results or you run into any issues. We usually contact Copy Buffett support ourselves to resolve the problem. We are helping new members to deal with issues on daily basis. 

Thank you for reading this Q&A review. Remember that you are not alone, we are always here to help you guys. We always reply to emails and we never leave anyone behind as we are fully CFTC Verified binary options blog. 

Copy Buffett Registration Page: 

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  1. Anthony says:

    Thank you for your reviews. I have just signed up with the software. I have been assigned I see in your reviews that this is the broker that you are using. Will it be ok for me to continue with them. I used a different browser to see if i could be assigned another broker and was assigned to ukoptions. But their minimum deposit is $1k which is too much for me. these are the 2 brokers which i get assigned to automatically everytime i clear cookies or use a different browser. Do you think it is a good idea to then continue with binarybook.
    Thank you.

    • Binary Options Army says:

      Hi, try using different internet enabled device. This way you should be assigned to different broker. We use Binary Book and we invested only $250. The required $1k deposit is way too high in my opinion. Please dont invest more than $250 , thanks.

  2. youssef says:

    thank you for what you do
    i have a problem i cannot register , i fill in my correct details but it ask to reput it so it is normal or what

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