Second Investment Scam Review – RELIABLE??


Second Investment software is supposed to be this big time trading platform, but it stacks up to be anything but that. When it comes to binary options and Forex, a good trading or signals service can make a world of difference. This is true in more ways than one. A really good platform can be lucrative and help you rake in a lot of extra cash. On the other hand, a really bad service such as Second Investment scam software can bankrupt you and leave you emotionally drained.

We are told that the Second Investment app is an awesome educational tool in combination with an easy to use BO trading service. However, based on our research and personal experience with the program, neither of those aforementioned claims is true in the least. We are here to do a Second Investment scam review and it is not going to be pretty. Heed our warning when we say that this program is malicious, dangerous, and is out to screw you over, plain and simple. Don’t fall for the trickery and deception present here because you will end up paying dearly if you do.

Who Is Behind Second Investment Trading Software?

Well, during the presentation video for this obviously lacklustre trading service, we are confronted with a very odd sounding voice over actor. This is one of the biggest and clearest indications that Second Investment is indeed a scam. Voice narration without the presence of a real life person is always suspicious. This is a tactic that many scammers use to hide the identities of the real crooks running the show. It could really not matter any less what the narrator says because we have no way of confirming his or her identity.

Not only is there not even a paid actor, or a real person for that matter, but the narrator never even tells us his name, the name of the company, or gives us any contact info. This is a completely anonymous service and that is a huge problem no doubt. We would never trust Second Investment scam software because we don’t know who the real people handling our money are. The obvious reason for staying hidden in the shadows is because the criminals in charge know what they are doing is illegal. Using a voice over method of presentation ensures that their true identities will never be compromised in order to avoid a hefty and lengthy prison sentence.

How Does The Second Investment App Work?

Another giant red flag that indicates that a scam is afoot has to do with how the program functions to generate money. The real problem here is that we are left clueless and confused at the end of the presentation video. Plus, the really cheap and low-grade website and all of the writing on it do nothing to answer our questions or quell our concerns. The vast majority of the info provided in the video and on the site is totally useless, nonsensical, and convoluted past any point of comprehension.

These clowns simply throw around a bunch of big words, financial and trading terms, and use so much rhetoric and semantics that it all sounds really fancy. However, this is a peanut shell with no peanut inside of it. What we mean is that there is nothing of substance provided to us. The explanation more or less winds down to Second Investment software makes profitable trades all of the time. We don’t know about you, but we definitely want to know about the underlying trading strategies, methods, and dictating algorithms. Simply put, we are not convinced of the reliability or profitability of this software in the least.

Second Investment Software – Financial Advice?

Yet another big factor that leads us to believe that Second Investment software is nothing more than a cheap scam is the horrible advice they give. This program is supposed to be an educational tool as well as a trading service, yet it seems to do neither of those things. There are a tonne of fake reviews saying that this program will teach you to become a master at binary options trading. Well, if master means losing all of your trades, you will definitely be at the top of the heap.

The “education” provided is useless at best at totally horrible at its worst. The reality is that following trading advice provided by these idiots is like taking advice on social matters from a right wing extremist. It just is not going to turn out well. Oh, did we forget to mention that Second Investment scam software is totally unregulated and unlicensed? In other words, they are not legally allowed to be a trading platform or to give you financial advice. This is a get rich quick scheme where the people in charge are about as smart as a potato.


Second Investment User Testimonials – FABRICATED!

The other thing that we need to mention about this bogus and highly fraudulent service is that all of the reviews and testimonials are totally fake. First off, all of the Second Investment testimonials are overly positive to the point where they sound like an infomercial. They read way too good to be true. Second, we realised that all of the reviews use stock pictures stolen from image databases, which are then combined with written pieces created by the crooks running the show. You can’t trust the reviews because they are created by the same people trying to sell you this epic pile of crap in the first place.


Second Investment Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only thing that we are sure of about Second Investment software is that it is a scam and rip off. It is nothing more than another way to trick you into handing over your hard earned money. There is no indication of who is in charge or how the software works, there is no proof of profits, the testimonials are fake, the brokers suck, and so on and so forth. This is a pile of garbage that needs to be burned ASAP!




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