Crypto Robot 365 Scam Review


Crypto Robot 365 software is definitely a very interesting concept. It is just too bad that the whole thing is a giant load of crap. This program is supposedly meant to help us be successful at trading crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, ripple, ethereum, and several others too. It is a novel idea, using binary options and Forex trading methods to go into the world of crypto currencies. It is no secret that these crypto currencies can be very lucrative if traded the right way.

However, when you use a scam program like the Crypto Robot 365, you will definitely not generate any cash. Make no mistake about it. Crypto Robot 365 scam software is not here to help you make money, but to take it out of your pocket. There is a good reason why we are doing a Crypto Robot 365 scam review, and it is not to clear its name of false accusations! This is an absolutely horrible trading program that is extremely dangerous. Keep reading to find out why.

Who Is The Owner Of Crypto Robot 365 Trading Software?

The first clear indication that this is a total rip off has to do with who is in charge of the whole thing. Obviously, if we are expected to trust our money with any trading system, we want to know whose hands it is in. If we do not have any knowledge of the real people behind everything, you can rest assured that we will never invest a single penny. Well, when it comes to Crypto Robot 365 software, the presentation video does not give us any good info in regards to this.

There is a voice narrator in the video, something that is very ominous. The only reason to use a voice narrator instead of a real guy is so we can’t go look up the paid actor and bust him for being a phony. Of course, the crooks running the show know their actions are illegal, so they aren’t showing their faces and remain hidden in the shadows. They want nothing more than to steal your money, but they also want to stay out of jail! Long story short, we have no idea who is calling the shots here, and that just doesn’t sit right with us.

How Does Crypto Robot 365 Scam Software Generate Cash??

It is so sad that it is almost funny, but just like we have no idea who is in charge, it is also very unclear how the program really works to generate an income. The only thing that these clowns ever inform us of is that the Crypto Robot 365 app lets you buy and sell various crypto currencies for a profit.

Apparently, it is an automated trading service, but that begs the question of how it makes trades. There is never any mention of any comprehensive trading strategies or methods, nor are we ever provided any details of the overlying algorithm either. Simply saying that this program makes profitable trades is not nearly a good enough explanation. We already know what it supposedly does, but how does it do it? It’s a question that unfortunately remains unanswered to us.

Crypto Robot 365 App – When Was It Created?

The next red flag that made us really suspicious of this malicious program is how we are lied to about the creation date of it. During the presentation video, we are told that people have been using this trading app since August of 2016. Furthermore, we are also told that hundreds of people have made tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars using it. However, we discovered the truth and it is very far from the lies we are told.

A simple domain registry check revealed to us that the Crypto Robot 365 website was only registered and put into action in July of this year. In other words, it is impossible for people to have been using this software for the last year because it simply has not existed for that long. Whenever we are lied to like this, it automatically sends us running for the hills. We can’t trust these guys with our money!

Crypto Robot 365 & Bad Brokers

Whenever we trade with a program like this, we want to know that there are reliable brokers handling our money. Unfortunately for anybody using this money stealing scheme, you do not have access to a good broker. The brokers used by Crypto Robot 365 software are unlicensed and unregulated. Not only are they not actually allowed to do what they are doing, but they also directly drain your trading account. These scam brokers are the guys who actually take the cash straight out of your account.


Crypto Robot 365 Scam Software & A Fake Demo

Something else that is an obvious giveaway that a scam is afoot has to do with the so called demo account we get to use for free. When you sign up with this software, before you make a deposit, you get to use a demo account. The purpose of the demo is to lure you into the fold and to get you to hand over all of your money willingly.

You see, the demo is supposed to show you how real trading with Crypto Robot 365 software works, but that is just not so. All of the trades in the demo are winners, the money is not real, and the signals don’t even really exist. It is all just a big show meant to trick you. The demo has no bearing on what trading in real life is like!


Crypto Robot 365 Scam Review Conclusion

At the end of the day, the bottom line is that Crypto Robot 365 software is very dangerous and it is here to steal your money. It may seem like a decent program at first glance, but that just is not so. Based on all of the evidence we have found, we have no choice but to label this as a SCAM!


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